Evelyn Lim & Peter LiFari Potential Solutions Regarding Affordable Housing

Evelyn Lim and Peter LiFari are experts in the challenges and potential solutions regarding a shortage of affordable housing in many areas, including Denver. And in this case, by "affordable housing" I don't mean Section 8 or low-end but rather just homes that mid-wage workers in the area can afford. After all, if workers can't afford to live near where they work, that's unlikely to work out well in the long run for anybody.

We'll talk about, and build upon (if you'll pardon the pun), their 2021 report for the Common Sense Institute that offers policy suggestions toward alleviating Denver's housing shortage.

Interestingly, CO Gov Jared Polis seems to be aware of the report and referenced it in a Twitter exchange with me about housing policy.

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From Conflict to Compassion: A Colorado Housing Development Blueprint For Transformational Change | Common Sense Institute (commonsenseinstituteco.org)

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