Stanford AI Lecturer Jerry Kaplan Returns to Talk Google's Gemini AI

Stanford AI lecturer and author Jerry Kaplan returns to the show just a few days after his first appearance. There was an issue I wanted to get to in our first conversation and didn't, and it's become very much in the news in just the last few days. That issue is bias in AI. How is it that Google's Gemini AI rendered all of America's Founding Fathers as black, and the pope too? (See link below.) How is it that Gemini said it was a matter of opinion whether Hitler or Elon Musk has done more harm to the world? This is clearly left-wing bias all the way around, but how did it get into the system and what can be done about it? We'll also get into a more macro conversation about the likelihood that AI destroys the world (maybe literally): AI leaders address doomers' threats to humanity warning (

Jerry Kaplan – Author, Innovator, Entrepreneur & Futurist

Jerry's excellent book about AI: Generative Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know ®: Kaplan, Jerry: 9780197773543: Books

The Google Gemini controversy: From Black Nazis to female Popes and American Indian Vikings: How AI went ‘woke’ (

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