Tues Blogcast: Chase Oliver (Libertarian for POTUS); Denver tax insanity

Just One Thing: Political Betting Odds

I like watching political betting markets. I think the opinions are likely to be more honest (which doesn't mean they can't be wrong) than just answering a pollster's question on the phone or online. As of Monday afternoon, Joe Biden is back up to 55% to be the Democratic nominee. I actually STILL think that’s too low, but obviously post-debate it’s a riskier bet. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is 59% to win the presidency. I think that’s a little low but it includes the chance of a stronger Democrat replacing Biden. Biden is only 30% to win the presidency and Harris is down to 16% as people digest Biden’s likely staying in.

In terms of Trump’s running mate, JD Vance is in the lead at 36% followed by Doug Burgum at 25 and Marco Rubio at 15. I think Vance would be a huge mistake. He’s just a smarter younger Trump who doesn’t bring anything important. Trump should pick Burgum. Election 2024: Trump’s VP search comes down to its last days | AP News

2024 Presidential Predictions | 2024 Democratic Nominee? (predictit.org)

2024 Presidential Election Predictions & Odds | Who will be the next president? (predictit.org)

2024 Election Predictions | Who will win the 2024 Republican vice presidential nomination? (predictit.org)

Today's Guest

Chase Oliver is the Libertarian Party candidate for president of the United States (aka POTUS)

Vote Chase Oliver | Presidential Candidate

Other Stuff

Seriously, Denver? Denver sales tax may reach 9.65% if new increase approved | News | denvergazette.com

Wow...black radio host who asked Biden only questions that the Biden team gave her to ask has "resigned" from her station: Accountability, Access and A Path Forward: Why Black Media Matters - WURD Radio

I owe you this from yesterday and even though it's not really "newsy" I very much want to share it with you: My Wife Died. Here Is How I Deal With Grief. | HuffPost HuffPost Personal

I agree with this and it's why I've been saying that it's effectively impossible to remove Biden from the race: Biden’s last line of defense: Mutually assured destruction | Semafor

Sen Michael "Cheaper than Sominex" Bennet chimes in about Biden staying in the race.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet expresses concerns over Biden staying in race – The Durango Herald

Per the Washington Post:

“This is a moral question,” said Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.). “I think we should satisfy ourselves as Democrats that — in an era of Donald Trump and all of the danger that he represents to our children’s future — that we are putting our best foot forward, that we are on a path to win the presidency, that we are on a path to hold a majority of the Senate, we’re on a path to win a majority of the House. And we were on a path, I think, to do those things before the debate.”

An incompetent press secretary still fronting for a decompensating president:

This is heavy, but how can there be peace as long as these children are alive, if they represent even a significant minority of the Gaza population, and I bet they do? (To be clear, I'm not suggesting killing them; I'm suggesting that there will not be peace for a long time.) Some of these brainwashed kids will be straightened out. Of the ones who don't, they will range from cheering for terrorists to being terrorists. I do believe the claim in the video that the kids are learning deep hatred of Jews and Israel while studying in UN-run schools. We MUST stop funding the UN (which is the world's biggest anti-Semitic club and significantly anti-American as well) at least until they shut down UNRWA.

The new Republican Party platform nearly removes abortion and absolutely removes federal involvement in abortion. Smart move by Trump though it carries some risk of demotivating the "pro-life" base. Abortion isn't even mentioned until page 15 and even there it's only noted regarding "Late Term Abortion." The odd (borderline between illiterate and German-style) capitalization in the "Preamble" suggests significant input by Donald Trump himself.

RNC committee approves dropping national limits on abortion from party platform - POLITICO

2024 Republican Party platform

Don't be fooled: New cyberattack targets iPhone Apple IDs. Here's how to protect your data. - CBS News

I guess I can see why McDonalds tried this, but it's not surprising that it failed. Why McDonald’s removed salads from their menu | CNN Business

Surprised that anyone thought this wouldn’t fail…and in San Francisco of all places! Why McDonald's doesn't have a plant-based burger (fox21news.com)

An interesting and enjoyable read: Colorado’s deaf school finally has a superintendent who is deaf (coloradosun.com)

I'm actually a little surprised that so many people are opting out; I would have thought that more people didn't even see the tax and know about the option to opt out: Keep Colorado Wild Pass sales deliver $41 million to state parks (coloradosun.com)

I wonder if this will temporarily impact the price of eggs in Colorado: Nearly 1.8 million chickens culled in Colorado bird flu outbreak (coloradosun.com)

There's much here pointing to inherent problems with government, but I don't like this story's tone that disenrolling people from Medicaid is a bad thing. It's a good, or great, thing for taxpayers. Colorado is among the top 10 states for dropping Medicaid clients (coloradosun.com)

Do the goodest job you can: Opinion | Joe Biden, in the Goodest Bunker Ever - The New York Times (nytimes.com) (subscription may be required)

I owe you this one from yesterday...and you still know what I'm thinking: STDs jumped nearly a quarter among seniors during pandemic (axios.com)

Please, somebody take out Vladimir Putin: Russian missile attacks kill at least 41, hit children's hospital, Ukraine says | Reuters

Today's Videos

Not only did Sen Katie Britt (R-AL) get away from the troll gracefully but she also gave the exact right policy response during her escape...

A friend of mine (who happens to be black) sent me this. He said "There's a lot of truth from this dude." (My friend is neither GOP nor Dem...independent thinker and voter.)

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