2/2/24 Blog: A Free for All Friday, and the US Produces a Crapload of Oil

YOU GUYS ARE GETTING THE HANG OF FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY Because it means it is your chance to ask about whatever topic you want to ask about. So get ready and if you want to call you can.

ROSE PUGLIESE JOINS ME TODAY She's the new Minority House Leader and after having to reschedule a couple of times because of business at the Capitol I am relatively certain we're going to connect today at 12:30.

WE ARE THE WORLD'S LEADING OIL PRODUCER In spite of the Biden Administration. How are we producing record amounts of oil even though we have far fewer rigs drilling now than since 2014? American ingenuity and increases in the productivity of existing wells using horizontal drilling and other means. Do you know how they accomplish horizontal drilling? Fracking. Hydrauilic Fracturing has allowed us to find way more oil with far fewer rigs. The best part of this story is that we are creating huge problem for OPEC, which is cutting production to try to artificially raise prices. Russia also suffers if we keep oil and gas prices reasonable. This is a win-win for Americans in my book. I also love this story because the Biden Administration has done everything in its power to stop new oil drilling and oil producers are like, whatever, we'll find a way. Heh.

THE MAYOR'S OFFICE GOT PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT FROM ZONING When it comes to the building of a micro community in the Overland neighborhood. After is was found the city didn't follow proper procedure when they applied for the permit in the first place the City was allowed to refile the application and was IMMEDIATELY approved. The citizens who filed and won the initial appeal were hoping for more communication and assurances about mitigation for the surrounding neighborhood but they just got crapped all over by a rigged system. If one of these communities is scheduled for your area good luck stopping it. The community is finding out their appeal was totally for nought, as the Mayor's office is not doing any more meetings and simply doesn't seem to care about their concerns after the recent stabbing and uptick in crime at other shelters.

WE'VE FINALLY DISSUADED NEWCOMERS TO COLORADO A friend of mine was up for a job in Denver. I told him to check real estate prices and overall cost of living before he took an offer and he ended up turning the job down because of the shock of what he saw here. He's not the only one apparently. Now Colorado, which very recently was a mecca for newcomers, has seen our in migration slow to a trickle. I guess we should thank Democrats for that.

ANOTHER VERY SAVVY SCAM TO PAY ATTENTION TO A couple was robbed of $137,000 dollars after getting a scam text about a Chase bank account. In hindsight I know this man knew he missed several opportunities to avoid this but the scammers are incredibly good at this. Read about it here.

DON'T LET DEMOCRATS SPREAD LIES ABOUT BORDER RESPONSIBILITY The rep for the 8th Congressional District did just that when she said this:

Caraveo claimed Republicans don’t want to fix the issue at the border.
“It’s not even going to be brought to the floor, from what we’re hearing from Mr. Johnson, if it makes it through the Senate,” Caraveo said.

A good follow up question would be why hasn't the Democrat controlled Senate taken up HR-2, which provides real teeth for border security? Don't let them shift the blame.

WE ARE IN A GOVERNMENT CREATED ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL And I'm going to keep sharing these stories where smart people are pointing out that we are about to spend more on interest payments than we spend on DEFENSE every year. The worst part about this column is look how many of the people commenting WORK in DC is some capacity, and yet we're on track to spend $2.2 TRILLION dollars more than we bring in this year alone. No one in power seems to care. Maybe because they are all old and will be dead when the bills come due and the entire economy collapses and we take the world economy down with us.

BUT THE ECONOMY ADDED A TON OF JOBS IN JANUARY And incomes rose as well. It's a stunningly good report and very good news for President Biden's re election campaign.

GROCERY PRICES ARE STILL VERY HIGH And this is bad news for Biden and probably why so many people have a dim view of the economy right now. Grocery prices are still way above where they were two years ago and people feel it every week. Will they come down anytime soon? Probably not. Again, very bad news for Biden.

EBUSES ARE A BUST Holy cow the information in this editorial about electric buses being touted by municipalities who want to go green is shockingly bad. They don't work well in cold, the buses already purchased by the Springs by a now in bankruptcy protection company simply don't work, and we say we want more of this? Insane. This follows on the heels of Hertz unloading a third of its electric fleet of Teslas, after they found out no one wanted to rent them. The EV Revolution is stalling.

DEALERS ARE ABOUT TO BE PEDDLING THEIR WARES OUTSIDE GROCERY STORES And they are the cutest little dealers you ever saw, out there pushing Girl Scout cookies onto unsuspecting dieters.

MIKE LYNCH OFFER A MEA CULPA And it's about time. He was speaking to a group of young people when he expressed the shame and embarrassment he felt about his DUI arrest. This is a good way to handle this, but he changed his tune on why he didn't make his arrest public dramatically. After saying at a recent event that he "flipped a coin" on telling or not telling, he now says he didn't want to embarrass his kids during their final years in high school and I get that. But he still handled the whole thing very poorly.

DENVER HAS BEEN OFFERING TO SHIP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO OTHER CITIES After the big kerfuffles about Texas shipping them here I find it ironic we are now offering to ship them elsewhere. Read this from a Westword story:

"We're just really pushing, trying to tell people, 'Look it's just not that expensive in every other city,'" Ewing says. "Denver is kind of an outlier, obviously, in the amount of help and support we've provided, but also we're more expensive." 

See Part B of that statement for an answer to why they aren't taking the city up on the free tickets elsewhere. You've already rolled out a welcome mat and they are counting on that continuing, plus I guarantee they know we won't work with ICE on detainers so why would they leave?

A NEW SCHOOL FUNDING FORMULA IS IN THE WORKS And this is being presented by a bipartisan group of people invested in education. I don't have all the details but this story gives a high level view.

I KIND OF LOVE THIS GUY Who is doing something so random but very kind.

PLEASE MICROCHIP YOUR DOG This made me cry this morning.


GOT A STUPID PET TRICK? You can try out with your pooch to be on the show hosted by Sarah Silverman in Longmont at Oskar Blues Brewery in February. Details here.

THANK GOD JANE FONDA IS HERE TO SAVE US I have no issues with Jane Fonda as an actress but as an activist I'm not a fan. She is in town to give a speech at CSU and took a tour of Commerce City to check out industrial pollution at the urging of local activists. She has pledged to support candidates who make climate change their main priority, which will of course make everything more expensive for the people living in Commerce City but let them eat cake, amiright?

DOWNTOWN BARS THANK DENVER POLICE I love this story. After watching downtown turn into a hellhole that no one felt safe visiting, Downtown bars have been working with police to increase police presence and make the area fun to visit again and it's working. They especially wanted to thank the police for acting so quickly after shooting outside of Dierks Bentley's Whisky Row and their dogged determination to find the shooter. The group made a donation to the Denver Police Orphans Fund in thanks.

THE DOINK CAMERA IS COMING TO THE SUPER BOWL This is kind of cool. CBS is putting cameras INTO the uprights so we will have front row seats to every kick, including those that hit the uprights.

HERE IS THE SHIP WE'RE SAILING ON FOR THE CHRISTMAS MARKET TRIP Find out more about the whole trip by clicking here but check out this floating palace. FANCY!

A USERS GUIDE TO GEN ALPHAS DO'S AND DON'TS All of these are things Gen Alpha has decided are not cool, and I guess Millienials are having a hard time with it, but as Gen X I truly don't care.

THOSE COOL SONGS FOR TIK TOK VIDEOS ARE BEING PULLED Because Universal Music Group, which gathers up and pays royalties to artists, could not reach a deal with the streaming platform. This may be a huge hit to the platform for creators but artists deserved to get paid when someone else is profiting from their music.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES COME FACE TO FACE WITH GRIEVING FAMILIES Five major tech company CEOs testified before Congress as they are accused of putting profit over child safety.

A SUPER BOWL AND PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PREDICTION That is based on such absurd unpinnings I hope you don't give it much credence. Watch below or click here.

GOOD GIRL FINDS MISSING KID We don't deserve dogs. A police K9 followed the scent of a 12 year old lost kid for two miles to find and recover the kid.

ACCURACY CHECK: PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL How accurate is the groundhog we all look to for our spring forecast? Not very. He's only been right 39% of the time according to records dating back about a hundred and thirty years.

IF YOU'RE SHARING A HULU OR DISNEY+ PASSWORD The jig is up March 14th when the password crackdown begins. You're allowed to share them within your household, but not outside of it. It worked really well for Netflix and got them millions more subscribers so expect every platform to do the same.




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