Thurs Blogcast: French dressing; Biden's "unity"; why we dial 10 digits


Each year I do a stock market contest. This year, the contest determination date is Thursday, December 15 (so that I can announce the winner on the 16th before I take a little year-end vacation time.) The person who comes in second gets lunch with me. The person who wins gets lunch without me. Just kidding. The real answer: The winner can stop by the studio for the last segment of a show and then I'll buy you lunch at whatever restaurant we can agree on.

Here's how to play: email me by clicking here: email ross about the stock market contest. In the email you need to include your name, cell phone number, and your guess for the closing price of the S&P 500 on 12/15/22. The S&P ended 2021 at 4766. The person who is closest to the right answer wins, whether that person is above or below the actual number. If somehow clicking to open the email doesn't work, send your email to and use "stock market contest" as the email subject.

Your information will not be shared with anyone, not even with iHeart, and will ONLY be used to contact you if you win the contest.

Today's Guest

Kristen Christy (great name, right?!?) is a resilience speaker, trainer, and coach, and was the 2018 Air Force Spouse of the Year. When I was talking on the show a couple of days ago about how much I dislike having to dial the area code to call someone who is in the same area code I'm in, a listener emailed to say that his wife, who happens to be Kristen, was part of the project that caused dialing 10 digits to be necessary. It's actually a very worthy project and it's a somewhat surprising story as to why we are now so inconvenienced. You can decide for yourself whether it's worth it...

Some US callers must now use 10-digit dialing as FCC sets up 988 crisis hotline

Deregulating salad only took 24 years

FDA deregulates French dressing | TheHill

Inflation you dig into this you'll see that a lot of new inflation is in services

Producer Price Index News Release summary - 2021 M12 Results (

Wholesale prices up 0.2% in December, less than expected but still a new full-year record (

Well, since it's too expensive and kids get brainwashed daily this isn't a big surprise

Undergraduate college enrollment dips again - The Washington Post

Speaking of college, what's the purpose of this given that the vaccine seems to be having little impact on spread?

CU Boulder joins booster-requiring trend ahead of in-person learning return I FOX31 Denver (

A perfect commentary on the state of major media today

Another Resignation: Read Tara Henley on Why She's Leaving Legacy Media (

Few things are hurting Democrats as much as teachers unions and overly aggressive COVID policies for schools

Opinion | How School Closures Made Me Question My Progressive Politics - POLITICO

COVID School Policies Made Me Sour on the Democrats - The Atlantic

Maybe this will get vaccine-hesitant men to get the jab!

Man's Penis Shrunk More Than An Inch Due To Covid

Today's Video

OK, I haven't seen the new Matrix movie yet. I do plan to. Enjoyed the previous ones quite a bit, especially the very first. This "honest trailer" of the film cracks me up.

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