2/13/24 Blog: Find Your Strengths, Plus a Sex Predator Bill Needs Help

REP BRANDI BRADLEY IS TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT CHILD PREDATORS And she has a bill this year which would increase the penalties for pimping a child and using a child prostitute and for some reason it's been sent to the kill committee, also known as the State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs. I'm talking to her at 12:30 to figure out why this bill, which should garner wide support, is languishing. Check the bill out here.

WENDY GOSSETT HELPS PEOPLE FIND THEIR SKILL SET Or the things they are naturally adept at, especially kids. She's also very entertaining when talking about how different personality types are good at different things. She's on at 1 to talk about aligning those personal skills with careers and jobs that suit you. Find out more about Wendy or get your kid or you tested by clicking here!

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS HAS A COOL THING COMING UP They are doing a big draft while trying to "draft" SIXTY new Bigs for the long waiting list that the organization has. Arod is a Big so he can help tell you all about it, plus CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Colorado Elycia Cook joins us today at 2 to discuss it. Find out more and become a Big by clicking here.

THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL SAYS NO TO A CEASEFIRE RESOLUTION Because enough members of the City Council recognized the resolution would mean nothing and simply be divisive in the community. Good for them. The Hamas Supporters came out in force to yell and carry on demanding support for the murderers and rapists that attacked Israel but cooler heads prevailed. They did have to adjourn the meeting and then re adjourn remotely to finish the meeting because of the out of control bullying behavior of the Pro Hamas crowd. The four Pro Hamas votes came from Sarah Parady, Shontel Lewis, Serena Gonzales-Guitterez, and Jamie Torres. Please support their opponents at the first opportunity.

NO, TIPPED EMPLOYEES DON'T NEED A HIGHER MINIMUM WAGE I've been a tipped employee. If you are good at your job as a server you will blow past the wage being paid to the kitchen guys most days. Sure some days you don't, but those are few and far between. We don't need to further burden restaurants with more edicts from people who have never run a business in their lives. But don't tell Democrats that, they are pushing for an increase in the tipped minimum wage now. Please ask your favorite restaurateur about this plan and what it will do to them and their prices. If they raise the minimum wage I will feel no need to tip further. Period.

DENVER HAS THE HOTTEST REAL ESTATE MARKET IN THE COUNTRY Which is great news if you want to sell (call Ed Prather) but bad news if you're trying to buy. If I were looking, I'd be shopping RIGHT NOW because by summer everyone who has been on the sidelines will be in the market and it will be brutal. Read more here.

AURORA LOWERS THE BOOM ON THIEVES By making jail time mandatory for anyone caught stealing $100 worth of goods, down from $300. It also gives repeat offenders 90 days in jail instead of three. Aurora has been dealing with rampant retail theft along with other cities so this is an attempt to send a strong message that crooks should steal elsewhere. The ACLU doesn't like it, but the City Attorney says he can absolutely defend it. Read it here.

REGULATING A DATING APP SEEMS SILLY TO ME But not to Rep. Faith Winters who always has some way for government to get its nose into other people's business. Using a series of horrible attacks by a doctor using a dating app she has come up with a slew of regulations that won't do anything to stop a bad actor from doing the same. Unfortunately, people using dating apps need to be extra careful. Just like we had to be super careful when meeting people in real life in the olden days.

JOHN STOSSEL COVERS MEDIA BIAS And this is only six minutes long, it could have been MUCH, much longer.

TRUMP ASKS THE SUPREMES TO WEIGH IN ON HIS CLAIM OF IMMUNITY I think this is going nowhere fast but I'm interested to see if they take it up and what they say when they rule. It's not realistic to say that a President can do anything with impunity. It's not good policy either, because what is to prevent someone from running roughshod over people as President? Read more here.

THE US SENATE WORKED ALL NIGHT TO HELP OTHER COUNTRIES But did nothing to secure our southern border. They spent the entire night hammering out details of a support package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan while ignoring the crisis at our southern border by not taking up ANY of the measures in HR2 which was passed months ago by the House. I hate all these people. The usual suspects on the GOP side voted yes.

TINA PETERS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT VICTIMS LEFT IN HER WAKE And this great column by Jimmy Sengenberger talks about some of those victims who are waiting to have their names cleared by her trial, which has been delayed again. For someone who says she is innocent, she sure doesn't want to go to trial.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE BREAKING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IN CHICAGO And I'm here for it. Democrats are laying the blame for the illegal immigrant invasion in Chicago squarely at the feet of the Democrat President, the Democrat Governor and the Democrat Mayor. This is a civil war of epic proportions and one woman says this could turn Chicago purple if they don't figure out how to fix it. Read her comments here, they are magic.

WE'RE VERY CLOSE TO AN EARLY TEST FOR DEMENTIA And it's a simple blood test that detects certain proteins in the blood which appear to be markers for dementia YEARS before it shows up with symptoms. This is pretty groundbreaking as it would allow us to see if interventions could slow or stop the progression of the disease, plus possibly create a new category of treatment that would tamp down those proteins. Read more here.

RADICAL ISLAM UNSEATS RUSSIA AS GERMANY'S TOP CONCERN According to an annual survey The Munich Security Index. Whereas Russia was tops even last year, now radical Islam and mass migration have taken over. The attacks of Hamas, and the realization that Germany has welcomed a lot of Muslims via migration has people concerned and I'd say that's not unreasonable.

ARE YOU FINANCIALLY CHEATING? Do you have a secret savings account or credit card? Do you hide spending from your spouse? You're not alone. This article talks about financial infidelity and it's serious. If you're in a relationship with someone you feel the need to hide things from you need to get some help with communication of you need to get out of that relationship. Secrets are exhausting in a relationship.

A FASCINATING STUDY ON WALKING HOME FOR MEN AND WOMEN This is incredibly illuminating. A recent study asked men and women to look at images of a walkway from college campuses and then asked them to click on the areas that caught their attention in the photos. Women focused significantly more on potential safety hazards—the periphery of the images—while men looked directly at focal points or their intended destination. The resulting images show how much women are scanning the environment for danger while men just get to focus on where they are going. Check the pictures here.


NOW YOU CAN RESERVE PARKING AT DIA! If you don't mind ponying up for the privilege that is. The spots are where the old valet parking used to be right by the terminal and you can reserve one up to 90 days in advance. They are pricey though at $50 per day. Just for the record you can probably hire a car service cheaper than that if you're going to be gone more than two days. Just a thought.

TRAVIS KELCE'S FIERY HALFTIME SPEECH LIFTED THE CHIEFS And if you saw his outburst on the sideline you know he's got passion when he plays. A teammate told CBS Mornings that Kelce got the team fired up and moving for the second half.

UBER AND LYFT DRIVERS MAY RUIN YOUR VALENTINE'S DAY PLANS As they are planning a strike on Valentine's Day to push for fairer pay and better working standards. It doesn't appear to be coming to the Denver market but just be ready.

FACT CHECKING TEMU CLAIMS Will Temu steal our identity? Those are the rumors online but this fact check didn't find any evidence of that. It did find lots of complaints about cheap Chinese garbage that they sell for pennies. I would never use Temu because I think their goal is to put every other shopping platform out of business so they can then raise prices. Just saying.

LOOKING FOR FAT TUESDAY FUN? We've got some suggestions for you here.


THE SUPER BOWL WAS THE MOST WATCHED EVER I think it was because of Taylor Swift. It goes down as the most watched tv program in history as well.


HOW NET ZERO WILL DESTROY OUR POWER GRID This is an illuminating column on how dangerous the move to Net Zero really is. We stand to risk collapsing our entire power grid in the process, read it here.

THE BUSINESS OF TRANSGENDERISM IS BOOMING And children are being maimed and permanently altered for money. That's what I took away from this.

ABOUT BIDEN'S MISHANDLING OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS This is a GREAT column on what the Biden supporting media is ignoring as they report that no charges will be filed against Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents. First off, they are trying to downplay that he isn't being charged because he's too old and confused for them to get a conviction. Secondly, they are glossing over just how egregious his dereliction truly was. From this Substack:

“Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden's handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods.”

But it wasn't just when he left office:

Even the nation’s most guarded secrets were unsafe in Biden’s hands. “[In] August 2010… Mr. Biden failed to return Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (also referred to as ‘codeword’) contents of a classified briefing book that he had received during a trip to the Hamptons.” His reckless management of classified papers so alarmed White House officials that they scheduled a briefing with Biden that same month to review the necessary protocol.

What he did was much, much worse than what Trump did. For real, read it here.

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