Ed Davis on his New Book 'The Last Professional' and The Hobo Lifestyle

Hard to know what to say about author Ed Davis except that he seems like a really interesting dude. He has embarked on his "Great American Whistle Stop Tour" this month to help announce his new book "The Last Professional", which I'm about halfway through as I write this since I just got it a couple of days ago, is an old-school "on the road" sort of story about a guy who is a white-collar professional but has some childhood history involving trains and gets back to a life of what we used to call "hobos" sneaking on to and riding trains, and everything that surrounds that life. It's fascinating and gritty and I'm enjoying it greatly. More about Ed here: Welcome to Ed Davis Books

Ed has some events coming up in and near Denver:

Tattered Cover – McGregor Square Event – April 7th @ 6PM

Bookbar Link – April 8th @ 7PM

Estes Park Library / MacDonald Book Shop Event Link – April 9th @ 1:00 PM

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