7/10/24 Blog: Steve Moore on the GOP Platform and Debt

HOW HOT WILL IT BE THIS WEEKEND? We can ask Fox 31's Dave Fraser today at 12:30 when he joins for Weather Wednesday!

WHY DID THE GOP DITCH FISCAL CONSERVATISM? The new GOP platform is out and it's missing any mention of the debt, deficit spending or any of the hallmarks of fiscal conservatism they've allegedly been known for. What gives? I'll ask Trump economic advisor Steve Moore that question at 1pm. Read the platform here.

WHEN ENOUGHT PEOPLE TELL YOU'RE DEAD, LIE DOWN Someone needs to share that with GOP Chair Dave Williams, who is clinging to power like an aging starlet clings to the limelight. Not that it is any surprise, but Williams and his minion Hope are crapping all over the bylaws of the party by refusing to call a meeting after a petition was submitted with enough Central Committee members to demand a meeting about removing Williams. They had ten days to do it and they didn't, so a petitioner called a meeting for July 27th. Then this happened:

But Williams claims Watkins's meeting is "invalid" and "illegal," arguing that he did schedule the meeting in time — though in an unconventional way. Hope Scheppelman, vice chair of the Colorado Republicans, says the party sent notice of a special meeting three days after the petition was submitted. However, the special meeting is set to begin on July 19, immediately recess, and then reconvene on August 31.
This strange scheduling is intended to skirt the party rule that requires that the special meeting be held within thirty days of the petition request. Adding more untraditional layers to the July 19 meeting, it is set to be held in Bayfield — in the far southwest corner of the state, around six hours from Denver — in the middle of a weekday. A notice of the meeting reads "There is no need to appear" and "No business will be conducted."

I get why Williams is doing this, but why would Hope Scheppelman continue to support this nonsense? If you are part of the Central Committee I hope you are embarrassed by all this. If you aren't embarrassed, you are part of the problem.

DENVER HAS PLENTY OF YOUR MONEY We talked yesterday about tax hikes being asked for by Denver, and Joshua Sharf would like you to know they have enough of your money.

IS YOUR GROCERY STORE GOING TO BE SOLD? there is a merger afoot between Kroger and Albertsons and to satisfy anti-trust concerns the chains will sell off 91 properties in Colorado. Find out if your favorite store is changing hands here.

DENVER VOTERS MAY VOTE NO TO RAISE TAXES if a new poll is any indication of how they feel about the taxes in Denver. From the Denver Gazette:

More than a third of Denver voters say taxes are "way too high," according to a poll released shortly after Mayor Mike Johnston and his allies unveiled a plan to increase sales taxes. 

The poll from the Colorado Polling Institute said 29% regard taxes as "high but acceptable," while about the same number — 27% — view taxes as "about right."  

YES, THE LEGISLATURE IS TO BLAME FOR HIGH HOUSING COSTS Not ALL the blame, but a good chunk of it. And the bigger issue is they know it and they won't fix it. Read more here.



John Hickenlooper is being more mushy but is hardly endorsing Biden here. This is an interesting take on Bennet coming out against Biden:

Not very flattering if you're Bennet.

IF YOU'RE WONDERING HOW THE WAR GAMING FOR DEMS IS GOING This column by leftie Nate Silver lays out the options in front of Democrats as they try to take the White House keys away from the current occupant. This part is especially telling:

(6) Kamala Harris is probably a mutually agreeable option. I’ll want to write more about Harris if I can find the time. But my strong sense is that people who want Biden out would be perfectly happy with Harris (even if they’d prefer some sort of open nomination process) — whereas people are defending Biden are more indifferent between Biden and Harris (but are strongly against an open process). In technical terms, Harris is probably the choice that would emerge from a negotiation in a game-theory equilibrium — not necessarily the party’s best option to defeat Trump, but the one minimizes the loss function for respective party stakeholders.
And in more practical terms: Biden’s biggest defenders so far have been the Congressional Black Caucus. Would they really balk at replacing Biden with his Black vice president? There is plausibly a deal to be struck: Biden doubters agree to drop their demand for an open convention and support Harris, an option that Biden defenders can live with.

So Kamala is the sacrificial lamb and I guarantee the Dem leadership is already working on what to accuse Trump of when he's re elected.

DEMOCRATIC LAWFARE BACKFIRED And this editorial takes a lap.

THE RNC WILL BE PROTESTER FREE...MAYBE A federal judge has ruled that though protesters deserve to exercise their First Amendment rights by protesting at the RNC, but they don't have the right to protest in the RNC Secure zone next to the events centers. We'll see if the follow the law, as we know they don't expect anything bad to happen to them if they don't.

A DOC SAYS BIDEN HAS PARKINSONS And he says he could have diagnosed him "from across the mall". Watch this.

IRAN PAID PRO HAMAS VOICES And of course they did. Read it here.

WE ARE SO TIRED This is not surprising but WHY THO? I have a theory. Read this:

The average American spends 1,460 hours a year feeling tired, according to new research.
A survey of 2,000 adults looked at how they deal with their symptoms of tiredness and found that respondents feel tired four hours a day and nearly a third feel tired even more than average (31%).
In fact, a third of those surveyed “always” or “often” still feel tired even after a good night’s sleep.
Conducted by Talker Research for MD Live, the survey found that 58% said ​​feeling tired often keeps them from enjoying life.

My theory is that we stay up too late, don't exercise, and eat a crappy diet. All of those things make you feel like crap.

OF COURSE WE MADE AGING A COMPETITIVE SPORT Y'all, is there anything Americans can't make into a competition? Now we've made aging a competition. The article is about Bryan Johnson, a guy who is spending a fortune to age backwards. This is paywalled but OMG check this out:

Once he began publishing his methods and corresponding health data, he encountered reactions from skepticism to outright vitriol. He decided to reframe his pursuit like a professional sport—and invite other players to the game.
“If you see LeBron James going to bed on time and exercising and eating well, you don’t think he’s crazy,” he explains. “You applaud his efforts on the court for what he’s doing.” Bryan Johnson says his pace of aging means he celebrates his birthday roughly once every 19 months. Johnson came up with an antiaging competition that anyone can enter so long as they have completed a specific blood test to measure how fast they are aging biologically. Online leaderboards launched in January 2023 track who’s the best anti-ager.
The key metric is “pace of aging,” or how fast your body is aging biologically per calendar year, as measured by a blood test from a company that manages the competition. Someone whose pace of aging is reported to be .85, for example, is said to be aging roughly 10 months for each year that passes. The test costs $230. The leaderboard ranks entrants by the lowest average rate of aging.    

This is exhausting and guess what? He's gonna die anyway.

AN UNBEARABLE GUEST AT THE RENN FAIRE An 80 pound black bear made his way into the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur this weekend. Smoky, as the bear was predictably named, was relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

NO, LANE SPLITTING IS STILL ILLEGAL IN COLORADO Motorcycles in Colorado will soon be able to do something called "lane filtering" and it is totally different than lane splitting, which is STILL illegal. Find out more here.

GO WOKE, GO BROKE, NIKE EDITION You'd think they'd learn, but no. Nike, which has over and over again waded into controversial topics they didn't need to, and famously gave failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick a huge deal, is now struggling mightily. People have figured out that their stuff is cheap Chinese made stuff and didn't appreciate being told they were the problem by Nike. They are laying off a bunch of people and the stock is tanking.

WHY NOT A GOLF MATCH TO DETERMINE WHO LEADS THE FREE WORLD Why not, indeed. After this ridiculous exchange during the debate:

We then were treated a series of back and forths about these two playing golf against each other. Yesterday at his Doral, Florida rally Trump upped the ante.

Sure, why not. Why not.

THE BIGGEST SEX ABUSE SCANDAL YOU DON'T HEAR ABOUT the number of children sexually exploited or abused in schools is staggering. Like almost you can't believe it how big. Read about just how big a problem this is here.

TODAY'S STUDENTS ARE DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT Because why fight to keep something you don't even have a tenuous grasp on? A new survey shows some very distressing news about what new college graduates know and don't know. Read this:

Sixty percent of college students could not correctly identify the term lengths of members serving in U.S. Congress. Sixty-three percent were unable to identify the chief justice of the Supreme Court. These are multiple-choice questions. Students did not have to recall John Roberts’s name, they merely had to recognize it, and a large majority failed. The same is true for the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, whose name was only known to 35% of students. Sixty-eight percent did not know that impeachment trials occur before the Senate, despite living through two presidential impeachments as well as the impeachment trial of a cabinet official. 
If these students are not reading the newspaper, it does not seem to be because they are busy studying their history lessons. A majority of students believe—falsely—that the Constitution was written in 1776, rather than 1787. This suggests two things: First, most students do not understand the origin of our Constitution—how the Articles of Confederation proved unworkable, how James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and others gathered in Philadelphia to make amendments but emerged instead with a new form of government, which the American people then debated before adopting. (This explains another survey result, which shows that a majority of students could not identify the purpose of the Federalist Papers.)

This isn't funny, it's the end of the Republic.

SOME PARENTS ARE PAYING FOR THIS And I...I have nothing to say. Watch below or click here.


SHREK 5 IS COMING And if it's the same quality of the last two I will pass.

WHY COMPANIES LOVE IT WHEN YOU QUIT And this is accurate from my life experience. Watch below or click here.

THE CHEAP AND EASY WAY TO FIX A HOLE i foresee significant issues here but okay. Watch below or click here.

AN AI BUCEES ANTHEM Watch below or click here.

WHAT DO THE OCTANE DIFFERENT NUMBERS REALLY MEAN? I learned this today. Watch below or click here.

HOW TO HANDLE TODDLER TANTRUMS This is GREAT advice! Watch below or click here.

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