02-20-24 FULL SHOW - A Life Of Ups and Downs and the Emergence of the Woke Right

02-20-24 Interview - Scott Freidheim - One Man's Roller Coaster Life Has Lessons For All

ONE MAN'S ROLLER COASTER LIFE HAS LESSONS FOR ALL Scott Freidheim is the managing partner of Freidheim Capital LLC and the author of Code of Conduct: Tales of the Roller Coaster of Life which you can buy here. Freidheim has experienced his share of highs and lows: from CEO to unemployed as the company went bankrupt and he nearly did also; from a high-level Wall Street executive walking to work on a sunny September morning to sprinting out of the World Financial Center on 9/11 as the World Trade Center towers collapsed; from climbing 7,000 feet on a cycling trip to being airlifted to a trauma center. He joins me at 1 to talk about the principles we all need to withstand life's roller coaster.

02-16-24 FULL SHOW - Some History with Some Recipes, Plus a CD-3 Candidate


02-16-24 Interview - ABC's Royal Oakes - Trump Hit Big Time in NY Civil Fraud Trial


02-16-24 Interview - Stephen Varela is Running for the 3rd Congressional Seat

STEPHEN VARELA IS RUNNING FOR THE 3RD CONGRESSIONAL SEAT He jumped into the race AFTER Lauren Boebert made her move and here is an article about him and his history as both a Democrat and a Republican. Find his campaign website here. I'll chat with him today at 2.

02-16-24 Interview - Becky Diamond - Ever Wanted to Live in the Gilded Age?

EVER WANTED TO LIVE IN THE GILDED AGE? If you don't know what the Gilded Age is, it was the time period between the 1870s and 1890s when masses amount of wealth were accumulated and spent by the captains of industry who jumped on the industrialization wave. They were the tech bros of their age, really. Food writer and research historian Becky Libourel Diamond has created The Gilded Age Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from America’s Golden Era, where she dishes up delicious recipes seasoned with side stories about the excesses of this fascinating era. It is a FANTASTIC book and I've enjoyed it immensely and can't wait to try some of the recipes. She joins me at 1 to talk about it. You can buy it here.

02-15-24 FULL SHOW - Pushing Transparency for Parents, Plus Counting the Real Jobs


02-15-24 Interview - Lindsay Datko - Why Do Legislators Keep Trying to Insert Themselves Between Parents and Kids?

WHY DO LEGISLATORS KEEP TRYING TO INSERT THEMSELVES BETWEEN PARENTS AND KIDS? Lindsay Datko has fought for parental rights and notification in schools at the local level and now she's fighting at the state level. There is a move to allow schools to lie to parents about children who want to change their names at schools and it is at odds with stuff already on the books. She joins me at 12:30 with an update.

02-14-24 FULL SHOW - Weather Wednesday, The Work Skills Gap, and More Gun Control


02-14-24 Interview - Rocky Mountain Gun Owners' Taylor Rhodes - There Are A Slew of Gun Controlm Bills at the Capital Right Now

THERE ARE A SLEW OF GUN CONTROL BILLS AT THE CAPITOL RIGHT NOW And I've got Taylor Rhodes from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners group on to talk about it. He and his organization are fighting all the unconstitutional laws that have already been passed and they are truly the last line of defense for the 2nd Amendment in Colorado. I think the Democrats keep passing bills they know aren't constitutional to bankrupt gun owners in this state in court. I truly believe that. See the new "assault weapons ban" for more on what's coming. He joins me at 2:15 today.