Thurs Blogcast: Reparations debate; Comedian Monty Franklin

Just One Thing: New Pew survey of opinions about religions

If you only look at favorable minus unfavorable in the survey (first link below), the numbers are slightly interesting, especially the large net positive for Jews. But I think the bigger story is the huge number of "I don't know" responses (more than half of responses for most categories) which suggests two things: First, if you don't like a group of people, you're probably at least as likely to say "I don't know" as to admit that, so the "I don't know" category probably hides quite a lot of folks who don't like whatever the group in question is. And second, if a significant majority of people who say they have no opinion really don't have an opinion, then it seems like it was kind of a stupid question to begin with.

As a Jew, even understanding this poll is probably not very meaningful, this does make me happy: "Among all the religious groups asked about, only Jews universally receive net positive ratings from all other groups. While 81% of Jews rate their own group favorably, Christians across various subgroups also rate Jews much more favorably than unfavorably."

Also not surprising:

  • You're more likely to rate a group positively if you know someone from that group. (Interestingly the difference is quite small when the question is asked about Muslims.)
  • Evangelicals and Mormons really don't like atheists, but people who know an atheist are much more likely to be OK with atheists.
  • Democrats are more negative than Republicans about every religious group except Muslims and atheists
  • "Mormons do not express a net negative opinion toward any group in the survey, and are strongly positive toward several."
  • I see it reported in the Washington Times article linked below, though I don't see it in the study on first glance, that young people are more positive toward atheists than older people are.

Americans Feel More Positive Than Negative About Jews, Mainline Protestants, Catholics | Pew Research Center

Jews most favorably viewed religious group in U.S., Pew study says - Washington Times


Today's Guests

Aussie Comedian Monty Franklin returns to the KOA studio! Strewth!

He's playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square

Monty Franklin | Live in Denver | Comedy Works

Monty Franklin's website


Justin Hansford is a professor of law at Howard University and is a supporter of reparations, namely the transfer of wealth to black descendants of slaves. You might not be surprised to know that I have a serious problem with the idea. I look forward to an interesting and intellectual discussion.

Justin Hansford | Howard University School of Law

San Francisco reparations idea: $5 million per Black person - ABC News (

Related: At least this white person's apparently guilty conscience is based on acts of her actual family members. It's not for me to judge how she lives her life...but that doesn't mean I won't. I think that if she's going off to do this other venture because she really believes in it and it will offer fulfillment and meaning in her life, then that's great. But if it's because she thinks she has some sort of historical debt, that's nonsense. If I were going to look to take the opposite side of my argument I guess what I'd say is that if she lives a life of financial comfort due to inherited money that was generated at least in part due to the slave trade, then it's not ridiculous to "give back" in some way. But that specific situation will apply to precious few living humans.

BBC correspondent quits role weeks after apologising for family’s slave history (


Other Stuff

Screaming "recession!": U.S. oil closes below $70 a barrel for first time since 2021 (Marketwatch)


The hearing was yesterday. The ruling will be a big deal. No matter which way it goes, some people are going to be mad. I hope he rules against the plaintiffs and leaves the current situation alone, or denies the case based on standing.

Why abortion pill case heard by a Texas judge raises legal, transparency questions – Chicago Tribune

Texas judge in abortion pill case is a conservative favorite (


Thanks to Mandy for pointing this out to me: Lawsuit against Boulder Valley schools claims repeated bullying of student, racial discrimination - Complete Colorado - Page Two


More good news for diabetics (re the cost of insulin): Novo Nordisk to Slash Insulin Prices by Up to 75%


Silicon Valley Bank's wokeness was NOT the proximate cause of its demise, but it does likely show an inherent rot in the company that made its failure more likely in retrospect.

Silicon Valley Bank's woke agenda thrived while managers ignored investment risks - Washington Times

Silicon Valley Bank pushed 'woke' programs ahead of collapse (

SVB donated $73M to Black Lives Matter movement, social justice causes (


Well isn't that special? UN nuclear watchdog reveals 2.5 tonnes of uranium missing in Libya (UK Guardian)


You can count me in this number, though not involved to the degree I was with the Super Bowl: March Madness 2023: Americans expected to gamble huge amount (


I never really thought about eggs at the "dollar store", but anyway: With prices soaring, Dollar Tree ditches eggs until later this year | Reuters


Today's Videos

The longest tongue in the world, and world records set with it. Not sure if this is amusing or creepy or...?

Watch: Man with world's longest tongue breaks Jenga world record -

Not sure what's funnier...the baby's minor panic or the mom's absolutely loving it. So good to see a mom not try to psychologically bubble-wrap a kid these days.

OK, this is really cool

Most importantly: Pentagon releases video of Russian SU-27 fighter harassing (and then downing) US drone over the Black Sea

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