Ross's 2022 CO Primary Election Guide (GOP candidates for major office)

[Update: some folks said they had trouble with the link so I'm using a new one...should be a Dropbox link now rather than OneDrive]

My goal in 2022 is simple: Beat Democrats in elections and try to stop their march toward the ruin of our economy and our freedom.

This Voter Guide took me hours of thinking and hours more of writing.

I hope you find this useful even if we don't end up agreeing on all choices.

Please feel free to share the document or, even better, just share this link and help me get folks here to my web page!

Here's the link: Ross's 2022 CO Primary Election Guide

Note: I may update the document occasionally. At the bottom of the last page is a notation of the version number and the date and time of the last update so you can easily check whether you're working from the latest version.

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