Corbin Barthold Internet Policy Counsel at TechFreedom on Tech Laws

I understand why conservatives are furious with "big tech" and social media companies that have routinely demonstrated disdain for and bias against conservatives, Republicans, and even short, anyone who isn't on the left. But we need to guard against reactions that go so far as to threaten fundamental freedoms and economic liberty. A recent Texas law poses just such a threat. A federal court had put a hold on the law but a three-judge panel of an appeals court just withdrew that injunction allowing the law to go into force while it is challenged in court.

We'll talk with Corbin Barthold, Internet Policy Counsel at TechFreedom about how these sorts of legal cures could be worse than social media's disease.

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A law inviting Texans to sue social media companies over 'censorship' is back (

(7) Corbin K. Barthold on Twitter: "Some people are saying, oh, hey, the platforms should cordon off Texas. Maybe. But under the highlighted language, it seems like Texas might try to punish them for that too." / Twitter

(7) Radley Balko on Twitter: "To cut to the chase here, this basically makes it impossible for social media companies to operate in the 5th Circuit. It’s absolutely nutty." / Twitter

Court temporarily reinstates Texas anti-Big Tech law limiting users bans (

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