Ross' Mon Blogcast: Willie B's Cars for Christmas; Tay gets paid

Today's Guest

My friend Willie B, morning host of iHeart's "active rock" 107.9 KBPI, is the single most charitable person I know. What he does for soooo many people every year is remarkable. One such effort is his Cars for Christmas annual giveaway of vehicles that he acquires and makes road-worthy by spending his own money and untold hours of his time getting greasy and sweaty. Willie will join me to talk about how you can help him with this effort and how you can try to get a car for yourself or someone you know who is truly needy and deserving.

Horror in Waukesha

I won't be updating this paragraph after Monday morning, but of course I have to acknowledge the horrific events of Sunday afternoon when a red SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. As of Monday morning, there are 5 people reported dead and about 40 injured. Law enforcement says they have someone in custody but have not released any other information about the man or the motive. I will not speculate on those questions. I just hope that there are no further reported deaths, and that the injured recover quickly and fully. Early reports of there having been gunshots fired appear to be regarding police firing at the vehicle, not the driver shooting out of the vehicle. There is an indication that the driver may have been "fleeing another incident."

I expect this link may keep the story updated, at least for a little while: SUV drives into crowd of people at Waukesha Christmas Parade (

My thoughts about the Rittenhouse trial (as published by the American Spectator)

The Rittenhouse Case Was Never About Race - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Was this the best investment of all time? It's certainly one of them...

Subway co-founder Peter Buck, who turned his $1,000 investment into a multibillion-dollar franchise, dies aged 90 (

Women's tennis stands up to Communist China

Peng Shuai: Olympic committee says it spoke with Chinese tennis star in 30-minute video call | Fox News

WTA threat to quit China over Peng Shuai puts Porsche and SAP in a bind (

In the big picture, this is a major concern..and a reason we need immigration

More childless U.S. adults now say they don’t plan to ever have kids| Pew Research Center

The burning question of the day: Should an all-you-can-eat restaurant be able to ban people who eat too much?

China: Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much - BBC News

Today's Video

Especially with the terrible news from Waukesha, I wanted to bring you this lovely family-oriented story from right here in Denver

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