2/16/24 Blog: Some History with Some Recipes, Plus a CD-3 Candidate

EVER WANTED TO LIVE IN THE GILDED AGE? If you don't know what the Gilded Age is, it was the time period between the 1870s and 1890s when masses amount of wealth were accumulated and spent by the captains of industry who jumped on the industrialization wave. They were the tech bros of their age, really. Food writer and research historian Becky Libourel Diamond has created The Gilded Age Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from America’s Golden Era, where she dishes up delicious recipes seasoned with side stories about the excesses of this fascinating era. It is a FANTASTIC book and I've enjoyed it immensely and can't wait to try some of the recipes. She joins me at 1 to talk about it. You can buy it here.

STEPHEN VARELA IS RUNNING FOR THE 3RD CONGRESSIONAL SEAT He jumped into the race AFTER Lauren Boebert made her move and here is an article about him and his history as both a Democrat and a Republican. Find his campaign website here. I'll chat with him today at 2.

IT'S A FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY And I must say you guys are getting the hang of this. Phones will be open during the show!


THE HECKLER'S VETO CANCELS A MEOW WOLF CONCERT I have no clue who Matisyahu his but his concert at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe was cancelled at the last minute because Meow Wolf staff bowed to pressure from Pro-Hamas groups. Or they didn't like the artist's vocal support of Israel so they worked to get his show cancelled. The "protest" they were so worried about drew a whopping five people. Cowards and liars work at Meow Wolf apparently. You can read more here.

ARE YOU FOLLOWING DO BETTER DNVR YET? This is the social media account I've featured on the show and on my own social media that shows the seedy underbelly of what's really happening in Denver. Westword took notice and did a very good article on it here.

TGIF IS THE BEST THING TO READ ON FRIDAY From our friends at The Free Press. I don't know if it's paywalled as I subscribe but it alone is worth the subscription fee. Find it in all it's glorious snark here.

BOULDER CITY COUNCIL LEAVES CEASEFIRE DECLARATION BEHIND And this is a smart move by an City Council or other governmental body that has no impact or influence on wars on the other side of the world. The Boulder City Council decided not to weigh in on the Israel Hamas conflict by pointing out that their charter says they will not wade into foreign affairs, which is a great way to shut down the idiotic protesters who will inevitably try to force them to do one anway. The council will vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism AND Islamophobia to virtue signal though. Yay.

THE LEGISLATURE ALLOWS KIDS TO CHANGE NAMES Without telling parents, which is in conflict with federal laws and I expect this will be challenged. Read more here but this was the bill Lindsay Datko was talking about yesterday.

THE DENVER CLERK HAS A POINT ABOUT THE MAYOR'S STAFF SALARIES If you missed the comments by Denver Clerk and Recorder Paul Lopez refusing to cut his budget to pay for illegal immigrants in it he called out the Mayor for the salaries of his staff and appointees. He's right to ask the question, as we now have a new director of the city's "Newcomer Program" who will deal with the influx of illegal immigrants in Denver. She's making $175,000 a year when the Mayor says we have to cut Rec Center hours. Just saying.

A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD IS CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER And if you want to know what the problem is with society its that a 13 year old had a gun on a bus and murdered a man with it. Now this kid is charged and will likely lead a pathetic life of crime and incarceration because his 13 year old self was too stupid to not do this.

A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD IS CHARGED WITH MURDER And you can read about it here, but the same goes here as goes above.

AN UPDATE ON TRUMP'S LEGAL CASES When you read the summaries laid out here, you can really see how stupid and flimsy these things are, especially the documents case in light of the fact we know Joe Biden did THE SAME THING in the SAME WAY and is facing no charges because he's a doddering old fool. Especially because the Special Prosecutor not only didn't charge Biden, but also didn't charge the Biden assistant who repeatedly moved classified documents improperly. But this is all fair and just, amiright?

OHIO WENT TO PERMITLESS CONCEAL CARRY AND CRIME DROPPED And it is far too early to know if these results continue but so far it's encouraging. Gun crime went up in two cities, but fell in a bunch more after Ohio decided to let gun owners carry without a permit.

I WONDER HOW TUCKER SPINS THIS The longtime political foe of Tucker's new hero Vladimir Putin has died in prison where he was serving a nineteen year sentence for some trumped up something. He was 47. But I'm sure it was of natural causes.

TAYLOR SWIFT GIVES BIG TO THE DECEASED VICTIM OF THE PARADE SHOOTING She donated $100,000 dollars to the family of the radio DJ who was murdered by two juveniles during the parade. I wonder what the Chiefs are going to do?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIMINALS ARE SETTING UP IN AMERICAN CITIES And recruiting new illegal immigrants who have realized they have no way to make money. A violent Venezuelan gang known for torture is up and running in NYC, and we are just welcoming more and more of them.

AS EVEN DEMOCRATS HATE THE WAY BIDEN HANDLES THE BORDER This polling has to be very concerning as even his own party knows that any attempt to shove the border problem onto Republicans is a lie. Or that's how I took this survey.


BARBARA LEE IS AN IDIOT And if you've ever wondered how dumb this Congresswoman is just read about her demand for a $50 an hour MINIMUM WAGE. Idiot.

THIS WOMAN IS AN INTERNET GIFT Watch below or click here.

NO PICTURES! WITH CILLIAN MURPHY The star of Oppenheimer has instituted a "no photos" policy but still engages with fans by having a chat and whatnot. I respect this but I'm guessing some fans will not. This sort of thing is why I don't want to be famous.

SO WHAT IS POLITICAL TO INSTAGRAM? Instagram and Threads (is that still a thing?) have announced they will no longer promote "political" content. Unfortunately they haven't defined what is "political" content so we're all at a loss here. Threads also announced it's not going to amplify news anymore, which meant all the lefties who fled Twitter for Threads (is that still a thing?) will no longer be able to get their news from Threads which I find very funny.

IS IT CHEAPER TO LIVE AT AN ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT THAN SEATTLE? This man tested the theory. Watch below or click here. He is wrong about splitting the room though, as all inclusives charge PER PERSON, not room.

A LITTLE GIRL TESTIFIES SHE ISN'T READY TO SEE A PENIS After she was forced to share a locker room with a trans woman who still has one. Listen to these girls, they are so young.

THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WHO BEAT A COP FREED BY AN ACTIVIST CHURCH They paid his $15,000 bail so he could get out after being charged with assaulting a police officer. The church says it is a "sanctuary" church who believes people are innocent until proven guilty.

A DISNEY CRUISE HAS A HORNY PROBLEM And I mean an actual horn, you dirty minded reader. Watch below or click here.

DON'T FORGET TO LIVE WHILE YOU WORK Watch below or click here.

MAYBE OUR BAGS WILL SHOW UP WITHIN THE HOUR NOW I hate waiting for bags at DIA because it takes FOREVER. Now the airport will get an update to the luggage system with federal dollars that will allegedly make it more efficient. I'll believe it when I see it.

DID FANI WILLIS ADMIT TO BREAKING THE LAW? She seems to admit that when she said she took a large amount of money from her first campaign and just "kept some of the cash from that" as you can't do that.

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