Thu Blog: Steve Monahan Wants Your Vote, Plus our Show Physics Expert!

STEVE MONAHAN IS BACK FROM DEFENDING THE NATION As he was briefly deployed to the Middle East for the last few weeks as he continues to run his campaign against Jason Crow in CD-6. He joins me to discuss why he's running and what he would do differently if elected. Find out more and support Steve by clicking here.

DR. HAKEEM OLUSEYI IS BACK TO TALK SPACE! He's the Official Show Physicist of the Mandy Connell Show and he's back at 2 to discuss what the James Webb telescope has and hasn't proven, plus he has his own story of the woke crowd and cancel culture as he decided to defend James Webb (the telescopes namesake and former head of NASA) from cancel culture. He even wrote an article about the false demonization of Webb and you can read it here.

THE QUEEN IS DEAD AND I'M ODDLY VERY SAD ABOUT THIS The Palace has announced the Queen is dead at 96. Read the BBC article here.

I JUST SAW AN AD WHERE POLIS IS TALKING ABOUT FREEDOM As if he truly believes in it. This as he's given unlimited power to cities to ratchet back your freedom to own a gun. Or taken away a school district's ability to decide how they teach sex ed. Or shut down businesses, some of whom didn't survive, and allowed districts to keep kids home because teaches unions demanded it. He's as much for freedom as the Godfather is about live and let live. This is a joke and a lot of people will probably believe it.

BUT DID JARED POLIS PERSONALLY PROFIT FROM HIS ROLE AS GOVERNOR? From yesterday's blog: DID JARED POLIS BENEFIT FINANCIALLY FROM BILLS HE SIGNED? That's the accusation being made by Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, who wants an investigation into the matter. The big thing seems to be that our Governor owned stock in Fan Duel when he signed the bill to allow voters to legalize sports betting. Here are two interesting parts of this story from Colorado Politics:

"The Governor is now solely focused on giving back to the state he loves through public service and does not actively engage in business during his time of service; any assertion otherwise is patently false," his office said in an emailed statement. "He also files his financial disclosure regularly to inform the public of his assets, and also has a blind trust that he set up in 2009."
The statement did not say if the blind trust contained all his business assets or just some of them, and financial filings were unclear on the matter.
"The Governor is focused on saving Coloradans money and protecting their freedom, and it’s unfortunate to see an attempt by a legislator to use taxpayer-funded resources for a blatant partisan attack," the statement read. "The Governor strongly supports and would proudly sign greater disclosure requirements for all elected officials including the Governor." (emphasis mine)

But then, it says this:

“The Governor has complied with the comprehensive state statutory requirements for annual financial disclosures and we don’t have any additional formal information beyond the disclosure forms,” his spokesman, Conor Cahill, wrote in an email.

So he's in FAVOR of more disclosure he just isn't going to DO anymore disclosure. Seems like Herr Polis wants it both ways. He's Both Ways Polis on so many issues.

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING HOW FAR THE IDIOCY HAS GONE IN OUR COUNTRY Here is a person who identifies as a wolf or something.

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT LEARNS TO LOVE TABOR AFTER SHE TRIED TO KILL IT I get that Democrats in Colorado HATE the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) because it severely limits their ability to raise taxes on a whim. It's truly the only thing that has kept us from becoming California right now. But it's especially galling that Democrats who have worked hard to KILL TABOR are now taking CREDIT for the tax refunds TABOR created. We have another brazen woman here who wants you to believe she loves giving you back your money, when every vote she's made is quite the contrary. Read about Democrat Lisa Cutter and her abject hypocrisy here. Don't fall for it and make sure others know it's a big fat lie.

ABOUT THAT UPTICK ON MASS TRANSIT IN AUGUST Everybody who rode mass transit in August rode for free and transit folks were quick to point out how much ridership was up year over year in August. What they haven't been telling you is that ridership is up EVERY month year over year and that August was pretty much the same. It's dishonest, but what do you expect from people trying to bribe you into using their inefficient product?

INDEPENDENT LIQUOR STORES SHOULD START PREPARING FOR GROCERY STORE WINE AND BOOZE Because no matter how much they fight against three ballot amendments allowing more wine sales and delivery by third parties, I think they have very little hope of stopping it. So why not hyper serve your current customers NOW to make sure they stay customers? Adapt and you can overcome, because spending energy fighting this will be wasted. Just my opinion.

GET READY FOR HEAT RELIEF TOMORROW When we will see a significant drop in temperature and I could not be happier.

A RACIST TWEET ISN'T THE WAY TO GET ELECTED A Republican running in a hopelessly Democratic district is being called out rightly for a racist tweet that she knew was wrong but she did it anyway to get attention. Stupid, stupid move. She needs to take it down and apologize and the candidate has so far refused to do so. The fact she's Hispanic doesn't matter, just in case there is a question.

LOOKING TO DO SOME LEAF PEEPING? Here's a handy map of when and where you can see them across the entire country.

WHICH VOTERS ARE THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT THE MID TERMS? If you thought angry women, you are wrong. If you thought Trump haters, you are wrong. According to the latest polling, it's Republican men. This is not good news for Democrats but I'm pretty stoked right now. From the Washington Post:

Democratic women reported more enthusiasm after the decision was released in late June, continuing an upward trend. But Democratic men expressed a much bigger surge in enthusiasm — one that was fairly short-lived.
Republican women, meanwhile, didn’t change their reported enthusiasm much following Dobbs. But more than half of Republican men now consistently report being more enthusiastic than in other years to vote in November. They’re the only group above that mark. Their reported enthusiasm has also been trending upward.
The patterns are more clear if we look at four-week groups of reported enthusiasm. If we consider the four polls before Dobbs, the four immediately after and the four most recent, you see that enthusiasm is pretty flat among independents and Republican women. For Republican men, their already-high level of enthusiasm ticked upward. For Democratic men and women, enthusiasm increased quite a bit post-Dobbs and then waned.

CNN IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK And I know this because the Biden White House HATES all the new changes. Please consider giving CNN some of your time to encourage their pull back to a real news operation.

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE ANIMUSIC? This is mesmerizing.

SHOULD POP STARDOM GET YOU OUT OF MILITARY SERVICE? That is what South Korea is deciding now, as the pop group BTS is about the age where all Koreans serve at least 18 months in the military. Will they be given an exemption? I just want to point out that Elvis served. Just saying.


THIS IS THE BEST VOICEMAIL I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME But he's gonna get a bunch of hangups as people call him just to hear the message. I know, I've been too clever on voicemail messages before.

THE FIRST 8K DEFINITION VIDEO OF THE TITANIC And it's creepy and weird and beautiful how the ocean is taking apart this ship one speck at a time. Here is how they filmed it.


THE IRS JUST POSTED A BUNCH OF TAX INFO ON THEIR WEBSITE ACCIDENTALLY But I'm sure it's fine. It's not like they are in charge of highly sensitive data that if stolen could be used to ruin someone's life or anything. Right? Read about the harmless blunder here.

A COUPLE BUYS AN ABANDONED HOUSE FULL OF GOOD STUFF And I never see things like this on my home improvement shows. A couple in Texas was flipping a home to rent as an AirBNB when the abandoned house next door came up for sale. They bought it and found out it was in great shape and full of valuable stuff. Read about their good luck here.

THIS GIRL KNOWS HOW TO GET HER MAN'S ATTENTION By dazzling him with football terms. His reaction is so priceless. Click here if it doesn't load.


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