Weds Blogcast: Trump found guilty; Hollywood writers return; Vacation pics

Just One Thing: Join me and Mandy for 2nd GOP Debate Tonight

Tonight is the second Republican debate, hosted by Fox Business at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. There will only be one fewer participant than in the first debate as former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson didn’t make the cut. As a reminder, and I’ll leave out first names and titles for brevity, are DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Haley, Pence, Scott, Christie, and Burgum.

Seven Republicans appear to have made the second debate (

I thought the biggest winner in the first debate was Nikki Haley though Ramaswamy also got a lot of attention. Will anyone have a breakout moment, a viral moment, tonight? We’ll find out.

Mandy Connell and I will be hosting a special KOACast on KOA’s facebook page doing a sort of live play-by-play of the event if you want to join us and interact with us online. That’ll be That’s Enjoy the show!


One More Thing: Vacation Pictures

Some folks have asked me to post a few pictures of my 20th anniversary trip with my lovely bride, Kristen, to Moab. So here are a few.

The first is from Dead Horse Point State Park. The second is from a mellow trail ride we did at Moab Horses (about 25 miles out of town)...Kristen rode a mule named Durango. And the rest are from a spectacular place called Fisher Towers just across the highway from the horse ranch. Pictures just can't do Fisher Towers justice. The whole thing is so massive and incredible.


Today's Guests

David Michael Rome is actually a show listener. He got in touch with me to tell a remarkable albeit somewhat difficult to understand story about representing himself in court after studying relevant law by himself to fight against what he perceived as excessive use of force by government and abuse of court restrictions against citizens asking for discovery against government. He has a lot of other stories to tell, some of which strike me as far-fetched though I think he believes them. So I don't know just where this is gonna go but I want to have a listen.

From an email he sent me: "I took charge and learned the law sitting in my jail cell in 2001 reading every book I could get a hold of. I took what would have killed most people was sentenced to over 20 years in prison, most people would have just given up. But I learned the law and turned it all around.overturned my conviction Sued Denver and the cops and doing so have helped a lot of people. The Colorado Court of Appeals Certificate of Review (C.R.S 13-20-602) issue in my opinion limited normal people access to the court and that was my argument, I want to have that addressed by the law makers and hopefully can get that issue before them."

Rome v. Romero, 225 F.R.D. 640 | Casetext Search + Citator


Andrea Gibson is the new Poet Laureate of Colorado.

Andrea Gibson, Poet, Writer, Activist, Author, Performer - Andrea's New Book "You Better Be Lightning" Available Now

Andrea Gibson Discusses New Role as Poet Laureate | Westword

11 incredible Andrea Gibson poems, in honor of World Poetry Day - diana pressey


Other Stuff

A judge in New York has found that Donald Trump committed business fraud in persistently overstating his assets in disclosures that businesses relied on when pricing loans and insurance. I'm skeptical...not that he would have overstated his assets but rather that anyone was actually harmed by his behavior. In any case, the judge ordered a massive punishment: the cancelation of certain business licenses that will have the effect of perhaps forcing Trump to sell significant real estate holdings in New York.

Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers while building real estate empire | AP News

Judge Rules Trump Committed Fraud, Stripping Control of Key Properties – DNyuz (original at


It's easy to make fun of Hollywood folks, but a lot of these people make very little money while providing us with a lot of entertainment. I don't generally side with unions and I'm not really siding with the union now but I do hope these writers got a deal that fairly compensates them in this (relatively) new environment of streaming services and AI.

Hollywood Writers to Return to Work as WGA Votes to End Strike - The New York Times (

Hollywood writers’ strike ends with first-ever protections against AI – DNyuz

Just because the writers are back doesn't mean show production will restart soon because actors are still on strike: WGA strike with studios is over. When will shows return? |


I owe you these from yesterday:

This strikes me as even more difficult than a lot of other high-dollar art to put a price on: The first Bob Ross work from ‘The Joy of Painting’ is on sale | CNN

Move the dog and its owner, not the other passengers: Couple Awarded $1,400 Compensation After Flight with Farting Dog (

I love this: Why Libertarians Must Rise above the Left-Right Dichotomy of Politics - Foundation for Economic Education (


Wouldn't you love to find this? The real-life Atlantis? Archaeologists discover new treasures in a mysterious underwater city off the coast of Egypt dating back at least 1,000 years | Daily Mail Online


This is what happens when individuals (or groups of like-minded individuals) with criminal tendencies understand that their local Soros-funded prosecutor will not charge them with crimes: Philadelphia looting: Large crowds break into Foot Locker, Apple and Lululemon stores in Center City; Roosevelt Mall also hit - 6abc Philadelphia


Will this work to reduce the homeless population in Denver or will it attract more people who want a free hotel room? Only time will tell. Denver offers housing to homeless as city sweeps encampment site - Axios Denver


We're almost done with mosquito season but still, be careful: Colorado has most West Nile virus disease cases in United States |


Boys will be boys: Canadian air force investigating call sign broadcast in U.K. |


Today's Video

Imagine staying in bed for over a month to win $1100.

See if the Closed Captioning function (in the version in this link, not in embedded video below) creates subtitles for you that are as funny as the ones I got:

Records have been broken because of a rule change that allows a 15-minute "break" every 8 hours.

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