Jennifer Schubert-Akin on Energy Prices and America's Energy Economy

Solar panel and wind turbine farm clean energy.

Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Schubert-Akin is the Chairman and CEO of the Steamboat Institute and, like me, a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. If you don't know about the Steamboat Institute, you should. They have an event coming up in March which should be of great interest to anyone who cares about energy prices and America's energy economy. Here's the event info: The Nexus of U.S. Energy Policy, Climate Science, Freedom and Prosperity - The Steamboat Institute The participants in this event are a real who's-who of clear thinking on energy policy.

Here's a piece by Jennifer: PERSPECTIVE: Rethinking energy, climate, freedom and prosperity | Opinion |

And here's a great article by Bjorn Lomborg that speaks for itself: Today’s Soaring Energy Prices Are Only the Beginning - WSJ (

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