Weds blogcast: Nerd vs Geek?; Recovering COVID theft; DeSantis/Ukraine

Just One Thing: Tucker tells them to jump; they ask "how high?"

Tucker Carlson asked Republican candidates for president to send him statements of their position on Ukraine. Many of them did.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's reply is getting a lot of attention, not least because of its obvious difference from statements he made while in Congress. (And, yes, people are allowed to change their minds.)

To me the story isn't as much what the various candidates said as they pander to the MAGA base (that ranges from slightly pro-Ukraine to "it's overseas and I don't care" to overtly pro-Putin) as it is about the power of Tucker Carlson right now, with by far the highest-rated show on cable television.

I should note that apart from my disagreement with Tucker on the underlying issue, what I'm pointing out here is not a criticism of him but rather an observation as to his remarkable influence at this time.

Republican 2024 hopefuls respond to Tucker Carlson's questions about their stance on Russia-Ukraine war | Fox News

DeSantis statement posted by Tucker on twitter:

Axios: DeSantis record complicates MAGA pivot

Noah Rothman thinks DeSantis's a statement is an error in judgment and might also be a political problem for him: Ron DeSantis And Ukraine: Why the Florida Governor Is Wrong | National Review

Given the current political dynamics, headlines like this (note: this is a left-wing website) are EXACTLY what both DeSantis and Carlson want:


Today's Guests

Matt Weidinger is a Senior Fellow and Rowe Scholar at AEI. We'll discuss the massive amount of theft of taxpayer money (or, more precisely, of future taxpayer money since it all just added to the deficit) of the insane "helicopter money" during the Trump and Biden administrations. How much was stolen? What sorts of people or groups stole it? How much has been recovered? How much might be recovered? How (other than never doing that sort of spending insanity again) do we prevent this sort of thing?

Matt Weidinger | American Enterprise Institute - AEI

The clock is ticking on getting back this massive heist of your money | Fox News


Other Stuff

As if US-Russia relations couldn't get any worse...they just did:

Ukraine war live updates: Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine (

Russia-Ukraine war live: Kremlin says US-Russia relations ‘lamentable’ with no high level contact since drone crash (


Whole Foods founder John Mackey is right...and almost no Democrat in Congress understands this truth: Whole Foods co-founder reflects on storied career in retailing | Baking Business


Absolutely brutal: Retired teacher and daughter lose almost $200,000 in wire fraud | FOX31 Denver (


I have absolutely no prediction on how this will go but I do think that if the judge rules against the pill being available, there will literally be riots in some streets. (I don't factor that into whether I think a decision is the right one.) I also think that if he rules that way, a higher court will likely stay his ruling until the appeal is heard and ruled on. Would be interesting if the judge decides to avoid the merits by ruling against the plaintiffs on standing.

In abortion pill case, Texas judge to consider halting access to mifepristone (


More good news for diabetics (re the cost of insulin): Novo Nordisk to Slash Insulin Prices by Up to 75%


This seems technical but it's important: Treasuries Liquidity Dwindles as SVB Crisis Muddies Fed Outlook (


How’s this possible in America?


Today's Videos

In answer to the listener question yesterday about the difference between a nerd and a geek. By this dude's definition, I'm a geek rather than a nerd though I'm not yet conceding that his answer is definitive.

Another take: What Is a Nerd? What Is a Geek? - whatNerd

Solving the question with a social media word cloud: What's the difference between a geek and a nerd? | LAist - NPR News for Southern California - 89.3 FM (

I mean, this is definitely not Cocaine Bear, but that doesn't mean this lady isn't an utter ignoramus...unless it's actually a trained animal and not wild as she's pretending it to be. And even then it doesn't seem like the brightest idea to be that close to a bear.

Thanks to listener Andy for sending this...

But they can put a man on the moon...

Very interesting debate over who likely committed the sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines

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