03-28-23 FULL SHOW - Laura Carno Talks About the Faster Program for Schools

03-28-23 Interview - Laura Carno - Let's Talk About Arming Teachers and Staff

LET'S TALK ABOUT ARMING TEACHERS AND STAFF I realize this is the most controversial of all security measures at school, but it is the most likely to stop a shooter in their tracks during a school shooting. My friend Laura Carno is on to discuss the FASTER Colorado program, which trains teachers and staff how to safely carry and use a firearm in a active shooter situation at school. It's all volunteer, so no one will ever be forced to carry or arm themselves, but it would give those who want to go through a training an opportunity to protect the kids in their schools. Find out more about FASTER Colorado by clicking here.

03-27-23 FULL SHOW - Let's Talk About Real Solutions To Keep Kids Safe


03-27-23 Interview - I Want Real Solutions For School Safety - Angel Protection CEO Lewis Matthews

I WANT REAL SOLUTIONS FOR SCHOOL SAFETY Over the next few weeks I'm going to be interviewing multiple people who have some real solutions that could make our schools much safer. Today is a company called Angel Protection, which you can find here. They offer technological solutions to campus safety, from panic button systems using cell phones to cameras that can spot weapons coming onto campus. I'll talk to Angle Protections CEO Lewis Matthews today at 12:30.

03-24-23 FULL SHOW - AI and Education, Plus Downtown Loses Another Business


03-24-23 Interview - Dr. Gary Rademacher - Downtown's Healthcare is Out of Downtown

DOWNTOWN'S HEALTHCARE IS OUT OF DOWNTOWN My friend and client Gary Rademacher of Downtowns Healthcare has officially left downtown Denver. Why? I'm going to let him tell you today but you won't be surprised. Luckily they have a beautiful office in Lowry with plenty of parking and no scary drugged out homeless people wandering around. He's coming in at 2 to talk about it.

03-24-23 Interview - Dr. Casey Fiesler - AI and Education... Good or Bad?

AI AND EDUCATION...GOOD OR BAD? I've got CU associate professor in the Department of Information Science Casey Fiesler, who studies technology ethics and online communities, on today to talk about ChatGPT and how it can be used or abused in education. She joins me at 1.

03-23-23 FULL SHOW - Another Life Ends Because We've Failed Our Kids


03-23-23 Interview - Denver Mayoral Candidate Andy Rougeout

ANDY ROUGEOT IS ON AT 2 Though as I've said the Mayor does NOT decide what happens in DPS, Andy asked to come on to talk about this today, the ONLY mayoral candidate to reach out to do so. He's on at 2. Find out more about Andy or donate to his campaign here.

03-23-23 Interview - Brad Bialy - Knows How Parents Feel

BRAD BIALY KNOWS HOW PARENTS FEEL As his son was a student at STEM High School when two shooters killed Kendrick Castillo. He and his wife want to do something to help other families who have gone through a dangerous stressful situation but he just doesn't know how. We figured maybe a conversation could get something started. He's on at 1.