3/21/24 Blog: When America First is Really Cheap Chinese Goods

DICK WADHAMS JOINS ON DAVID WILLIAM'S CHINA SYNDROME Mr. "So-Called America First" David Williams did a lot business with the Chinese for years and now he wants everyone to believe his opponent is one who did what he actually did. Republican strategist Dick Wadhams is on today at 12:30 to chat about it.

WE TALK A LOT ABOUT SAVING FOR RETIREMENT But once you've saved and retired how do you spend your money so it lasts and doesn't run out while also making sure you aren't taxed to death? I'm talking to Dan McDonald, author of From Savvy Saver to Smart Spender: How to Pick a Tax-Wise Retirement Withdrawal Strategy. He's a semi retired lawyer who was worried about spending his money right so he came up with a calculator to help others with the same struggle. Find Dan and his book by clicking here.

IT'S HOUSE WINNING TIME AGAIN! Children's Hospital is giving away a house as part of the Mighty Millions Raffle. They WILL give away a house for sure so this is the raffle you want. Today I'm talking to Tracy Fagin from the Children's Hospital Foundation about what all that money does for the kids and their parents who are receiving care at the Hospital. Find out more about and buy your ticket in time for the Audi and Australia prize by clicking here!

DON'T SUE WHEN YOU ARE JUST BAD AT YOUR JOB The former Aurora Police Chief fired for not doing a good job is now suing because she says members of the Aurora City Council didn't like that she was trying to fix racism in the department. That's not exactly what it says but that's what it says. It's very similar to the claims former Douglas County Superintendent Corey Wise used to get his massive settlement from the Board after he was fired for doing a bad job. From now on, anyone fired needs to be fired for clearly stated cause to avoid this kind of nonsense. The fact her former partner called in a false child abuse claim against Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky shows how bad her judgement is in my view. She's looking for a fat settlement and I hope Aurora fights it.

DOUGCO FIGHTS SANCTUARY STATE NONSENSE And it sure would be nice if the Legislature, which loves MORE restrictive "local control", would allow Douglas County to follow federal law when it comes to immigration. They are fighting a law passed which makes Colorado a Sanctuary State and good for them. Read an editorial about it here.

AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN BAN IS WORKING ITS WAY THROUGH THE HOUSE And it's so overly broad as to almost be comical. Even Democrats in favor of gun bans in the Senate say this is a heavy lift and it doesn't have a sponsor in the Senate at all. You can read the list of everything it bans, but if you want an AK-47 or an AR-15 now's the time to buy. DCFGuns.com can help with that.

TWO MURDERED AT THE TROUBLE TREE That's what DoBetterDenver calls the Double Tree that's been turned into a no barrier shelter for the Mayor Mike Johnston's program to house homeless people and DBD is right. This past weekend two people were shot to death inside a room at the DoubleTree and now the police are looking for suspects. If this were still a real hotel, would there be camera footage of who came and went before and after the murders? Is there not camera footage now? Johnston's office says NOW there will be additional security measures put in place but weren't neighbors told there would be 24/7 security at these shelters and tiny home communities? Well there's going to be all of this now, but it took two people getting murdered to make it happen. The city still says that the hundreds of calls to police from the DoubleTree pales in comparison to the thousands of calls they use to get about encampments but I'm sure that doesn't make the neighbors feel any better.

WHY IMMIGRATION IS BEING ALLOWED TO CONTINUE UNFETTERED Is in this story about the Federal Reserve announcing they are still going to cute rates even though inflation was higher than they wanted in January and February. Read this bit:

Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Bank of America, said the Fed's updated projections suggest that it expects improvements in supply chains and the availability of workers to continue, allowing the economy to grow even as inflation slows to the Fed's target. Rising immigration, for example, has made it easier for businesses to hire without having to rapidly raise pay. (emphasis mine)

Immigrants are going to keep pay down for those in the lower income bracket which is exactly why Democrats are losing their base. They don't seem to care as they are assuming all these new "undocumented Americans" as they call them are going to vote for them forever.

AURORA'S FOCUS ON DEI ONLY HURTS STUDENTS This is a great column about it by current teacher (though in a different district) Cory Gaines about the misguided use of money to put Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals over student achievement goals. Read it here.


CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF If this column is remotely accurate anyway. In it, Jimmy Sengenberger shares the story of a young woman who was sexually assaulted by an athlete at on off campus location during school hours. The young man was NOT expelled even after he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contract and the victim ended up having to transfer to another school to avoid seeing him. The school did nothing to protect this teenage girl and everything to protect a teenage boy from having to face the full weight of the consequences of his action. Now the girl is suing Cherry Creek Schools and I sure hope she wins.

YES WE NEED TO RAISE THE RETIREMENT AGE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY If we want it to be solvent for senior we must raise the retirement age. But even though Joe Biden supported an increase in the retirement age back in 1983 he's forgotten that position to just make demands that aren't realistic as a political cudgel. We need to not only raise the age of retirement, but also index it to life expectancy too. Just stomping our feet and saying no isn't going to fix the fact that we have too few taxpayers supporting too many retirees and the system is unsustainable. Social Security is the perfect example of government sucking at managing things. If they just put our Social security taxes into a 401k we'd all retire millionaires but instead, we have seniors just getting by with the prospect of a cut in the near future and politicians want to use it to score cheap political points.

THE NEXT TOP TEN TOUR IS OUT And these are the top ten reasons you should rescue a dog instead of shop.

AN INTERPRETER GOES ROGUE AND IS ACCUSED OF THEFT This is either a huge betting scandal, a weird betting scandal, or a giant theft of millions of dollars. Dodger great Shohei Ohtani says his friend and interpreter stole $6.5 million dollars from Ohtani to pay off gambling debts. The interpreter says the payments to the bookie were made voluntarily to pay off his debts but something seems really off here. I'm going to be watching this.

APPLE CAN'T DISMISS AIR TAG LAWSUITS Which allege the handy devices are too easy to use for stalking purposes. Apple says it can't be held responsible if someone misuses it's product, but a judge disagreed.

AND NOW, THE WORLD'S WORST WAX MUSEUM It's in Poland and it's the reason I don't do wax museums. They are creepy and this one is next level.

WELCOME TO THE WINNIE THE POOHNIVERSE OF HORROR If you want to know how I know society is doomed just read this.

LONELINESS IS WORSE THAN SMOKING FOR OLDER PEOPLE In terms of how it affects their overall health and mortality. This is why I have no plans to age in place and die at home. Unless I find out I like being alone more than I think I do, which is quite a bit. Read more about the epidemic of loneliness here.

WHEN A SUICIDE ISN'T A SUICIDE The Boeing whistleblower recently found dead told a close family friend this:

But I'm sure it's fine. It's all fine.

AARON RODGERS IS CLEANING UP HIS MESSES In the hopes he gets asked to be the Veep candidate for RFK Jr. He's been accused of saying the Sandy Hook shootings were an inside job by the government and now he's trying to walk this back by issuing a statement denying he denied the shootings took place, which is likely accurate. Read more here but who cares, really?

WATCH A ROBOT DO THE JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO And this never calls in sick, will never form a union, and will work the same no matter what it did the day before.

CAN WE STOP PUTTING WEIRD CRAP IN COFFEE? A coffee Tik Tok account (yes, there is a thing) has created avocado coffee and can we all stop now?


70'S KIDS ARE THE BEST KIDS And we know it.

HE SHOULD HAVE USED ED PRATHER Russell Wilson lost $3.5 million on the sale of his home in Cherry Creek Hills. Ouch.

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