Mon Blogcast: Dems trying to kill CO oil/gas; Migrant miseries; Trump ugh

In case you missed it

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on back-to-back Super Bowl victories

A boring first half turned into an incredible second half.

Second overtime game in Super Bowl history. First in which both teams possessed the ball in overtime. Longest 2 field goals in Super Bowl history.

Unexpected players with huge plays for both teams, esp receivers Jauan Jennings for the 49ers and Mecole Hardman for the Chiefs (who caught the winning pass.)

Mecole Hardman didn't know overtime rule, Patrick Mahomes had to tell him he won the game (

The most important play in the game was the blocked SF extra point.

Also, the first score of the game potentially should have been disallowed: Boomer Esiason Declares Christian McCaffrey’s TD in Super Bowl Should Not Have Counted (

I had one primary thought as far as betting on the game: Never bet against Patrick Mahomes in the biggest games.

I had a lot of "same-game parlay" bets that lost anyway, though, because they included things like Isaiah Pacheco (who had a fairly bad game) scoring a touchdown. Guess I probably was a net winner of $20 on the day.

Finally, I know there's WAY too much Taylor Swift talk but I'm happy for these two: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrate Chiefs' Super Bowl victory with hugs and kisses (

Of course, early in the game as the Chiefs were literally fumbling and bumbling, Taylor definitely needed a drink

Other Super Bowl Stuff

I'm writing this before knowing the outcome of the game...will be interesting to see if KC can overcome the fact that Drake bet on them: 'Drake curse': The rapper has placed his Super Bowl bet. What fanbase should be worried? (

Super Bowl expected to bring 330,000 people, $700 million in spending to Vegas (

Many tried to stop Christian McCaffrey during his Colorado high school days (

And sorta related: Swift urged by academic that vocal support for Joe Biden will hurt her global popularity (

1) There obviously can be songs that are more important to some Americans than to others, including by race. But I don't love calling one the "black National Anthem". The implication is that blacks are somehow not part of the same country, or not fully part, and I don't like that concept and certainly don't want to encourage it. And 2) How many people even know the song or know that it has that extra title and would even think for a moment to stand for it? I don't and I wouldn't. Democratic congressman hits Super Bowl fans for not standing for 'Negro National Anthem' (



They coming to destroy your state and they must be stopped

Governor Jared Polis, well known for being an anti-fossil fuel environmental radical has nevertheless long said that his goal is not the elimination of the oil and gas industry in Colorado. And of course, as it’s one of the biggest industries in the state and provides many millions of dollars of tax revenue to government coffers, you’d have to be something of an economically suicidal moron to want to ban oil and gas here. But here come those exact morons: According to multiple reports, Democrats in the state legislature are planning a bill that, if passed, would stop oil and gas drilling in Colorado by 2030. State Rep Sonya Jaquez Lewis of Boulder along with former Republican and now Democrat Kevin Priola appear to be leading the charge. It’s time for Jared Polis to make a public stand against this potential disaster.

Colorado legislators to propose 2030 oil and gas drilling ban - Denver Business Journal (

Coming bills would ban new oil-and-gas wells, stop summertime drilling | The Sum and Substance (

These evil idiots are trying to drive the United States into as dire a situation, with decisions as stupid, as Europe: The Deindustrialization Of Europe In Five Charts



Donald Trump is reprehensible (but now in the lead)

During a speech in South Carolina on Saturday, former President Trump implied that somehow Nikki Haley's husband is not fully supporting his wife or is afraid of Trump or some such nonsense, when Trump knows that US Army Reserve Major Michael Haley is deployed in Africa. That's about as low as any of the other ultra-low stuff he's said in the past and continues with his terrible comments about members of the military. He really is a terrible human being. I realize that lots of politicians are terrible human beings but Trump seems to want to be number 1 in that category as well as "most impeachments", "most criminal charges", "most ex-wives", most times cheating on his wife with an ugly porn star, most business get the idea.

Nikki Haley responded later that day:

I am proud of Michael’s service. Every military family knows it’s a sacrifice. I have long talked about the fact that we need to have mental competency tests for (politicians) over the age of 75. Donald Trump claims he would pass that — maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t. But if you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s license, let alone to be president of the United States.

But Trump wasn't done with his idiocy: Trump warned NATO ally: Spend more or he'd let Russia 'do whatever they want' | AP News

Trump's NATO comments draw scorn, White House calls them 'unhinged' | Reuters

Despite all this, one cannot overstate the damage done to President Biden by last week's report in which Special Counsel Robert Hur said that a key reason that he recommends against criminal charges for Joe Biden's mishandling of classified information is that Biden comes across as an "elderly man with a poor memory" which would make it harder to get a conviction from a jury. Quite a damning thing for someone who's running for president: your mental capacities aren't sufficient to be able to stand trial but you want to be the leader of the free world?

In betting odds at, before the report Biden was about a 4% favorite to beat Trump in November (46% to 42%). Since the report, Biden has fallen to be about a 6-point underdog (41% to 47%). And on British wagering websites, the odds are even more against Biden: US Presidential Election 2024 Winner Betting Odds | Politics | Oddschecker

2024 Presidential Election Predictions & Odds | Who will be the next president? (

Some folks have been betting on Michelle Obama to be the next president. Obviously anything's possible in this insane world but I just don't see why she'd want to give him the great life she's living now for the brutal fishbowl and huge pay cut of being president.

Next President Odds - Biden plunges after 'hazy' memory report and another gaffe (

Check out the fascinating moving chart in here and note the incredible plunge of Ron DeSantis earlier in the election process. 2024 Presidential Election Odds: Trump Favored to Win, But Biden Not Far Behind (

Today's Guests

Dan Haley is President and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA). We'll discuss the issue at the top of this blog note: the upcoming effort by radical Democrats to kill all oil and gas drilling in Colorado.


Colorado legislators to propose 2030 oil and gas drilling ban - Denver Business Journal (

Coming bills would ban new oil-and-gas wells, stop summertime drilling | The Sum and Substance (

Not sure if we'll get to this one, but it's interesting: Must a gas utility pay its own customers to unhook in the name of climate change? Colorado is about – The Durango Herald


KOA's own Brandon Krisztal joins me from Las Vegas to talk about the Super Bowl!


Deborah Flora is a Republican candidate for the 4th Congressional District (the seat currently held by Ken Buck who decided not to seek re-election.)

Deborah Flora for U.S. Congress - Colorado Common Sense


Darrell Watson is a member of the Denver City Council. We'll discuss already announced -- and upcoming -- cuts to city services because of the cost of providing various free stuff to illegal immigrants.

Denver mayor to cut DMV, Parks & Rec services as city deals with critical budget situation (

Migrants "Sorry" as Denver Cuts Services to Pay for Migrant Support | Westword

Denver reducing city services to offset migrant costs after federal bill fails (

DO YOU EVER NOTICE HOW MAYOR JOHNSTON NEVER SAYS that the problem is the fault of him and his predecessors, abetted by the legislature and governor (who turned CO into a sanctuary state?) Denver Is Furious That the Senate Can’t Fix the Border - WSJ


Other Stuff

While we were watching the Super Bowl: Israel-Gaza live updates: IDF says 2 hostages rescued from Gaza - ABC News (


Tying into prior topic about impact of illegal aliens in Denver, this is an interesting quandary: Denver woman unsure of risk after selling car to undocumented migrant | FOX31 (


This is a complete political sin by "leaders" of both parties for two generations. Democrats are always worse and should be ashamed of persistently bankrupting our children. But Donald Trump was as bad as any Dem before Joe Biden. There's very little use for the GOP if they're not going to restrain the growth of government. Take a look at the chart just a little way down in this: Interest Costs Will Leapfrog Medicare and Defense This Year-2024-02-08 (


What if Biden is unable or unwilling to run? How a Democratic Convention Fight Would Work | National Review


This is scary and tyrannical: Biden admin confirms terms like 'MAGA,' 'Trump,' Kamala' used in private bank transaction searches: Letter | Fox News


Nice to hold yourself out as such a generous, progressive, caring "sanctuary city" until you actually have to be one: More than 5,000 NYPD cops were attacked by suspects in record-breaking year as lawlessness spirals out of control and perps being released with little punishment | Daily Mail Online


A couple of international stories:

Wait, you pardoned who, for what?!? Hungary’s president resigns after backlash for pardon in child sex abuse case | Fox News


Today's Videos

So Biden skips a short and easy Super Bowl interview (for the 2nd year in a row) in an election year when he seems to be losing, and decides to offer us this? I mean, is this the most important thing today and is he just figuring it out?

Big brother isn't sold on the new baby

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl victory party

And for those of you a little groggy today after your own Super Bowl festivities, you're not alone

What if it doesn't have removable batteries? Woman booted from plane after sex toy starts buzzing in suitcase: 'Mortified' (

I can think of two reasons why this young lady has so many online followers...

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