Mon Blogcast: Iran attacks, poorly; Tax Day and tax scams; Jen Griffin

Just One Thing: Iran attacks, but not very well

­­­Over the weekend, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel. But only after telling multiple other countries that they were about to, which they knew would lead to Israel and the United States being fully prepared. In other words, Iran wanted to launch something that looked like an attack but didn’t do much damage. That had to be for domestic consumption based on internal Iranian politics and wanting to show their proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah and the Houthis that Iran has capabilities and will. But I think the result has been the opposite. Israel made Iran’s systems look like toys, Israel looks even stronger than before, and everyone who matters knows that Iran was basically pretending to attack. One wonders how Israel will respond. I suspect it will be quietly.

UPDATE: The folks at the Institute for the Study of War take a different view...and frankly they're more likely correct than I am: Iran’s Attempt to Hit Israel with a Russian-Style Strike Package Failed...for Now | Institute for the Study of War (

Could Israel do as well without the support of nearby Arab countries? Analysis: Israel Repelled Iran’s Huge Attack. But Only With Help From U.S. and Arab Partners. - WSJ

Meanwhile the only real destruction of the day came when Israel took out a suspected Hezbollah weapons factory in Lebanon after Hezbollah fired some rockets into Israel. (That's today's blog picture.)

And Joe Biden is still simply terrible, though this is probably not as bad as it sounds because I don't think Israel was looking to implement some spectacular public retaliation anyway, as I noted above: Biden told Netanyahu U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran (

Also: UK confirms its RAF jets shot down drones launched by Iran against Israel (


One More Thing: This may actually be a bigger story...only time will tell

Combined with the fact that Iran has been aggressively funneling weapons into the West Bank, this has the potential to be the start of a horrendous situation, as bad as Gaza: Israel finds missing teen's body after deadly West Bank settler attack | AP News



Today's Guests

Jennifer Griffin is senior chief national security correspondent for Fox News. In my opinion, the best national security correspondent in the country.

Jennifer Griffin (

These were her comments just before Iran's weekend attack...seems rather prescient: ‘Potential For a Wider War’: Fox’s Jennifer Griffin Warns She’s ‘Never Seen Things So Tense’ In Her 30 Years Covering the Middle East (

More of Jen's coverage: US military shoots down 'dozens' of Iran drones headed to Israel, as Jewish state air defense system excels | Fox News


Patrick Hedger is Executive Dir of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance

This is the first Tax Day with the IRS’ Direct File pilot program – something created by the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRS wants to both prepare Americans' tax docs AND manage contested returns – creating a clear conflict of interest, given that the tax collector *probably* doesn’t have a huge incentive to maximize Americans’ returns, versus private companies who do. The IRS couldn’t even handle distributing COVID stimulus checks, let alone creating this expansive program that goes far outside their authority.

The IRS Is Here to Help With Direct File. Oh No - WSJ

You might also remember all of the hubbub around the IRA creating 87,000 new IRS agent positions, which the Biden Admin swore would target the Uber-wealthy and those trying to cheat their taxes. However, a new report shows that 63% of audits last year targeted taxpayers making less than $200k. Also hilariously, the IRS only added 34 agents in the first six months of hiring with the boosted funding, despite a target of hiring 3,700 in the first year. I guess government’s incompetence can sometimes be good?


Elan Journo is an author and VP and senior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute. We'll talk about Iran, Israel, the Middle East, and the United States.

Elan Journo – analyzing culture, politics, and foreign policy from an Objectivist perspective

One of Elan's books: What Justice Demands: America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Other Stuff

It's Tax Day. I guess it's good news and bad news that I owe a bunch of money this year for one-time things that happened in 2023 but it still hurts.

Krispy Kreme is trying to help: Krispy Kreme rolls out sweet tax break deal for customers on Tax Day (


Oh, the insanity (in our state legislature)

Interesting that while this passed our lunatic state House, 9 Dems voted against. Suggests it will have real trouble in the Senate. I think Senate Dems don't want to be responsible for the law that the federal Supreme Court uses to overturn "assault weapon" bans.

'Assault weapons' ban passes Colorado House | News |

Here's the bill: Prohibit Certain Weapons Used in Mass Shootings | Colorado General Assembly

And remember that you should assume that every bill with Faith Winter's name on it will be really anti-freedom and economically idiotic. Here's another:

Colorado Democrats advance bill requiring 'density goals' for urban governments | News |

Housing in Transit-Oriented Communities | Colorado General Assembly

One more ridiculous bill: Colorado legislators push obesity prevention bill, governor's approval is uncertain | Health Care |

Diabetes Prevention & Obesity Treatment Act | Colorado General Assembly

Maybe less ridiculous though GOP still mostly against: Occupancy limits targeted in first housing affordability bill from Colorado Democrats • Colorado Newsline

Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits | Colorado General Assembly


Just because the charges against Donald Trump regarding "hush money" are insane and transparently political doesn't mean he can't lose in a place where the jury pool is full of Trump-haters. The right outcome of this would be DA Alvin Bragg being disbarred.

Trump Tried Everything to Avoid a Criminal Trial. The Day Has Arrived. - WSJ

Could Trump go to jail? Questions about Trump’s trial, answered | CNN Politics


If you heard my conversation with Joe Brunner of Lukas Liquors the other day, this won't surprise you, though I think the article headline isn't the most important part of the story: 27% of Drinkers Say Alcohol Has Affected Finances | LendingTree


Interesting short piece by Alan Dershowitz about representing OJ Simpson: Representing O.J. Simpson was a mixed blessing - The Spectator World

OJ's recent attorney was (to the attorney's surprise) named executor of OJ's will/estate and he says he will do everything he can to keep the family of one of OJ's victims from getting anything: Court documents reveal final will of O.J. Simpson | Courts | Crime (


Infuriating and nearly catastrophic. I'm VERY glad the school administrator is being charged, and that another one might be: ‘Shocking’ failures led to shooting of Richneck teacher by 6-year-old (


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Monday edition in which nobody actually gets hurt: Anti-Israel protester sobs during arraignment after 'murder you' remark to California mayor, city council | Fox News


Seems like an unforced error by Nike in 2024:

‘My hoo haa is gonna be out’: US Olympians slam Nike for skimpy women’s track kit | USA Olympic team | The Guardian

Today's Videos

This is a year old but still right on target as far as who benefits from student-loan "forgiveness": the rich and the future-rich if she weren't popular enough

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