An actual lawsuit about unicorn poop (funniest story of the day)

Thanks to The Dispatch for bringing this most important (or at least hilarious) story to our attention.

The record label for the Black Eyed Peas is suing some cartoon unicorns, or maybe the people who made the cartoon unicorn video of a very very silly song, "My Poops", which does seem to be a clear parody, including using much of the tune, of the BEP song "My Humps."

The unicorn song is called, wait for it...Poopsie Slime Surprise.

Poopsie Slime Surprise Maker Sued Over Black Eyed Peas Parody (

I would note that while My Humps is 13 years old now, it nevertheless reminds me of just how stupid a culture can become. The unicorns are much more fun and less ridiculous than the human version even if I give the humans the benefit of the doubt as offering more of a social satire than the true expression of their lifestyle (and I'm not at all sure I should give them that benefit).

So, first the human version and then the unicorn version:

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