6/21/24 Blog: Jeff Crank Wants Your CD-5 Vote, Plus Freelancing for Big $$$

JEFF CRANK IS RUNNING IN CD-5 And not only is he a great guy he's running against an entirely unethical man who needs to be completely defeated in this primary. Find out more about Jeff and support him by clicking here.

PEOPLE ARE MAKING BANK FREELANCING And I've got a guest with tips on how to make the switch from working for the man to working for yourself. Entrepreneur & Freelance Consultant, Michael Fleischner is the author of The 7 Figure Freelancer and he joins me at 1 to talk about how to give up the nine to five and not starve to death. Buy his book here.

I DID MY COLONOSCOPY YESTERDAY And everything came out absolutely fine. The only reason I tell you this is because you really should get yourself checked, especially if you have a history of cancer in your family. I'm done for ten years now.

MORE KNIVES ARE OUT FOR DAVE WILLIAMS And I am so proud of the Republicans who are standing up to this creep knowing that he will attack them and try to besmirch their names because of it. That is what he does. Now the Weld County Republican Club is demanding the disastrous Chairman step down. A petition already has enough signatures to convene a meeting of the Executive committee to oust Williams, but it remains to be seen if the Executive committee wants a leader who wants to grow the party or destroy it to suit their whims. Williams stayed on brand and resorted to "Oh YEAH? I'm gonna tell everyone you love gay people" or something as a response. He's pathetic and sad and hateful.

WILL A NEW CORNER OFFICE HELP KIDS READ? The Superintendent of Denver Public Schools has a fancy new soundproof corner office with a downtown view now, thanks to the largess of bond money to the tune of $100,000. I wonder if they soundproofed it so people couldn't hear the crying over test scores in the district.

WE ARE BEING FLOODED WITH FENTANYL And when the DEA says they seized 570 THOUSAND pills in ONE WEEK you know so much more is getting through. That is 20% of 2023 annual seizures, by the way. Please talk to your kids and loved ones about these pills and drugs that are tainted with this poison. Please!

DO ATTACK ADS WORK? This story says yes or no depending on who you ask but I can tell you there are many in the political class that believe they do so they will continue until they absolutely don't.

THIS IS WHY RTD SUCKS They put out a story before the Rolling Stones concert encouraging people to ride the trains and busses to the show. But then look at the schedule:

  • H Line (60-minute frequency): 11:25 p.m., 12:25 a.m., 1:25 a.m.
  • D Line (30-minute frequency): 11:49 p.m., 12:19 a.m., 12:49 a.m.
  • W Line (30-minute frequency): 11:52 p.m., 12:22 a.m., 12:52 a.m.
  • E Line (60-minute frequency): 11:55 p.m., 12:55 a.m., 1:55 a.m.
  • A Line: 12:30 a.m.
  • B Line: 11:09 p.m.
  • G Line: 12:01 a.m.
  • N Line: 10:56 p.m.

So if you can't get on your train because it's full after tens of thousands of people leave the show, you can wait FOR AN HOUR for another one. Forget riding the B Line of the N line, you won't make those after the show. They need to be responsive and actually ADD TRAINS when there is a big show. I know it would require effort but wouldn't it be nice to have trains WHEN YOU NEED THEM?? Why not sell Special Event tickets IN ADVANCE? That would give you an idea of what people actually need. They should put me in charge.

ALL THE ADMINISTRATORS WHO LET THIS HAPPEN SHOULD PAY Those idiot pro-Hamas protesters at the Auraria campus cost $670,000. Every penny of that should be paid by the weak sauce administrators who molly coddled these morons in the first place.

FAITH WINTER HAS TO ANSWER FOR HER BAD BEHAVIOR From what I understand everyone at the Capitol knew that Faith Winter has a drinking problem. Now that she has sought treatment, which I hope is successful for her, I find it it doubtful she will be booted from the Legislature by her enablers, although this is a possibility now that the ethics committee has found probable cause to move forward after she showed up a city meeting drunk.

DO LONG AGO CRIMES MATTER IN AN ELECTION? Tim Arvidson is running for Senate District 2 has quite the rap sheet. The Denver Gazette lays it out here. From what I can tell, the last crime occurred in 2006, though multiple tax liens have been filed against him and his wife since then. To be clear, I would recommend against voting for him mostly because the state GOP endorsed him along with some other Republican politicians I don't trust, but does someone get to make mistakes and learn from them? I find the tax liens more offensive to be honest. You want to spend tax dollars? Then you better pay your taxes.

TGIF PEEPS! And this is the column by Nellie Bowles you need to read every Friday. Find it here.

WHO WILL BE TRUMP'S VP? This is a great column that lays out the list as we know it and they upside of each candidate. I'm just not sure who would want this job.

HEY EVERYBODY, ROSS WAS ON WITH JON CALDARA! And you should watch it here.


MSNBC PUTTING OUT CHEAP FAKES NOW Because obviously guests get up and wander off the set all the time on MSNBC. Right?

RIP DONALD SUTHERLAND The never once nominated for an Oscar actor deserved better and now he's dead at 88.

MCDONALDS STARTS A FAST FOOD PRICE WAR And this could be good. Have you been to McDonald's lately? They have seriously upgraded their burgers and now they are dropping prices and introducing a $5 value meal. Burger King has vowed to respond in kind and this is great for the fast food lovers in your life, they will have more money for their diabetes medicine. Fast food is definitely an "in moderation" thing.

AI MEANS WE BETTER GET SKEPTICAL AND FAST This from an AI expert who says we have entered the era of not being able to trust pretty much anything. Chatbots have now advanced to the point of being indistinguishable from real humans, which is a problem. So it's time to adopt a Don't Trust And Verify standard for pretty much everything.

NO, POLITICAL VIOLENCE IS NOT JUSTIFIED Unless actual tyranny has taken over. I add that caveat because the 2nd Amendment is our LAST line of defense but not one I ever want to see invoked for that purpose. That being said, many Americans DO believe that violence is justified over politics. I do however object to this story blaming those on the right for saying it is, when those on the left have actively employed violence to achieve political means for the last few years and gotten cover from the media while doing it (think "mostly peaceful protests")

LOOKING FOR A CAMPING SPOT IN COLORADO? This story may be able to help!

POTATOES ARE BACK, BABY! Sure on a low carb diet you may be avoiding potatoes, but they are GOOD FOR YOU. Lots of fiber and protein and deliciousness, we've just been messing them up by making them fries and chips instead of baking or boiling or roasting or grilling them. Read about their gloriousness here.

JAMES O KEEFE COMES FOR DISNEY And Christian Toto writes about how woke culture is leading to discrimination at the House of Mouse here.

WHICH STALL IS THE CORRECT STALL? A bathroom debate stormed the internet and for me there is no question that there is only one way to do this. The rule is always NOT THE STALL NEXT TO ME if there is no one else in the bathroom. But don't we all have our favorite stalls at work?




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