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Just One Thing: Rapper Azelia Banks shreds Los Angeles, liberals, and Kanye West

I generally am bored by celebrity gossip, musician gossip most of all, and generally don't care what any of them think. But this is just tremendous:

‘I deserve respect’: Azealia Banks on redemption, Republicans – and Kanye | Pop and rock | The Guardian


Today's Guests

Elbridge Colby is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development who, in 2017 and early 2018 was the co-lead on the development of the National Defense Strategy which is as important as it sounds. His recent book, recently out in paperback, is “The Strategy of Denial: American defense in an age of great power conflict.” He’s also co-founder of the Marathon Initiative which aims to help America’s leaders and thinkers reach a better understanding of proper national security strategy. We'll discuss a Twitter thread (linked and embedded below) from yesterday in which Bridge argues that US support for Ukraine poses serious challenges for our military readiness should there be an even moderately significant conflagration requiring our participation elsewhere in the world. He's not necessarily saying that that means we shouldn't support Ukraine but rather than we should be cognizant of this potential negative impact on our national security. I'll ask Bridge a question on behalf of fmr NATO Supreme Allied Commander ADM James Stavridis as well.

Elbridge A. Colby > U.S. Department of Defense > Biography

The Marathon Initiative

Summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy

AmazonSmile: The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict

(6) Elbridge Colby on Twitter: "Despite many doth protest too much-style protestations to the contrary, this (excellent) report from @SethGJones @CSIS highlights some of the very real tradeoffs between supporting Ukraine and getting ready for a Taiwan fight. 1/" / Twitter

A European parallel? ‘I am pissed off!’ German army official bemoans ‘bare’ forces as Russia invades Ukraine – POLITICO


Kwame Spearman is the CEO and co-owner of Tattered Cover and a candidate for mayor of Denver

Kwame For Denver | Kwame Spearman

Kwame Spearman wants to be Denver's neighborhood mayor. What does that mean? - Denverite, the Denver site!


Other Stuff

Had one "Wait, What?!?" story yesterday. Here's another: Ex-Aurora police Chief Vanessa Wilson used position of power to have partner’s ex-girlfriend arrested, lawsuit alleges


There's one born every day, right? Disney’s Splash Mountain Closed. Now Superfans Are Selling the Water.


Not only did his parents lose their son, but they had to watch video of him being murdered. Five ex-Memphis police officers charged with murder in death of Tyre Nichols | Reuters


Today's I've Been Wondering Question's Answer:

Why Do We Call Junk Email 'Spam" Again? Here's Why | Digital Trends

(see the video below)


THREE STORIES ABOUT RUSSIA, and specifically about the Wagner Group:

Brutal. Truly brutal. A Russian graveyard reveals Wagner’s prisoner army (

Not saying it wouldn't be great if Putin were gone, but we shouldn't assume that what comes next will be a lot better...maybe not better at all: The man who may challenge Putin for power – The Market Herald (original at


Central planners on the left have an unbroken tradition of forgetting that reality has its own plans: New statewide bag fee has unintended consequence: "when an idea meets implementation, there can be a bit of a conflict" (


This is just too good: The AP "Style" masters have decided that the word "the" is "dehumanizing". But as if the original tweet isn't funny enough, check out what happens next:


Today's Videos

Spam Spam Spam Spam...

Yes, I'm giving you three videos about Spam

Second video isn't great quality and has Portuguese subtitles but the audio is the main thing...especially the Vikings!

The last one is a fun song by a fun band that you probably never heard of.

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