Alex Grinberg's two sons (Cherry Creek HS) are with their IDF Reserve units

Israel Declares War Following Large-Scale Hamas Attacks

KFAR AZA, ISRAEL - OCTOBER 15: IDF soldiers drive in military vehicles on October 15, 2023 in Sderot, Israel. Israel has sealed off Gaza and launched sustained retaliatory air strikes, which have killed at least 1,400 people with more than 400,000 displaced, after a large-scale attack by Hamas. On October 7, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from Gaza by land, sea, and air, killing over 1,300 people and wounding around 2,800. Israeli soldiers and civilians have also been taken hostage by Hamas and moved into Gaza. The attack prompted a declaration of war by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the announcement of an emergency wartime government. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)Photo: Alexi J. Rosenfeld / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Alex Grimberg and his family moved to Denver from Australia about 15 years ago. His children attended Cherry Creek High School. Each of his two sons, upon turning 18, volunteered for the IDF (the Israeli military). Within the past week each has returned to Israel, being recalled for service by their former paratrooper units. Because this is such a massive recall by the IDF and because, understandably, gear is going first to forces currently on active duty (even though reserves could become active duty essentially at a moment's notice), Alex is raising money to get high-quality body armor for the members of both of his sons' military units. I hope you will contribute to the effort here:

Help Supply Bullet-Proof Vests for IDF Para... | Fundly

(I have made a contribution in addition to another contribution I made to another aid-for-Israelis fund-raising effort. I'm not asking you to do something I haven't also done.)

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