12-8-22 - *FULL SHOW* Grover Norquist; Phil Weiser; terrible Celine Dion news

12-8-22 *INTERVIEW* CO Attorney General Phil Weiser Talks Lorie Smith-303 Creative Defense

12-8-22 *INTERVIEW* Grover Norquist Breaks Down Journalism Competition and Preservation Act

12-7-22 - *FULL SHOW* Chris Stirewalt; Joe Salazar (vs Lorie Smith); Ocean Gold

12-7-22 *INTERVIEW* Former State Rep Joe Salazar on the Lorie Smith and Jack Phillips Lawsuits

12-7-22 *INTERVIEW* Emily Reidel of Reality TV Series 'Bering Sea Gold'

12-7-22 *INTERVIEW* Political Analyst Chris Stirewalt Talking The GA Runoff & What 51-49 Means

12-6-22 - *FULL SHOW* Baba, I Mean Bill, O'Reilly; 'Endless Media'; Don't Eat That

12-6-22 *INTERVIEW* Matt Sharp Senior Legal Counsel Representing Lorie Smith of 303 Creative

12-6-22 *INTERVIEW* Bill O'Reilly and His Latest Best-Seller in the 'Killing' Series