2/20/24 Blog: A Life Of Ups and Downs and the Emergence of the Woke Right

ONE MAN'S ROLLER COASTER LIFE HAS LESSONS FOR ALL Scott Freidheim is the managing partner of Freidheim Capital LLC and the author of Code of Conduct: Tales of the Roller Coaster of Life which you can buy here. Freidheim has experienced his share of highs and lows: from CEO to unemployed as the company went bankrupt and he nearly did also; from a high-level Wall Street executive walking to work on a sunny September morning to sprinting out of the World Financial Center on 9/11 as the World Trade Center towers collapsed; from climbing 7,000 feet on a cycling trip to being airlifted to a trauma center. He joins me at 1 to talk about the principles we all need to withstand life's roller coaster.

THE RISE OF THE WOKE RIGHT And it's new leader Tucker Carlson. I love Konstantin Kisin and his Substack, which does require a subscription but that you can sample for seven days, has a great column on what he calls the Woke Right. Before you scoff, read it here. It does the best job of explaining why Tucker Carlson became a useful idiot for Putin and Kisin posits that it's dissatisfaction with our own country that leads an otherwise intelligent person to seek perfection elsewhere. From the column:

While the Woke Left hates America and the West because it sees them as the root of all evil, the Woke Right has built up powerful resentments of its own.
Where the Woke Left has systemic racism, the Woke Right has globalism and the WEF, a shadowy global elite conspiring to deprive us of our rights, civil liberties and bodily autonomy.
Stagnating wages, uncontrolled and increasingly illegal mass immigration, the housing crisis, the deliberate stoking of racial tensions, blatant anti-white, anti-male, anti-family rhetoric, the promotion of trans ideology and a whole host of other issues have turned many people from sceptics into cynics.
These frustrations, many of which are legitimate, are further exacerbated by the biggest problem of all: despite being shared by a majority of the population, attempts to address them via the democratic process appear increasingly futile.

Seems pretty accurate to me, we shall dive in today. The Woke Right, to be clear, is just as bad as the Woke Left in my view.

WE MUST PROTECT GIRLS SPORTS Because stuff like this is happening regularly now. The coach of the team without boys on it forfeited the game at halftime after THREE of his players were hurt by the other team with boys on it. Where are the parents of these boys???

JOE BIDEN HAS LOST NATE SILVER In a big way, the left wing pollster and stats guy says it's time for The Big Guy to step aside because he is going to lose to Trump. Luckily, Joe Biden's ego is such that will never happen. Read Silver's takedown here. From the column:

I'd say Nate Silver is saying publicly what a lot of Democrats are saying privately.

POLICE ARREST A MAN FOR MURDERING TWO AT UCCS But haven't given a motive of why a Detroit based man would have shot and killed two people in an on campus dorm. Read more here.

LEGISLATIVE DEMS ARE TRYING TO KICK THE PUBLIC OUT By passing several bills specifically designed to slam shut Open Meetings requirements for lawmakers. First off, they want to stop citizens who file multiple Open Records requests from doing so by labeling them “vexatious”, which essentially means their requests are annoying and therefore don't need to be fulfilled. This is a slap in the face to citizen journalists covering things like the increase in crime around homeless hotels that the media is ignoring. Second, the legislators want to make any electronic communications between them exempt from Open Meetings rules. This is absurd and they know it and I almost hope they pass it so they can be sued back into oblivion but they use our tax dollars to defend these egregious slaps in the face so I hope they wise up. Here is an editorial with details of how they want us peasants to just shut up and take it from our Dear Leaders.

ANTI SEMITES KEEP INTERRUPTING MEETINGS Along with "homeless advocates" who always seem to be advocating for people to be left to rot on the streets. This long article about how these pro-Hamas protesters are disrupting meetings in Denver and Lakewood is only surprising in that someone is reporting on it. We know who these people are,they thrive on disruption and destruction for whatever the Cause De Jour is. They should be removed from the space instead of the City Council removing themselves from the space but no one has the balls to do it. There have also been a string of anti-Semitic comments made at City Council meetings across the state as people are allowed to call in anonymously to spew their Anti-Jew vitriol. I say stop allowing comments via the phone as a first line of defense. These cowards are far less likely to present themselves at an actual meeting to spew their Nazi diatribes, though I'm sure some would still show up and do it.

THE DENVER POST SAYS THE MAYOR IS WRONG TO CUT REC CENTER HOURS And they are exactly right when they make the case here. These are the same reasons I want the Mayor to keep doing this, so people will get sick of paying the bill for a bunch of illegal immigrants. Read this:

We fear that making these cuts will result in a public backlash to the asylum seekers who have been shipped to Denver from the southern border at the very moment that these individuals need public support the most.

Exactly right. Because until Democrats demand Biden do something about the southern border, which he ABSOLUTELY can do right now, nothing will change.

A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL PUBLISHED A FAKE STUDY MADE BY AI And though they have retracted it, many are asking how the journal didn't spot the fake when a rat with an enormous penis and four testicles was featured in the study.

YES, THERE ARE TWO GENDERS AND OUR BRAINS SHOW IT A news study clearly shows that the brains of men and women work completely differently which should end the "gender is a social construct" crap. An AI program was shown 1500 active brain scans, meaning the scans were taken while people were actively thinking, and the AI was able to figure out the gender of the person by watching how their brains worked.

YES, THE COVID VACCINE IS LINKED TO BAD OUTCOMES And now we have a huge study that shows those impacts. From neurological issues to myocarditis, the shot has been connected to severe outcomes in a massive study, though a VAST MAJORITY of people who got the shot suffered no ill effects. Considering how many millions of people got the vaccine this is a tiny number of serious issues, but people should have been allowed to make an informed decision about whether or not to get the vaccine themselves. I am done with vaccinations for Covid.

YES, LIBERAL POLICIES ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS As the owners of the now closed Avelina restaurant in LoDo said very clearly when they announced the shuttering of the restaurant. The North Carolina based owners of the restaurant put Denver on full blast when explaining why they closed. Check out these comments:

"The minimum-wage increases have been unbearable," Jennings adds. The latest, which went into effect in January, boosted Denver's minimum wage from $17.29 to $18.29 per hour.
"Our sales have never recovered following COVID," he adds, citing a drop from $52,000 in sales per week before the pandemic to $26,000 per week after. "Our landlord was completely unwilling to attempt to assist with a resolution. LoDo is pretty empty following COVID — Denver downtown area is at 24 percent vacancy rate, much the same as other metro areas. Work from home is making that situation worse. Our building (125 attorneys with support staff) is only about 25 percent occupied on any Monday through Friday. This is not showing up in stats."
And that's not all, Jennings says: "Liberal policies are making urban areas worse. I appreciate the wanting to do good, but these policies only end up with the population all experiencing a lower quality of life. No one has figured out that the only winner in the raise-the-minimum-wage game is the government. They make more — minimum-wage earners make more — but then are faced with everything becoming more expensive. They don't get ahead. Only the [government] gets a raise. I think it's silly that wealthy libs don't get that."

He's not wrong about any of this.

THE ADVENT OF THE FERAL MAN In an effort to describe the moral decay in our society this column demonstrates some serious truths. It takes community, family, and faith to have a functioning society and we are lacking in all those departments. Read it here.


GEN Z IS GHOSTING EMPLOYERS But it's not just Gen Z but they are the worst about it. First off, shame on all parents who did not teach your children manners. Second off, why can't employers create some kind of website with a list of everyone who has ghosted them to warn other employers? Just a thought. Read more here.

THE LATEST MARVEL MOVIE IS A BOMB And of course it was an all female cast and so this will never happen again. Read it here.

COLORADO'S BEST BAKERY Is a Japanese bakery, although I don't love Japanese pastries so this might not be for me. But if you want to try it, find it here.

COLORADO HAS BANNED STATE USE OF GAS POWERED LAWN EQUIPMENT And I can't wait to see how much this ends up costing taxpayers. Read it here, but know this, they will ban your gas powered equipment as soon as they think they can without you howling about it.

MORE POOLS ARE COMING TO GLENWOOD SPRINGS And I'm glad they are working to keep things fresh there. Read about the new pools that should be online this summer here.

NEURALINK PATIENTS CAN CONTROL A MOUSE WITH HIS MIND At least according to Elon Musk. Read more here but this could be a really cool breakthrough.

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I KEEP IT UNTIL THERE IS VISIBLE MOLD Those warnings on the packaging are just CYAs for the food companies and aren't based on any sort of science. Watch below or click here.

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