3/25/24 Blog: Will Bankrupting Trump Help Him Win?


This NBC News story about Trump having to come up with a $454 million dollar bond even though there is no victim perhaps bankrupting him is important as the deadline is TODAY and NY AG Letitia James says she is going to seize his numerous assets if he can't pay up. Frank Lutz is right because even the left leaning Associated Press has to admit that in the last 70 years of case history of business fraud there has never been a case where there was no victim. From the AP story:

An Associated Press analysis of nearly 70 years of civil cases under the law showed that such a penalty has only been imposed a dozen previous times, and Trump’s case stands apart in a significant way: It’s the only big business found that was threatened with a shutdown without a showing of obvious victims and major losses.

Read the rest here but it's clear this vindictive prosecution is politically based and a complete departure from 70 years of jurisprudence. The American people are not stupid and they don't want their country turned into a banana republic where someone can be prosecuted for their political beliefs.

PEOPLE ARE BEING NASTY ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS And someone hung us signs near the Capitol with snide comments about the influx in Denver now. Has anyone else had their window knocked on at an intersection yet? That happened to me yesterday exiting I-25 at Hampden. Luckily, the same people who couldn't clean the Capitol for months and months after left wingers destroyed it are johnny on the spot to remove the offensive signs. And to be clear, I am not endorsing the placing of signs to deal with any problem because it doesn't do anything but give victim status to those who are breaking the rules.

YES, JENA GRISWOLD IS WAY TOO POLITICAL It's adorable that the Denver Post has asked the question in this story, but the answer is a CLEAR YES. Not even up for debate in my view. In the story they lay out the tons and tons of ways she has expressed her left wing political positions in public, something she doesn't seem to feel is an issue in a job where she is expected to insure fair elections. The crux of the story is about Republicans wasting time trying to oust her when they should be looking for a young, dynamic opponent to run against her instead. The political theater is just that. I don't trust Griswold to be fair, period, but trying to boot her when you are facing an overwhelming majority of people from her team in the Legislature is a stupid waste of time.

SMARTPHONES ARE RUINING OUR KIDS And there is a new book by Jonathan Haidt about it. This article discusses how the generation that has never been without a smartphone is also the most anxious and depressed. There are a bunch of studies to support it, but why is it so hard for parents to just say no? We're working on this in our house now too.

DEMOCRATS ARE HEMORRHAGING MINORITY VOTERS And Nate Silver is sounding the alarm here even as Democrats want to put their heads in the sand about it. I thought about this today when it comes to illegal immigration. It's the height of racism to believe that all "brown" people would welcome other "brown" people just because they are brown. Now we're seeing significant erosion in Hispanic support for Democrats and I'm sure they are confused as to where this is coming from. Black voters seem to be tired of being taken for granted as well. This is terrible news for Biden, as he can't afford to have a significant drop off in this upcoming election, but Democrats just got mad when they saw this and are in denial. That's fine with me. The GOP would do well to actually make an effort to court these voters instead of ignoring them.

CLEFTIES ARE FREAKING OUT BECAUSE RONNA MCDANIELS GOT A JOB I hope she's better as an analyst for NBC News than she was as RNC Chair, for her sake. Chuck Todd, the important Left Wing Advocate masquerading as a journalist got the vapors over her hiring and criticized his bosses on air because of it. He takes issue with McDaniel's term as RNC Chair because she criticized the media and he says "gaslighted" them and has "credibility issues". I tried to find out where he criticized other people who were on NBC who had been caught lying repeatedly to the American people (Adam Schiff for one) but couldn't find any. Weird.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT TO RED ROCKS IS WANTED BY SOME But RTD can't keep the lines they have now running with their staffing issues so this seems to be a pie in the sky ask by a Jefferson County Commissioner. And how bad would it be to have 3,000 people after a show trying to hop on a bus? The answer is very bad. Very bad indeed.

THE SHODDY SCIENCE ON PUBERTY BLOCKERS IS A SCANDAL And thankfully the medical community worldwide is beginning to realize that prescribing puberty blockers is simply experimenting on children with no clear picture of the long term impacts for not just their bone density but also their brain development. Read this story from Quillette for more.

THE NEWS MEDIA BUBBLES AND WHO USES WHAT This is an interesting breakdown of what demographics get their news from where. It's a huge reason for our polarity in my opinion because we are literally seeing different news stories on the same event which all have a different spin.

WHAT NOW AFTER THE ATTACKS BY ISIS IN MOSCOW? The horrific attack at a theater last week has ended with the perpetrators being tortured in horrible ways, something we don't have speculate about because Russia has released footage and photos of the atrocities. Now I'm not saying these guys don't deserve such treatment, but the flouting of international norms is pretty bold. This article gives the backstory on why ISIS is so mad at Putin, but more importantly challenges the narrative that Russians don't want freedom and instead are hard wired to accept servitude instead. What an insulting set of beliefs.

TWO MINUTE DRILL EVEN THOUGH WE WON'T HAVE A 2PM HOUR Because baseball eats that last hour.

IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR FARMER'S MARKETS! I love a farmer's market and I bet you do too. Here is a list of markets and when they open this year.

LOOKING FOR A COOL DINING EXPERIENCE? Here are five that I have never heard of but definitely want to check out now.

IS THERE A NEW JAMES BOND? The short answer is we don't know, but speculation has been rampant that British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is on deck. At 33 he could commit to the ten to fifteen year commitment Bond producers are looking for. I've never heard of him but he's handsome so there's that.

"ACQUA DI GIO" By Giorgio Armani - Photocall In Madrid

Photo: Aldara Zarraoa / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

THE MUST HAVE BEEN AN INCIDENT WITH STRING CHEESE As the band String Cheese Incident has NOT been invited back to the Dillon Amphitheater even after they proved to be wildly popular. So popular that some speculate the bad behavior of fans is to blame for the unvite. Dillon does have some stellar bands playing this summer though, check them out here.

CHICK FIL A IS CHANGING ITS CHICKEN Not the way it's prepared but the way it's sourced. They are moving away from antibiotic free forever chicken to chicken that may have been treated with antibiotics that are not important to humans and only if they were sick or exposed during their lifetime. Lest you freak out, they only switched to antibiotic free chicken in 2019 so you won't even notice the difference.

OUR SNOWPACK IS DOING JUST FINE THIS YEAR Which is great news for our water supply. After this past week's storms we are sitting at between 101% and 114% of snowpack averages and there is a bunch more snow coming to the mountains this week. Good news for everyone and their lawns!

WE'RE LUCKY WE DON'T LIVE IN IDAHO Not the current state, but this one, which could have easily been named Idaho according to this historian.

THE FDA SCRUBS ITS ANTI-IVERMECTIN SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS This is interesting and should be noted. The FDA has now scrubbed all its anti-Ivermectin content from social media. Why? Read this article for more.

A NUGGETS SUPER FAN HAS HER SEASON TICKETS PULLED And it's because the Nuggets kept letting her get away with stuff that wasn't allowed and then they decided to not. Read it here but I feel badly for her while understanding the Nuggets reaction...somewhat.

THIEF STEALS LAWNMOWER BUT FIRST MOWS GRASS This is odd. Watch below or click here.

IF YOU WANT MORE FAKE BUTTER ON ALL YOUR POPCORN This is the way. Watch below or click here.

DAVE RAMSEY'S RULES ON TIPPING Are very similar to mine.

THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT IS NOT HELPING RAPE VICTIMS And in this story about her own rape (which is graphically described) this author takes issue with the common thought that going to police isn't worth it and other nonsense being spewed by feminists.

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