Gregory Angelo on Corporations Involving Themselves In Cultural Issues

Gregory Angelo is a gay Republican/conservative and president of the New Tolerance Campaign who, earlier in his professional life, was a major force being getting corporations to involve themselves in cultural issues like gay rights. Now he says he regrets it.

Comment from Ross: I think a big part of the problem is that in the old days, even though many of us were annoyed at the constant nudges to be "tolerant" and "accepting", when it comes to the current push on behalf of transgender folks the activists skipped asking for acceptance and went right to demanding celebration. I'm exceptionally tolerant and accepting of trans folks, but I feel no need to celebrate them and I resent being pushed by businesses to do so. (I don't feel a need to celebrate straight people either, nor black or white or purple, nor left-handed or right handed, etc.)

New Tolerance Campaign - Be Consistent. Be Transparent. Be Tolerant.

I Helped Make Corporations Woke, and I Regret It - WSJ

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