Ross' Tues Blogcast: A million new self-employed Americans

Today's Guests

Frank McKinney is an interesting guy. After being kicked out of 3 high schools and barely graduating from the 4th, he made his way through life and became an incredibly successful designer (and seller) of very high-end waterfront homes...average sales prices over $10 million. He does remarkable charity work in Haiti, not just giving money away but employing only local Haitians to create self-sustaining villages in that desperately poor country. It's called the Caring House Project. Frank is on an "unconventional book tour", visiting places like homeless shelters and soup kitchens to talk about the messages in his new book, "Aspire!", while also making donations. This should be a very interesting conversation. Again, here's the book link: Aspire! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNA (

Sticking with authors, we'll be joined by media lawyer and First Amendment expert Ian Rosenberg whose new comic-book style book is called The Fight for Free Speech: Ten Cases That Define Our First Amendment Freedoms. We'll talk about some very interesting Supreme Court cases and how free speech juris prudence has developed in the United States. Let's just say we have freer speech now than we used to, for which I'm very grateful.

Lindsay Datko of Jeffco Kids First will tell us about their "Quarantined Kids Project". You can learn more here:

Where have all the workers gone? Well some are now working for themselves.

Workers Quit Jobs in Droves to Become Their Own Bosses - WSJ

Thanks to Sen John Hickenlooper for this

Scoop: Centrist Dems sink Biden’s nominee for top bank regulator - Axios

It's still going on...and it's not going to stop soon: the fight over vaccine mandates

Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers in 10 States - The New York Times (

This would be a game changer for electric cars if it works

Ford invents cable that can charge electric cars in about 5 minutes | Fox News

I hope he gets time in jail

Jury Selection Begins in Jussie Smollett Case More Than Two Years after Hate Crime Hoax | National Review

I hope he gets time out of a job

CNN host Chris Cuomo used sources to find info on Andrew Cuomo accusers: Records (

What sort of adult, parent, or school administrator allows, much less enables, this sort of nonsense?

Massachusetts high school principal offers segregated spaces to process Rittenhouse verdict (

Student groups want Kyle Rittenhouse gone from Arizona State | The Sacramento Bee (

Kyle Rittenhouse no longer an Arizona State student, university says (

This is the weirdest story I've seen in a long time and more than a little icky

Woman Allegedly Breastfeeds Cat on Delta Airlines Flight (

On this day in 1782, Britain signed a treaty recognizing the independence of the United States

1782 Vote of British Parliament Ending American War & Effectively Conceding Independence (

Today's Videos (for futuristic car fans)

If you're a car buff you might have heard this story already...but maybe not because it involves cars that, while incredibly cool, are out of the financial reach of almost everybody. The 33-year-old Mate Rimac is really a wonder. Check this out if you love supercars...this one is all-electric: Home - Rimac Automobili (

And is this the future of travel? (What I wonder about, for real, is preventing mid-air crashes when there are a lot of vehicles like this.)

KleinVision Flying Car takes maiden flight (Official Video) - YouTube

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