7/8/245 Blog: Will He Or Won't He Drop Out, and Jill As Lady Macbeth

IS JILL THE WOMAN BEHIND THE PUPPET? My guest today is Mary Rooke whose column last week in the Daily Caller caught my eye. You can read it here. In it she takes Jill Biden to task for putting her own love for power ahead of doing what's right for her husband. Check this out:

Think what you want about Joe’s corruption and tainted legacy, and I surely do, but Jill betrayed him, their marriage, and the promises she made before God on their wedding day. She likes the State Dinners, designer gowns, and being treated like royalty when she travels abroad more than she cares about Joe.

She is right, of course, as Jill and Hunter and James Biden are the only voices telling him to stay in the race. I've got Mary today at 1 to talk about whether or not this is enough to keep the old man in the race.

WHY I HATE FIREWORKS First off, I don't get the appeal. I just don't get it. If I want to make a loud noise and then see something explode I'm going to the range and doing it that way. But here we have a couple of stories from the wild suburbs where people are too afraid to go fire a gun so they set the neighborhood on fire instead. Here they set a 3 acre fire in Centennial that luckily didn't burn any structures down, and here we've got four homes and ten structures that burned over the weekend because someone had to shoot some sort of firework into the sky. Four families have been displaced and lost everything for your fireworks. This is stupid, I'm saying it. Oh, and then there were the three people injured in Steamboat Springs during their official fireworks display.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE BRAWL FOR A MINUTE? In the past week months I've seen video after video of people fighting like animals in various locations. The latest two are this one from RyanAir, the cheapo deapo airline of Europe, and women fighting in the buffet of a Carnival Cruise ship. What the hell, people? Why is physical fighting happening at this rate, or have these always happens but now with camera phones we just see them all? When I was trying to grab a video of the RyanAir event I found a BUNCH of videos of previous flights where people were fighting and a BUNCH of previous brawls on Carnival too. Is this a class issue? I've never seen a brawl on Celebrity Cruise lines, by the way.

A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IS DEAD In Aurora following a shooting at a party in an Aurora park. This are kids and now one is dead and I'm guessing no one is talking to cops about who opened fire in the first place so this girl won't get justice. I hope I'm wrong about that because it shouldn't just be people who get shot by a cop who deserve a vigil, it's kids like this one.

DEMOCRATS WANT JOE OUT And I fully expect the drumbeat to increase this week after the holiday as the convention is just around the corner next month. Now we see that four more prominent Democrats are saying in private that Biden should step down. What's going to be interesting is if Biden refuses. I find it hard to believe he will step down as long as his family keeps telling him he's great and everything is fine. More on that here, though it is paywalled. He's not helping himself by telling radio interviewers what to ask him, and to be clear, I often give my radio guests subjects I want to talk about in advance, but never questions. I would turn down an interview with anyone who set such conditions, though the White House is trying to spin it much differently.

THIS AS HIS ADMINISTRATION PUSHES TO REMOVE ANY AGE LIMITS FOR TRANS SURGERIES Or did they? Talk about confusing messaging on a very important issue. Trans Admiral Rachel Levine argued to do away with age limits for things like irreversible mastectomies and other surgeries for children, new emails have shown. After that story broke, the White House tried to "clarify" their position by saying they OPPOSED gender affirming surgeries for minors. What? I'm not surprised that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing here, they probably talked to him about this at 4:30pm. But I'm sure they have a handle on everything else.

WOULD CHANGING THE NAME OF THE 16TH STREET MALL MATTER? That is one of the things being considered for the grand reopening of the under renovation mall. Marketers were asked to consider a name change to shake the bad reputation the mall has gained since crime and homelessness were allowed to take hold. Would it even help? I'm not sure but maybe?


COLORADO RESTAURANTS ARE CLOSING A LOT And it's because inflation is out of control here and it's preventing people from being able to go out to eat and restaurants are closing because of it. Read an editorial about it here.

RFK JR IS GOING TO BE ON THE BALLOT IN COLORADO As he struck a deal with the Libertarian Party to get on the ticket here as a Libertarian. I think this definitely hurts Biden more but is it enough to swing Colorado to Trump? I doubt it. Read more here.

JUST WHO IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY? This is a great column on the shift in the Colorado GOP away from the whackadoodle self serving "leadership" of Dave Williams to something that resembles the Big Tent once again. But it's not just here, there is a move afoot to bring the party back to its core ideals on the national level. Read it here.

GEORGE BRAUCHLER SAYS NOT SO FAST ON UNITY And I don't blame him for being a bit salty about the way his "party" treated him during the primary. He's got some great points. This may be a case of forgive but don't forget, but we must find a way forward from the disaster that is Dave Williams and the damage he has caused.

ARE WE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE WORLD? If you're prone to agree with a dead, blind Bulgarian soothsayer then yes. You can read about the predictions of Baba Vanga here, but we've got some time before we completely expire.

NO, WE DON'T NEED TO BAN MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING Because it is already tightly regulated to help manage the population so we don't have more human-mountain lion interactions. They are not endangered or even threatened so Initiative 91's arbitrary ban could actually create a HUGE problem in the near term. Vote NO in Initiative 91.

THE SQUEEGEE PATROLS ARE BREAKING THE LAW And this story on CBS 4 is very sympathetic to the plight of these illegal immigrants who can't do legal work yet, but it's still illegal. I do admire them for trying to feed their families though, but not enough to not be annoyed by someone pouring dirty water on my clean windshield.

THE PIKES PEAK OR BUST RODEO IS THIS WEEK And it is a great way to make some money for families of active duty soldiers who might need some assistance because the military pays enlisted folks so badly. Read about it here.

DENVER IS DOING THE REVERSE OF BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY The Broken Windows Theory holds that when you let small, quality of life crimes go unchecked you invite larger crimes because of the perception that there are no repercussions for crime. This column calls out Denver Police and the Mayor's office for making the choice to not even other with small road crimes like a broken tail light or expired tags because it lends credence to the theory that you can get away with anything in Denver. He's not wrong. I'm sure it's because they don't have enough officers to do such things, but it certainly sends a bad message.

NUCLEAR VERDICTS ARE RISING AND THAT IS NOT GOOD When a plaintiff who got cancer after being exposed to benzene in gasoline is awarded $725 million bucks, that is a nuclear verdict. It's the jury's way of punishing what they believe to be egregious activity by a person (Alex Jones) or a Corporation (in this case, Exxon) and they have hidden costs that are always passed on to other consumers. Getting insurance is already expensive but necessary but nuclear verdicts make insurance WAY MORE expensive and those costs are passed on to everyone else. As money is fungible, you can't say "only shareholders will pay" because that's not how it works.

WE'VE LOST CONFIDENCE IN COLLEGE And this is not surprising as the benefits of college were far outstripped by the costs of college years ago. Now only 36% of people have confidence in higher education and after months of Pro Hamas protests full of idiot kids who know nothing, is it any wonder? There are very specific jobs with very specific requirements that require college. For others the jury is out about the benefits vs. the cost. It's going to be interesting to see how colleges set up to be economically efficient (like Western Governors University) do as people want the degree without all the fluff.

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