Texas Couple Buys Abandoned Airbnb & Finds 'Valuable Collectibles' Inside

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A couple from Caddo first bought a house with the intent to flip it into an Airbnb in April. After dropping about $350,000 on it, it turns out the house next door was up for grabs, too.

Maggie and Matt McGaugh took a tour of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house across the way, according to CNBC Make It. They soon found out the house was abandoned for over 20 years — and it was on the market fully furnished. They bought it for less than $200,000.

"I couldn’t believe that the house was still in such great shape. The original owner left the electricity running. Everything was in pristine condition. I felt like I stepped back in time and like I was walking around a museum," Maggie said.

She shared all the details on her TikTok account, from buying the house to the cool stuff she found inside. In the shed, Maggie and Matt found a lawnmower and a boat. Inside the house, they found a painting worth $1,600 and a $10,000 dining table. There was also a full-size bed set which is valued at $15,000.

"We’re trying to keep as much as possible, so we can have the house still be homey and beautiful for our guests. I’m most excited to keep these pieces because what makes the house so cool is the story behind it," Maggie said.

If you're interested in staying at this no-longer-abandoned Airbnb, you're in luck! Maggie and Matt said they're planning to have the house complete by this fall. Airbnb-ers will have the option to rent either house individually, or the main house with the abandoned home at a lesser price. About 20 people fit total between the two homes.

"I think it’s going to be a great combo deal for those who want both, especially because there’s waterfront access. We will also use it as our vacation home," Maggie said.

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