09-29-23 FULL SHOW - Why Keeping Those Emotions In May Work Better Plus Father Mike

09-29-23 Interview - Dr. Zulkayda Mamat on Study to Decrease Anxious Thoughts


09-28-23 FULL SHOW - Rep. Ken Buck, How to Join the Honor Guard, and News Stress


09-28-23 Interview - Congressman Ken Buck - A Lot of People Are Mad at Him

A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE MAD AT CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK And he's coming on the show today at 1pm to discuss why he's not in favor of the impeachment inquiry and whether or not he's looking for work at a news media outlet, as well as getting his feelings on the inevitable Continuing Resolution that is looming. I've always liked Ken Buck and more often that not I agree with him on most positions but lately I've been scratching my head about what he's doing so I'm glad he's coming on so we can discuss things.

09-28-23 Interview - Hey Veterans, The Honor Guard Needs You

HEY VETERANS, THE HONOR GUARD NEEDS YOU At some veterans funerals the only people that show up are the Honor Guard to give them a final respectful thank you for their service. The Honor Guard is running out of volunteers and today I've got Dick Hogue and Marty Smith on the show to talk about what it is and how you can join. Find out more here!

09-27-23 FULL SHOW - A Possible Pilot Strike, And The Real Impact of Porn on Kids


09-27-23 Interview - Dwayne Peterson Knows About Tiny Home Villages From the Inside

DWAYNE PETERSON KNOWS ABOUT TINY HOME VILLAGES FROM THE INSIDE Dwayne is a man who I believe is what you'd call chronically homeless and is a former resident of one of the sanctioned safe camping sites in Denver. He has a much different view about what these new tiny home villages are really like and it's not pretty. He's also been part of various committees for the Mayor until they apparently didn't need his services anymore. I'll find out the details today at 2pm. This article paints a mixed result of what these communities actually accomplish. One part jumped out at me as a perfect example of cognitive dissonance:

09-27-23 Interview - Gail Dines is Doing God's Work

GAIL DINES IS DOING GOD'S WORK Gail Dines has been researching and writing about the porn industry and sexual violence for over three decades. I recently shared her Ted Talk which shocked me to my core, especially as the mom of a 14 year old girl. She joins me at 1pm to talk about what our hypersexualized society and easy access to porn is doing to kids and adult relationships both. Find her website with all sorts of resources by clicking here.

09-27-23 Interview - Southwest Pilots Association Pres Capt Casey Murray - If You've Got Travel Plans For the Holidays, Listen Up

IF YOU'VE GOT TRAVEL PLANS FOR THE HOLIDAYS That involve Southwest Airlines you're gonna want to listen to this interview with the President of the Southwest Pilots Association today at 12:30. We're going to get the lastest from the President of the union as they try to negotiate with Southwest after five years without a contract. Capt Casey Murray joins us today to talk about where talks are and the prospects for a strike anytime soon.

09-26-23 FULL SHOW - Tiny Show Because of Baseball