3/26/24 Blog: Jeff Crank is running for CD-5

JEFF CRANK WANTS YOUR VOTE IN CD-5 And he's gonna need EVERY vote to beat his corrupt opponent who has bastardized the rules of the Colorado GOP to his advantage. Jeff joins me today at noon because we have a short show today. Find his website and give him support by clicking here.

THE SHOW IS AN HOUR TODAY So I'm giving you the best of what I found on the internet and my email today. Let's GOOOOOOOOO!

RIDE RTD AND SEE CRIME UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! That is the gist of this article about crime on RTD and what RTD is trying to do about it. To RTD's credit they are hiring a bunch more officers to help keep the peace, but as long as the addicts and scumbags use the buses and trains without facing consequences for their actions will anything really change? And why didn't these reporters talk to the Governor's office about his move to put more housing near transit when we clearly have safety issues on transit? Just curious about that.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY This struck me today.

A BRIDGE GETS TAKEN OUT BY A SHIP This is WILD. They are still looking for people in the water but with water temperatures in the 40s it is not looking good. How awful.

THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS STUDENT SEARCHES As part of a predetermined "safety plan" created after the student has done something to deserve it. They did not comment on how long is reasonable for a safety plan to be in place, but they clearly upheld the concept as the creation of the plan pretty much establishes a surrender of privacy expectations. They got this right.

AN UPDATE ON THE BANNED SUPER FAN It seems that she was given the opportunities to change her behavior and she didn't, but other ticket holders are NOT happy.

WHAT'S NEW AT RED ROCKS THIS YEAR? Lots of changes from security to increased accessibility and you can read them all here.

THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS SCHOOL CLOSURES WERE A FAILURE And though it's nice of them to do this retrospectively it would have been nice if they provided some pushback WHILE it was happening. They reviewed a bunch of data and found that the longer kids were out of school working hybrid or remote, the worse their learning loss is. Well duh. They also note that school closures did NOTHING to stop the spread of Covid. The teachers unions, who kept schools closed for no reason, are standing behind their decision even knowing the costs now. Of course they are. They don't care at all about students. One thing they talk about very briefly which I think is a really big deal is that behavior issues since kids returned to the classroom are off the charts. Read it here.

NEW YORK CITY'S SQUATTER LAWS ARE BEYOND ABSURD And they allow anyone to steal a house in just 30 days. In the city, if you simply take possession of a property for a lousy 30 days, it is damn near impossible for the rightful owner to take it back. It's even against the law for them to change the locks ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY in an attempt to get the squatters out. I have no clue how this has been allowed but I'm guessing it was some well intended progressive trying to solve the housing problem by stealing other people's stuff.


CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS DOWN AGAIN Even as we're dealing with record levels of anxiety and mental health issues but I'm sure there is no connection. Read more here.

WHY IS EVERYTHING A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS? Y'all I saw this story yesterday and bout near rolled my eyes out of my skull.

We've convinced ourselves that there is one "right" way to live, whatever that is, and now when we think we're doing it wrong it's a mental health emergency. This is beyond stupid. Go outside. Don't go outside. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP.

HAMAS TURNS DOWN THE LATEST CEASEFIRE Of course they did, because they don't give a rat's ass about protecting the Palestinian people, they only want to be able to regroup and wage more war against Israel. They say they are sticking with their original demands and we have the Biden Administration to blame for at least part of this. Had the US vetoed a ceasefire demand coming out of the UN Security Council it would have signaled resolve on our behalf in supporting Israel. But since we just abstained from voting, the measure passed and Hamas thinks Israel is on the ropes. Israel has indicated they don't give a rat's ass what the UN says. Israel has also cancelled a delegation to DC to talk to the Biden Admin about the war. The White House was "perplexed" by that decision. Here is a list of mostly pissant countries on the UN Security Council. By the way, the US put forth a ceasefire resolution that included the release of hostages and China and Russia voted it down. They have a spine.

RFK, JR IS PICKING A SUPER RICH UNKNOWN TO BE HIS RUNNING MATE And as the ex-wife of Google Founder Sergey Brin she's got money to burn and Kennedy needs it. It is ironic that the ultimate anti-Vax candidate is going to be teaming up with Google money that was made by suppressing anti-vax people like Kennedy. Read about Nicole Shanahan here.

WHAT HOME IMPROVEMENTS GIVE THE BEST ROI? You might be surprised to know that replacing windows adds quite a bit of value, but the best bargain is replacing your garage doors! Read them all here.

SEAN PAYTON SAYS TRADING UP IS "REALISTIC" More from the owner's meetings from Sean Payton here.

JONI MITCHELL CAVES TO SPOTIFY After she left the streaming platform after they gave a huge deal with Joe Rogan, who she finds objectionable. Now she's back but the real question is, does anyone care?

PLANET FITNESS DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WOMEN As they keep prioritizing the feelings of men who say they are women over actual women in their locker rooms. Read this.

It's a shame as they are very affordable and can be quite nice. I shall take my business somewhere that values my privacy and well being though.

WHY ISRAEL NEEDS TO EXIST Because this is what it's like to be Jewish in Portland, USA. There is a lot of bad language shouted by anti-Semites.

KAMALA HARRIS CLAPS ALONG WITH AN INSULTING SONG She was in Puerto Rico where she stood and clapped along to a protest song about her visit. Watch below or click here.

BLESS THIS PERSON'S LITTLE CONFUSED SOUL It seems to me that this person is intent on believing stereotypes about men and women instead of recognizing that there is no right or wrong way to be who you are when it comes to how you present yourself. But looking like a man doesn't make you a man.

FREE PLASTIC SURGERY FOR EVERYONE! Boxer Ryan Garcia is having a bit of a...moment. He's been putting increasingly unhinged stuff on social media, and now he's put this out offering to pay for boob jobs and Brazilian Butt Lifts for anyone who asks. Okay then.

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