Friday Blogcast: Vax mandate blocked; Broncos 4 sale; Christian Toto

Lots of guests today!

Nicole Lewis of Virgin Orbit is one of the youngest women ever to direct a space launch as Virgin Orbit yesterday successfully launched multiple small satellites. See more in the video at the end of this note.

KOA's Broncos Insider, co-host (along with Ryan Edwards) of Broncos Country Tonight, and all-around football-big-brain Benjamin Allbright joins the show to answer listener questions about how the sale of the Denver Broncos might go down. Follow Ben on Twitter:

Luke Wake of the Pacific Legal Foundation returns to tell us about the split decisions at the Supreme Court yesterday regarding Biden administration vaccine mandates. While the president won one and lost one, the one he lost was much bigger than the one he won. U.S. Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine-or-test policy for large businesses | Reuters

My pal Christian Toto is a Denver-based conservative movie and media analyst and critic. Today we'll talk about wokeness in Hollywood and whether it has yet jumped the shark. Christian's great website is

Some links related to the conversation with Christian:

Ex-Rebel Rocker Elvis Costello Bows Down to Cancel Culture - Hollywood in Toto

Ondrasik: YouTube 'Only Censors Views Critical of One Worldview' - Hollywood in Toto

Steve Harvey says he can't make comedy special due to 'cancel culture' (

Hollywood's New Rules - Common Sense (Bari Weiss)

I've Been Wondering

I'm going to try to answer several I've been wondering questions including Dragon's question: "Why is it called a 'picket line'?", the answer to which seems less obvious than I had expected. With a bonus discussion of "scabs".

'What is a picket line?' Answers to questions about GM strike (

Picket - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

Picket (military) - Wikipedia

Why Are People Who Cross Picket Lines Called "Scabs"? | Mental Floss

Another listener asked why do you see contrails only on some days?

Why are long-lasting condensation trails visible on some days and absent on others? | WGN-TV (

Why Do Some Airplanes Leave Contrails and Others Don’t? – Airplane Academy

And yet another asked what the difference is between "on approved credit' and "with approved credit," noting that he feels like he's heard more of the former recently in advertising.

Answer from PNC Bank folks: “On approved credit” is typically used in the auto loan world. It’s an approval based on credit score alone. “With approved credit” means more diligence is done to determine credit worthiness ie credit score, cash flow analysis and collateral coverage. 

Boston schools to freeze children to protect them

Boston Public Schools: Children Bundle Up for Class due to Open-Window Mandate | National Review

(Is that typical liberal-think or what? It's exactly the sort of thing that has so many parents furious, and so many reconsidering their usual votes for Democrats.)

How long will it last?

The Denver Post reports that King Soopers and its workers union will return to the negotiating table. I have a feeling that the union may get one or two small concessions on "worker safety" and things like that but I doubt the company will offer more money...and certainly not significantly more. King Soopers, union appear headed back to bargaining table after second day of strike – The Denver Post

Today's Video

There are quite a few very long videos out there about Virgin Orbit's successful satellite launch on Thursday, but here's a shorter one that includes a conversation with Richard Branson.

Today's Other Video

You're gonna absolutely hate me for this once you can't get the tune out of your head, but "Baby Shark" is now the first YouTube video ever to reach 10 billion views.

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