Fmr. Fed Prosecutor Andy McCarthy on Legal News Regarding Trump

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy joins us to discuss the two big pieces of legal news regarding former president Donald Trump yesterday: First, a massive civil fraud indictment by the NY AG Tish James. Andy and I both think this is blatantly political even if Trump likely did most of what James claims. After all, it's not clear that there's a victim. However, the later news of a ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning a Florida judge's ruling that the Special Master in the Trump documents situation is a big deal. In particular, the appeals court ruled that the Special Master will NOT examine the classified documents and that the DOJ can continue to use those documents in their investigations to try to determine what risks, if any, have been posed by Trump's storing those documents in an insecure location.

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Interesting to note how Politico approached the NY story. As if it's a soap opera or National Enquirer story, which is an unintentional recognition that the case seems deeply unserious: 5 juiciest takeaways from the Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump - POLITICO

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