3/22/24 Blog: Darrell Hammond, And Let's Talk About Canada Killing Citizens

DARRELL HAMMOND IS AT COMEDY WORKS THIS WEEKEND And we've got the legend from when SNL was funny at 12:30 to discuss. Buy your tickets to his show at Comedy Works South here.

CANADA LOVES KILLING ITS CITIZENS And their euphemistically named MAID program (Medical Assistance in Dying) is a roaring success if you think over 45,000 dead Canadians is a success. Now they want to expand the program to the mentally ill, and I've got Daniel Dorman who wrote this column about it for National Review at 1pm today. Find out more about this and other things Daniel is working on at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute which you can find by clicking here.

CU BASKETBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 2 TODAY And I'm happy about this because I did half my blog this morning before I got one of those scam YOU'RE COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED warnings and I had to shut the windows down and lost it all on a morning when I have an appointment in addition to my show prep so I'm super cranky about it all. And yes, I know that was a horrible run-on sentence. See the part about me being cranky for more on that.

NORWAY PASSENGERS CHECK YOUR EMAIL! An email from Cruise and Tour went out yesterday and mine went into my Promotions folder and I'm lucky I saw it! It has info about our upcoming trip!

PROGRESSIVE BOULDER IS BEING CALLED OUT FOR REPARATIONS And I honestly can't wait to see how this turns out. The NAACP is demanding that Boulder make reparations for land theft that took place in the late 1800s. They are also asking for money for an African-American Cultural Center. From the NAACP's statement:

“In addition to advocating for the African American Cultural Center, we also request an investigation into the historical injustices suffered by the African American community in Boulder County, particularly the displacement and land theft that took place in the late 1800s. We call for the formation of a committee to consider reparations for these past actions, make recommendations to the City Council, and ensure that justice is served," the document stated.

I can't wait to see how this turns out.

YOUR ELECTRIC CAR IS STILL POWERED BY COAL As coal is still the biggest producer of energy in the state of Colorado for 2023. A whopping 63% came from carbon based sources, with wind bringing up the renewables at 28% of our total. You can read it here but know there is a zero percent chance we can be carbon neutral and still have the amount of electricity we need with renewables at this point. It's a pipedream.

CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS BILL MOVES OUT OF COMMITTEE And now it moves to the Senate, where it will have a much easier time getting done. This bill further unwinds some of the trial lawyer written language of the original construction defects bill from 2013 that destroyed the condo market in Colorado. Read the details here.


THE REAL COST OF RENEWABLES From our friends at the Independence Institute.

IS THIS THE END OF THE AP? The Associated Press has been a part of the news for over a century, but now two major newspaper chains have announced they are severing their relationship with the AP for financial reasons. Considering how few local reporters many of these papers have an how much content comes from the AP in each issue, I'm confused as to what is actually going to be in these newspapers now.

REPUBLICANS ARE JUST DEMOCRAT LITE With the new omnibus bill that they unveiled at 2:32 in the morning while scheduling a vote in less than 72 hours. It's full of crap and garbage and I'm sick of the GOP claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility because they clearly aren't.

WE ARE ALMOST AT RECORD CREDIT CARD DEBT We've blown through a trillion dollars in credit card debt but we're not passed the record when adjusted for inflation...yet. It's coming though. Read this for more, and then think about how the last time it was this high it was during the Great Recession of 2008 and ask why it's so high now if the economy is doing so well?

CHICAGO IS MAGA COUNTRY According to Mayor Brandon Johnson when explaining why voters killed his grandiose plan to tax home owners to pay for housing for homeless people and migrants. Here he is blaming Trump. He ignored the black business owners who nicknamed it the "migrant tax".


LOOKING FOR AN EASTER EGG HUNT THIS WEEKEND? There is that and more on this list of stuff to do.

THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE STILL SUPPORT HAMAS And those who try to tell you the people shouldn't be punished for their support of their leadership should check out this polling data from Gaza and the West Bank.

They asked if the aid being distributed was being distributed fairly and got these responses back.

Check their delusion on war crimes:

  • As we found in the previous poll, almost all Palestinians (94% think Israel has committed war crimes during the current war. By contrast, only 5% (compared to 10% three months ago) think Hamas also committed such crimes; 4% think Israel has not committed such crimes and 91% think Hamas did not commit war crimes during the current war.
  • 80% (compared to 85% in December 2023) say they did not see videos, shown by international news outlets, showing acts committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians, such as the killing of women and children in their homes; only 19% (11% in the West Bank and 30% in the Gaza Strip) saw these videos.
  • We asked those who did not see the videos to tell us the reasons they have not seen them: 60% said that the media they watched did not show them while 20% (14% in the West Bank and 31% in the Gaza Strip) said that they did not want to watch them.
  • When asked if Hamas did commit these atrocities that are seen in these videos, the overwhelming majority (93%) said no, it did not, and only 5% said it did. As shown in the figure below, the belief that Hamas fighters have committed atrocities against civilians is higher among those who did watch videos showing such atrocities (17%) compared to those who did not (2%).

But please tell me how everyone there is just an innocent civilian. They voted for Hamas, they stills support Hamas, and they will have to live in the mess Hamas created.

CAN WE ALL AGREE CRYING WOLF SHOULD BE PUNISHED SEVERELY? Remember the woman in Alabama who called police saying there was a toddler in the road before she disappeared for two days and then showed back up saying she had been kidnapped? She totally lied and now she's not going to serve any time in jail for lying. This makes me SUPER mad. I think if you lie about a crime you need to serve time in jail, period. I don't care if it's a kidnapping, a sexual assault, domestic violence or any sort of thing, if you LIE about it, YOU got to jail. She wasted a ton of money and human resources on a lie and she should be held to account.


AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SHARES HOW TO STEAL HOUSES But I'm sure he just came here to work hard and create a better life. If you have vacant property you're probably gonna want to spot check it every couple of weeks lest this happen to you. NYC residents are being murdered by squatters now.


HOW MUCH DOES A SINGLE PERSON NEED TO LIVE COMFORTABLY? In Colorado it's more than the national average in Denver and Aurora but slightly less in the Springs. Check the details here and ask for a raise if you can't cut it.

HOW MUCH IS HOUSEWORK WORTH IN A MARRIAGE? The division of labor in households is fraught with conflict as both parts of a couple are generally working these days. But a post on Reddit went viral when a husband's solution to keeping the house clean was to tell his wife who is on the road two weeks a month to work harder. It did not go well.

JOHN HINCKLEY JR SAYS HIS FOLK SINGING CAREER IS BEING CANCELLED Before it even has time to get off the ground. I can't imagine why people would have an issue with a venue booking a dude who shot a President and permanently maimed one of his staff but what do I know. Read more about Hinckley's complaints here. Here is what you're missing.

GWYNNIE SAYS CHILL OUT ON THE SUPER HERO FLICKS And she's not wrong when she says they have lost their originality and there are way too many of them. Read Pepper Potts' opinions here.

DRONE DASH BEING TESTED IN VIRGINIA Door Dash is trying to cut out the middle man, meaning the driver, and delivering food via drone. As a person who lives in an area with very few DD drivers I'm down for this. Currently they are only working with Wendy's on this, but expect more of this very, very soon.

CANDACE OWENS GETS CANNED BY THE DAILY WIRE After having a monthslong conflict with Ben Shapiro about Israel in which she has said some seriously dodgy stuff. I am worried about Candace, as she's now decided to make proving that the President of France's wife was born a man as her new cause celeb. She's now been cut loose by the Daily Wire and she says she's excited to finally be 'free".

WALMART IS ESSENTIALLY GOING TO CHARGE TO USE SELF CHECKOUT And this is dastardly sneaky genius level right here. Watch below or click here.

SAN FRAN NAN HAS A HIT ON HER HANDS Watch below or click here

THE RED PILL VS BLUE PILL OF CUISINES And there is one clear winner here for me. Watch below or click here.

NOW RAIN IS GOING TO MAKE ME HUNGRY This is fantastic. Watch below or click here.

OLD AGE GOALS I love this couple so much and wish I could be like them someday.

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