Thurs Blogcast: Disposing of nuclear waste; charter school funding fights

Just One Thing

This is one of the most remarkable things about being a talk radio host: the unexpected remarkable stories from guests and listeners alike.

Yesterday, I interviewed a young woman who was born and raised in Iran and went to college in Tehran and came to the US fairly recently for grad school. I was really just hoping to get stories that friends and family living in Iran have told her in the past day or two about the protests.

Instead (or in addition) what I learned was that a few years ago she was arrested by the same “morality police” organization as the 22-year-old whose murder by police caused the current protests, and she was taken to the same infamous police station that she was as well. Unbelievable.

Listen here if you missed it: Yasamin Rezai Talking the Women's Movement In Iran | KOA 850 AM & 94.1 FM | Ross Kaminsky (


Today's Guests

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy joins us to discuss the two big pieces of legal news regarding former president Donald Trump yesterday: First, a massive civil fraud indictment by the NY AG Tish James. Andy and I both think this is blatantly political even if Trump likely did most of what James claims. After all, it's not clear that there's a victim. However, the later news of a ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning a Florida judge's ruling that the Special Master in the Trump documents situation is a big deal. In particular, the appeals court ruled that the Special Master will NOT examine the classified documents and that the DOJ can continue to use those documents in their investigations to try to determine what risks, if any, have been posed by Trump's storing those documents in an insecure location.

Trump Special Master: Appeals Court Thoroughly Rebukes Federal Judge in Ruling on Mar-a-Lago Files | National Review

Letitia James Trump Lawsuit: Political Hackery | National Review

Interesting to note how Politico approached the NY story. As if it's a soap opera or National Enquirer story, which is an unintentional recognition that the case seems deeply unserious: 5 juiciest takeaways from the Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump - POLITICO


One of the common arguments from anti-nuclear power activists is that it's too difficult, expensive and dangerous to dispose of the radioactive waste. But what if that problem has actually already been solved?

Dr Henry Crichlow was (in 1997) the first inventor/scientist to file a patent on the technology to safely and efficiently dispose of the millions of pounds of high-level nuclear waste accumulating around the world.

Who We Are - Nuclear Safe (


Dr. Brenda Dickhoner, PhD is president of Ready Colorado, a conservative education advocacy organization. We're going to discuss an interesting (and perhaps unfortunate) argument between several of my friends about the funding of a certain subset of charter schools as Douglas County's school board (conservatives and liberals alike) support a Mill Levy Override (effectively, in this case, a fixed amount -- not rate change -- property tax hike to increase school funding)

Two articles on Brenda's side, then one on the School Board's side, in this battle between conservatives:

Conservatives call out DCSD on charter funding |

Fund-Students-not-Systems_Letter-to-DougCo-Board.pdf (

State-chartered schools shortchanged in DougCo ballot bid | Opinion |


Because "pubs"...

The world record for biggest bar crawl in 24 hours has been broken for the second time in a year (


Other Stuff

Not sure why a certain local TV reporter seems so intent on defending this program from criticism, but I sure don't like it...and it has nothing to do with any disdain for homeless or trans folks. It's just being very badly organized.

Denver's homeless allowed to buy drugs and alcohol with new $12,000 cash payment from the government - Campfire Colorado


Sure it looks bad for Putin, but for now he remains in very firm control of Russia

Ukraine Live Updates: Over 1,000 Russian Protesters Arrested - The New York Times (


The power of having good backups

Wheat Ridge says it won't cough up millions to international cyber thieves as city recovers from ransomware attack (


We're going to talk about school financing with a guest today. It's a VERY complex subject that I'm far from expert on. As a voter I don't need to understand everything...just enough to make a good choice. DougCo does seem to have a significant issue of salaries far below those of other nearby districts. Overall, though, what about the frequent assertion that teachers are underpaid?

The (Partial) Myth of the Poorly Paid Public School Teacher (


Not surprising: DENVER COST OF LIVING: Homebuyers are leaving metro Denver, here's where they're going | FOX31 Denver (


Two more stories that I'd say show the frequent uselessness of government but really they're more harmful than useless things are:

New York spent $250M on tech to fight Covid that no one uses - POLITICO

The FDA’s Baby Formula Whitewash - WSJ


This is a little gross: Man Who Lost Nose Piercing Five Years Ago Finds It Stuck in His Lung (


This is not gross though I'm sure some people have an ant phobia:

Here's How Many Ants There Are On Earth And More Fun Facts About Ants (

Ants! It turns out there are 20 quadrillion of them on Earth — or 2.5 million per human - ABC News


Today's Videos

First, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank in the world (or at least outside of's unclear), slams the idiotic socialist (and anti-Semite) Rashida Tlaib on energy policy.

Fed Chair Jay Powell's dismal and hawkish assessment: We need to have "softer labor conditions". There is no painless way to deal with inflation.

This kid has serious drumming skillz

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