Thurs Blogcast: Both candidates for AG of CO; Alex Jones sucks

Just One Thing

I spent some time on the show yesterday aggressively criticizing Alex Jones who is facing the penalty phase of a trial (the first of three) right now. I said "I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire" (actually, I think I said "pee" just to be a little polite on the air) and that I trust he'll burn in hell, if hell exists. Just to be clear, none of that adequately conveys how much I despise him. I really do hope he ends up homeless in a park smelling like urine, preferably other people's urine (as long as he wasn't on fire.)

Meanwhile, just 10 years and many-lives-ruined too late: Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook massacre was "100% real" as he testifies at defamation trial - CBS News

In the GREAT video below, you can see a short clip from the trial in which we learn that an error by Jones' attorneys allowed the plaintiffs' attorneys to prove that Jones committed perjury in addition to all his other lies and sins.

Today's Guests

With crime currently being the second-most important issue to voters in Colorado (after inflation), the race for Attorney General takes on more salience that it usually might. We have the opportunity to hear from both major party candidates today (and I don't know if there's a minor party candidate) as Phil Weiser, the incumbent Democrat, and John Keller, his Republican challenger who currently serves as the 18th Judicial District DA, both join me in studio (but not at the same time.)

Here are their campaign websites:

Phil for Colorado

John Kellner for Attorney General. Stay up to date.

This is sorta interesting: Prepared remarks: Attorney General Phil Weiser to Colorado Police Chiefs Association (July 13, 2022) - Colorado Attorney General | Colorado Attorney General (

Other Stuff

Josh Hawley is by far the worst Republican in the Senate. Always a gadfly, almost always takes a moronic position, and his nominal IQ is high so I think he knows he's pandering to the dumbest/worst instincts of Americans as he plots a path to the presidency based on assuming that Americans are morons. Please never ever support this 🤡. Senate votes 95-1 to add Sweden, Finland to NATO | The Hill

In his morning email blast for the American Spectator, my friend Dan Flynn argued that the US should not support these two nations going into NATO. This was my response to him:

Dan, I think you’re very wrong to focus on the small additional risk of adding Sweden and Finland to NATO. Beyond the fact that we would likely help either of those nations even more than we’re helping Ukraine, possibly even with our own troops, even without a treaty, you neglect the fact that both countries bring significant military capacity to NATO and on balance are far more benefit than dead-weight for the alliance. They both have small standing armies but Finland in particular can call up hundreds of thousands of reserves. Sweden has a very strong navy with Finland not too far behind, and Finland in particular has a surprisingly strong air force. Sweden has a strong defense industry of its own…they build a lot of stuff including fighter jets and advanced submarines and this: CV90 Armoured Combat Vehicle - Army Technology (
In short, adding Sweden and Finland to NATO makes sense for everybody and doing so likely lowers, rather than raises, risks and costs to the United States.


You had ONE JOB: Equifax issued wrong credit scores for millions of consumers - CNN


I don't think SOTA Weight Loss would be very happy with me if I even applied for this job: Candy retailer seeking taste-tester to make up to $78,000 a year -


Did weed make him this stupid, or is this a case of correlation rather than causation? Utah man accused of causing wildfire by burning a spider | AP News


This is weird and gross: Food blogger investigated after great white feast on camera (


I'd be careful drawing any conclusions yet but this seems interesting: Tonga volcano sent tons of water into the stratosphere, which could warm Earth : NPR


A horrendous underlying story but what a tough and courageous young girl: Discovery of kidnapped Alabama girl leads investigators to 2 decomposed bodies - CNN


Incredible science: Blood substitute repairs damaged organs hours after heart stops | New Scientist


Today's Videos

The REAL Alex Jones: liar, perjurer, scumbag

And because I don't want to end my blog with Alex Jones, how about this heart-pounding video of someone saving himself, maybe 1-2 seconds from death? about potentially the new world record for the biggest corn maze?

Minnesota farm's 110-acre corn maze believed to be world's largest -

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