2/14/24 Blog: Weather Wednesday, The Work Skills Gap, and More Gun Control

DAVE FRASER JOINS US FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY! We'll talk to him about weather so get your questions ready for him at 12:30

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Just so you know Saint Valentine was perhaps a real saint, though Chaucer and Hallmark have really blown this day up into something. This is a great backstory on Saint Valentine and how that day became to be associated with love, though it really was just sort of a series of mistakes and a poem that lead this to be the day of love. I'm just glad The Q has outgrown the "Valentines for Everyone" stage of school. That was exhausting.

WE'VE GOT A SKILLS GAP IN COLORADO And the Common Sense Institute did a study on it and how to fix it, which you can read here. I've got one of the authors Jason Gaulden on the show today to talk about it at 1.

THERE ARE A SLEW OF GUN CONTROL BILLS AT THE CAPITOL RIGHT NOW And I've got Taylor Rhodes from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners group on to talk about it. He and his organization are fighting all the unconstitutional laws that have already been passed and they are truly the last line of defense for the 2nd Amendment in Colorado. I think the Democrats keep passing bills they know aren't constitutional to bankrupt gun owners in this state in court. I truly believe that. See the new "assault weapons ban" for more on what's coming. He joins me at 2:15 today.

YES, WORK FIRST IS THE WAY TO GO This story that springboarded off a Facebook post by Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman should be read by everyone in Denver. First off, these men have been in a homeless hotel for six weeks and say they STILL haven't met with a case manager or gotten access to any of those wraparound services we've heard so much about. Second, Aurora is on the right track. Housing people with no purpose or plan is not helpful, it merely sets up a cycle of dependence that robs people of dignity and self worth. Read the story here.

CHERRY CREEK IS THE NEW DOWNTOWN As businesses flee downtown for new office space in Cherry Creek. But it's not just businesses, real estate pros say that customers who would have previously asked to see properties in both downtown and Cherry Creek are skipping downtown entirely. One described a few areas of downtown as "sketchy" which is hardly good news. With vacancies downtown sitting over 30% right now this is not good news for any efforts to revitalize.

MORE "RENTERS RIGHTS" BILLS MOVING ON People at work under the Gold Dome hate landlords. They assume everyone who has a rental property is a slumlord at heart who just wants to evict good and innocent people for no reason just to be cruel because of their black, black souls. Of course that is idiotic. Sometimes you have a tenant that is dangerous and intimidating other neighbors so you refuse to renew their lease. That won't be allowed if a new bill passes this year, which I'm sure it will. Read more here, but know all these legal costs are going to be pushed onto the next tenant, raising the cost of rent even more.

METH HEADS DESTROY ANOTHER BUSINESS This one a small market run for twelve years in the Boulder RTD station, which has been shut down for over a year because meth heads contaminated the bathrooms and air ducts so badly they had to mitigate the entire place. Now the woman who ran the small shop in the corner says she doesn't have the money to come back and replace all that she lost because of the ahole drug addicts. What a sad story. If the people of Boulder who used that station were smart they would start a collection immediately to help her out.

YOU CAN'T PAY A GUY ON THE PHONE WHO SAYS YOU MISSED JURY DUTY This scam is going around and people are falling for it. If you miss jury duty no one is going to call you and demand payment for the "fine". It's a lie and a scam and yet people are falling for it. If someone does do this, hang up, look up the number for the law enforcement agency that says they are calling and call them directly to ask about this.

CONGRATS TO JENNY CAVNAR! She has broken a significant glass ceiling by becoming the first full time female play by play announcer for the Oakland As. I am a huge fan of hers and am really excited that she's gotten this opportunity because I think she is really good and deserves it. This isn't a token hire, it's a talent hire.

ARE YOU IN THE LOWER MIDDLE CLASS IN DENVER? You could be if you make between roughly 56k and 95k according to this list. Why does it matter? I'm asking that genuinely because I've never given any thought to what "class" I'm in as I've been broke, not so broke, and not broke in my life. It seems odd to me that anyone would care about this even as I understand why statisticians do these kind of demographic breakdowns.

MIKE ROSEN CALLS OUT THE DEMOCRAT'S SCHEME ON THE BORDER And it's not actually doing anything about it. Read his latest here.

MORE AMERICANS AGREE BIDEN IS TOO OLD THAN AGREE THAT THE EARTH IS ROUND This made me laugh and then cry entirely too hard yesterday.


MIKE JOHNSTON PAID HIS OWN WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL And I know a lot of people were mad he went because Brian Griese gave him a ticket but even politicians are allowed to get gifts from friends that don't have business with the city. This is one of those cases.

COLORADO IS THE HEART HEALTH CAPITOL OF THE STATES Because we exercise and aren't fat. Read more here.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS IMPEACH MAYORKAS Over his disastrous handling (or not handling) of the southern border crisis. This is just political theater as the Senate simply will ignore it. They did it before the new House member replacing George Santos gets sworn in, because that seat flipped to the Democrats.

WHEN CENTRAL PLANNING FAILS THE CAR MARKET It really doesn't matter what kind of edicts our overlords push down upon us, the American consumer wants what they want. And they don't want electric vehicles. Unfortunately the car makers didn't pay attention and now they've got a glut of unsold cars and are redirecting workers back to building gas powered cars people actually want. American car makers are now doing what Toyota has been doing which is focusing on hybrid vehicles that consumers DO want. This long article in the Wall Street Journal shows, once again, that central planning doesn't work.


YES, THE SKY IS REALLY BLUER IN DENVER And here is a story about why.

BROKEN HEART SYNDROME IS A REAL THING And can lead to physical symptoms after a stressful situation or heartbreak. Never underestimate how much power your mind has over your body when it comes to stress and emotion.

JUST DON'T YELL "MARCO" WHILE AT A MATCH Polo has made a return to Colorado Springs, so put your pinkies out and head to a match.

WHEN WILL BEARS COME OUT OF HIBERNATION? Anytime from mid-March on, and they emerge hungry so secure your trash especially well so they head away from houses and people and into the woods to do bear things. I'll let you know when Boris and Marge come out of their den.

GOT SOME PROM DRESSES LAYING AROUND? The Arapahoe Library is taking donations for their prom shopping event. Just make sure your formal wear is teen appropriate before you drop it off.

THE ROAD RUNNER COULD TAKE SOME TIPS FROM THIS GUY A hiker in Rhode Island was attacked by a coyote and ended up killing it with his bare hands. At least now this guy has something incredible to share when he's required to tell the group something unique about himself.



THE NFL TIDY-ED UP ALICIA KEYS OFF KEY MOMENT This is pretty interesting. I did note the crack in her voice during the live performance but I wasn't impressed with the sound quality of the halftime show at all anyway so I didn't think much of it. But now the NFL has "cleaned" up the mishit note.

THIRD WORLD COUNTRY RESIDENTS WILL CELEBRATE THE WRONG WINNER As the NFL teams up with non-profits around the world to send their pre printed Super Bowl winner gear with the wrong winner on it. A whole bunch of new 49er fans will be birthed around the world soon.

KAMALA IS READY TO SERVE And if this doesn't get you ready to vote for Trump I don't know what will. Read more.

TEMU IS JUST MESSING WITH US NOW Watch below or click here.

A FAN MADE TRAILER FOR THE NEW MICHAEL JACKSON BIOPIC IS DANG GOOD And having a nephew of Michael Jackson play him seems to be a good idea.

BIRTH ORDER RELATIONSHIP ADVICE This is not entirely crazy. Watch below or watch here.

THE MOST HUNGOVER PLACE IN THE WORLD! That would be Disneyland after Patrick Mahomes jetted from Super Bowl Celebrations in Vegas to be the star of the show at a Disneyland parade. Disney, how about they appear in Tuesday's parade instead?

BRONCOS TICKETS ARE GOING UP I PRICE About 7.9% for season ticket holders renewing their seats. This puts them in the middle of the pack for ticket prices in the NFL though demand for tickets is always high.


ONE DENVER OFFICE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH BUDGET CUTS And I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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