Weds Blogcast: CDOT's dumb turn; aspirin no more?; Kamala's child actors

Is it my imagination or does the child in the blog picture seem to recognize Kamala Harris as fake and creepy?

Today's Guests

Dustin Zvonek is running for Aurora City Council. I urge you to support him as well as Danielle Jurinsky.

Jaime Coreano is an expert in cyber security (and VP at Flexxon). We'll talk with him about why there seem to be so many successful ransomware attacks despite the prevalence of anti-virus software and employees dedicated to network security.

This is how little faith the administration has in Kamala Harris' people skills

Internet goes crazy over Kamala Harris space video using child actors: 'Better than VEEP' | Fox News

CDOT is going off the rails
The state agency that's tasked with making sure we can get where we need to go will now sometimes do just the opposite thanks to radical environmentalist lunacy.
CDOT's greenhouse gas rules aim to battle roads' climate impact (

Remember "low-dose aspirin" to prevent heart attacks? Never mind.

"Gender-affirming" care now mandated in some Colorado health insurance plans

Colorado expands gender-affirming care essential benefits on certain insurance plans (

The most expensive (missing) apostrophe ever?

Australian Court to Deliberate the World’s Most Expensive Apostrophe (

OK, that's a little scary

Florida Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight System, Cleared Unsafe Aircraft to Fly (

So real you can almost touch it

Scientists Create Holograms That You Can Touch (

e-cigs: FDA "authorized" is not "FDA approved"

Well that's one way to stop a pit bull:
Police shoot pit bull with jaw locked around throat of small dog after trying to stop it with a Taser | FOX31 Denver (

And for today's video, a Bulgarian firefighter who gets up a 4-story building so fast that you'd think the video is sped up (but it isn't)

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