3/29/24 Blog: It's a Free For All Friday, People Do Your Job!

IT'S FRIDAY SO LET'S HAVE A FREE FOR ALL that means you guys are in charge, I'll open the phones too so we can chat (although none of you call anymore when I do) and see what we can squeeze out of this day.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR OUR CHRISTMAS CRUISE! I'm not trying to hard sell you but listen up. Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for our Christmas Markets Trip down the Danube. The 10 day adventure starts November 29th in Vienna, before heading up the Danube River to visit Christmas markets in Austria and Germany. Imagine being able to do ALL of your Christmas shopping in Europe and still being back in plenty of time for holiday parties and Christmas! You must call TODAY if you want to go, as all of these cruises are already sold out throughout the Uniworld cruise system except for the few cabins we have left. You have to call Cruise and Tour TODAY at 1-800-383-3131 to get your cabin reserved. This trip is going to knock your socks off! You can see it at www.mandyconnelltrip.com but you must call TODAY to get in.

IT'S ALSO GOOD FRIDAY And I hope all of you who mark this day have a wonderful one. Happy Easter on Sunday! What's everyone doing to celebrate?

THE TRUTH VS ALEX JONES IS A MUST SEE I watched it last night and it's a documentary on the trials that determined damages when Alex Jones and his minions turned the already destroyed world's of the Sandy Hook families upside down by saying the whole thing was a fake. In the documentary he admits that Sandy Hook happened though he lies constantly and tries to paint himself as the victim as he CONTINUES to go onto his garbage platform and make horrible remarks about the families suing him. This has sorely tested my attempts to "love everyone" as I found myself thinking that I wouldn't be sad if something horrible happened to him (not suggesting someone do something horrible but if he got an excruciatingly painful incurable disease I wouldn't feel much pity for him). He is everything wrong with our society but honestly the people who listen to me have no excuse. He's doing it for money (he sells garbage supplements) but why are they doing it? What these families have been through is the worst kind of nightmare imaginable and he took it to the next level by saying their children never existed. There is a special place in hell for him. You can watch it on HBO Max if you have it or read a review of it here.

REMEMBER THIS WHEN THEY WANT TO RAISE TAXES AGAIN Colorado is getting a TWO BILLION dollar boost to the budget thanks to the hard work of the businesses and taxpayers in Colorado. Don't worry, our overlords in the Capitol have found plenty of ways to spend it. Read more here.

POLIS TOUTS A TAX CUT FOR THE RICH this time it's on electric bikes. Now people can get a $450 dollar rebate from their fellow taxpayers if they buy an electric bike but only from approved dealers. That last part is interesting because I found electric bikes on Amazon for less than 300 bucks. So really this is just a kickback to favored businesses. I have no clue how one becomes a favored business, just that they exist for this program. Most bike shops aren't participating because of the way the program is structured and I don't blame them.

GGREG LOPEZ IS PROBABLY GOING TO CONGRESS The former Parker Mayor and general good guy pitched himself as the placeholder candidate in last night's committee meeting to choose the Republican nominee to replace Ken Buck in a special election. It worked, and now he will likely be the Congressman from the 4th Congressional District until the next Congress is sworn in. The 4th District is reliably Republican so it's highly likely that Lopez will win this special election. Everyone I know thinks Greg is good guy so I think he's a shoe in. The big loser last night was Jerry Sonnenberg, who was widely expected to win because of the mostly rural makeup of the committee, but he came in second in a squeaker. Read more here.

ROCKIES KICK OFF ANOTHER SEASON IN ROCKIES FASHION By losing 16-1. The Rockies have pretty much beaten the baseball fan out of me at this point. Fun fact, Arizona set a record. Since 1900, no team has scored more runs in an opening-day inning. Yay.

THE TROUBLE TREE IS A HELLHOLE And people are dying left and right there. From a Denver Gazette Editorial:

The Gazette’s news staff pored over public records from the Denver medical examiner and found that seven people in total have died at the Quebec Street hotel-turned-shelter since it opened in December. City Hall’s online dashboard indicates two more have died at other shelters that are part of the administration’s effort.

But at least they are out of sight, amiright? This is another example of failed "compassion" that ends up with people dead but it has accomplished its goal of taking these people out of the public eye while they kill themselves and each other so we're winning I guess?

NEED SOME SECOND HAND FURNITURE? Consider going to The Other Side Furniture Boutique which not only sells great used furniture but helps men and women rebuild their lives after being jail or addicted to something. Read more here.

HOW DID THAT MIGRANT CAMP SWEEP GO? our newest residents have learned the uniquely American art of protest, as they refused to bussed to shelters "in protest" after two camps full of mostly single male illegal immigrants were swept by the city. Thankfully our welcoming city won't actually do anything to these men so I'm sure they will be allowed to set up another tent city soon. I'm so glad Denver is a Sanctuary City, aren't you?

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN DENVER THIS WEEKEND? A whole bunch of stuff, read it here.

AROD'S NEWEST TOP TEN VIDEO IS OUT! And he and his wife Jhocelyn took a trip to Buc-ees to show you what you need to know.

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN VOICE HAS CREATED A KERFUFFLE By hiring an editor for the new news outlet who is currently the head of the Colorado Press Association. What is the kerfuffle? That the outlet is a conservative operation. This has caused numerous left wing reporters and editors to call foul, while carefully avoiding any mirrors that might be in their general vicinity. Here is a column that writes about the nonsense brilliantly.

LIFE MAGAZINE IS MAKING A COMEBACK Under the tutelage of supermodel Karlie Kloss and her billionaire husband Josh Kushner. I'm hopeful they can pull this off as they plan to make it "an uplifting and unifying voice in a chaotic media landscape". The magazine will have a print and online edition. Here's hoping it works!

DON'T WAIT UNTIL MORTGAGE RATES DROP Or you will be part of a feeding frenzy of buyers who are sitting on the sidelines doing just that. Real Estate mogul and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran says there is going to be a feeding frenzy that will drive real estate prices up EVEN HIGHER so don't wait, buy now if you're in the market.

EGGS ARE BACK, BABY! If you watch nutrition news like I have for the past 30 odd years you know that foods fall in an out of favor based on the latest study from this place or that. Now eggs, which were demonized for YEARS as causing high cholesterol, are BACK in the "good for you" category. This study was on so-called "fortified" eggs but there is no reason to believe it doesn't hold true for normal eggs too.

BEYONCE REIMAGINES JOLENE AS A THREAT And I'm not going to lie, it's pretty dang good and throws a lot of shade at Jolene. I've been listening to the songs from Country Carter this morning and I like them better than Beyonce's normal music to be honest.

This duet with Miley Cyrus is FIRE.

TGIF IS WORTH THE SUBSCRIPTION FEE TO THE FREE PRESS Because Nellie Bowles is funny as hell and does a great roundup of the week's news. Read it here.

YOU CAN BUY LIZA MINNELLI'S HOUSE Which also happens to be Christina Aguilera's current pad. Imagine the songs sung in this joint. Get your 7 million plus together and put in an offer.

TIK TOKER SAYS SHE WAS FIRED BY STARBUCKS FOR BEING CHRISTIAN And refusing to call a man a woman and asking them to not post sexual content on the board behind the cash register. Here her story below.

ARE WE GOING TO GET TO SEE AN IMPLOSION AT THE 1ST CENTER? I sure hope so as Broomfield is getting bids to destroy the money losing venue. Hopefully there will be a big implosion this fall that we can all enjoy!

CAN FIDO COME OUT AN PLAY? This is adorable, a neighborhood dog keeps coming over to ring the bell to see if his best friend can play. Watch below or click here.

THIS WOMAN IS IN FOR A RUDE LIFE AWAKENING As she has decided to simply not pay back her student loans because she's "optimistic" some future POTUS will cancel them. Watch below or click here.

AI TAKES AN ACTING JOB But there is a little more to the story than that. A producers of a documentary had hired an actress to do the voice of the main subject who was dying and could no longer speak. They got permission from the BBC to use AI to actually recreate the subjects own voice instead of using an actress and she set the world on fire by tweeting that she had been replaced by AI but I'm not sure this is the end of the acting as we know it.

I UGLY CRIED WATCHING A DOG RETIRE THIS MORNING And I dare you to watch this and not do the same. Watch below or click here.

THIS EATING HABIT IS A SIGN OF DEMENTIA This is fascinating and something to watch if a loved one all of sudden only wants to eat one thing or tries to eat a couch.

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