Tues Blogcast: Apples; Anti-Semitism; Asinine enforcement of laws

Heroes (of Israel and the civilized world)

Just One Thing: This MUST change

I don’t like adding to the outrage machine but some things really are outrageous. In Washington, DC anti-Semitic protesters vandalized property in Lafayette Park. When the police went to arrest a particular vandal who had climbed on to a statue, others protesters intervened, the vandal got away, there were no arrests and likely won’t be any. Meanwhile, in Spokane, Washington, some teenagers riding Lime Scooters left some black tire skid marks on a giant pride flag painted in the street. They have been charged with felony malicious mischief and it’s reported that Lime says they are taking action against the teens…whatever that means. To be sure, the teens said some nasty anti-gay stuff…which might also get him a hate crime charge. So you can burn an American flag but can’t mark a pride flag? This insanity has to stop.

Authorities Report No Arrests In Anti-Israel Protest That Vandalized Park Near White House (dailywire.com)

Lime scooters allegedly used to vandalize downtown Spokane Pride mural | Spokane News | khq.com

(Today's blog picture is of anti-Semites putting graffiti on a statue in Lafayette Park just outside the White House.)

Adult anti-Semites defacing statues and yelling "f*** the police" (clearly audible in first video below, so NSFW). In second video: Teenagers being idiots...and charged with FELONIES for it.

Dave Williams: Liar, cheater, snake

CD5 voters, please do your district, your state, and your nation a favor and vote for Jeff Crank in the Republican primary. Dave Williams is a corrupt lying grifter who is using money paid to the state party by presidential candidates to fund the party's unethical endorsement of and support of his candidacy.

Williams has strapped himself to Donald Trump...metaphorically with Willams' face halfway down Trump's body...but despite Trump's endorsement of Williams, in fact the Trump campaign is AGAIN pissed off at Williams' grift.

Let's hope this succeeds: Republicans to call meeting on whether to oust Dave Williams as Colorado chair (msn.com)

Williams' grifty history: Rep. Dave Williams returns fire after Colorado Trump campaign severs ties | Quick Hits | coloradopolitics.com

Dave Williams defies Donald Trump — of all people | Jimmy Sengenberger | Opinion | gazette.com

Today's Guests

Andy McCarthy is a former federal prosecutor and currently contributing editor at National Review and a Fox News Contributor. We'll talk about the big picture surrounding Hunter Biden that has him facing charges that few people ever face.

Jude Schuenemeyer is Co-director of the Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project. We'll discuss maintaining and recovering rare apple types including the "Colorado Orange Apple"

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project – Keeping Colorado "Orchard Country"

The Hunt for Colorado Orange Apples | News | denvergazette.com

Rabbi Raphael Leban is Executive Director of The Jewish Experience in Denver. We'll discuss whether anti-Zionism is, as some leftists claim, actually different from anti-Semitism.

NEW The Jewish Experience - Denver, Colorado - The Jewish Experience | Denver

Zionism | ADL

Jewish students navigate rising antisemitism on Colorado college campuses (denverpost.com)

Other Stuff

There's a lot of talk about a possible ceasefire right now but I just don't see how it can work. It's implausible that Netanyahu can agree to something that does not include ending Hamas as a military and political force. It's impossible that Hamas would agree to anything that does. Hamas will not stop trying to kill Jews and destroy Israel until it's eliminated. Therefore, it must be eliminated.

From I24 News: Israel At War - LIVE UPDATES | June 9, 2024 - I24NEWS

Hamas 'welcomes' UN resolution on hostage deal
“The movement would like to emphasize its readiness to cooperate with the mediators to enter into indirect negotiations on the implementation of these principles that are in line with the demands of our people and our resistance,” a Hamas statement read
“We also affirm the continuation of our endeavor and struggle… to achieve their national rights, foremost of which is defeating the occupation and establishing an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the right of return and self-determination”

This is the beauty of markets...they correct themselves. Doesn't mean there aren't losers but usually those are people who should have thought further ahead.

Colorado’s Weed Market Is Coming Down Hard and It’s Making Other States Nervous - POLITICO

Meanwhile, a couple thousand miles to our east: Axios: Martha's Vineyard is running out of pot

As Martha’s Vineyard runs out of pot, dispensary sues state’s cannabis regulator | PBS NewsHour

Martha's Vineyard is about to run out of pot | AP News

You know I'm always fascinated by societal/cultural changes in how people shop. The Era of One-Stop Grocery Shopping Is Over - WSJ

Will Denverites keep burdening themselves with higher sales taxes? Denver may place affordable housing sales tax measure on ballot (denverpost.com) (subscription may be required)

EDITORIAL: Denver’s next dubious distinction — tax capital | Editorials | denvergazette.com

Trump is playing the dangerous abortion issue as best he can but the hardcore evangelical anti-abortion base are determined to push on no matter how many Democrats they cause to get elected...and seem to forget that those Democrats will then do everything they can to undo whatever "progress" pro-life forces have made in recent years.

The GOP/pro-life coalition frays amid backlash to abortion limits (axios.com)

'He sounded more like a politician': Trump gets hit by both Dems and his own supporters on abortion - POLITICO

Trump speaks to Christian group that wants to "eradicate" abortion (axios.com)

Remote-control surgery (across continents): Chinese team conducts pioneering remote surgery between Beijing, Rome (bastillepost.com)

Apple has ideas for AI...and Elon Musk isn't happy about it: Opinion | Apple finally answers the AI question, with a dash of ChatGPT - The Washington Post

New "Apple Intelligence" may have given AI its iPhone moment (axios.com)

Today's Videos

David Boaz, one of the most consequential and effective messages of libertarianism ever has passed away. Here's one of his last interviews as he was battling cancer.

Gangsta rave baby

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