01/05/24 Blog: I've Got Mike Pompeo, EV tax credits, and The Wine Yogi!

MIKE POMPEO IS GOING TO BE AT THE STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE EVENT Once again the Steamboat Institute has created a top notch event on foreign policy with some DYNAMITE speakers. On January 20th Mike Pompeo will be joined by the likes of Dennis Prager, Mary Kissel, James Carafano, Gad Saad and more to discuss foreign policy for an entire day and you should go. Find out more and buy your tickets here, and I've got former Secretary of State and CIA Head Mike Pompeo on at 1pm today to do a little preview.

THERE ARE STILL TAX CREDITS FOR ELECTRIC CARS And I've got Kevin Favro, Founder and Co-CEO of EV Life, an EV finance platform - EV Life on to talk about it. EV Life launched in Colorado to help locals maximize savings on EVs, and you can find it here. We're going to discuss some changes to the tax credit programs and how you can still benefit if you want to buy an electric car.

THE WINE YOGI JOINS ME TO TALK DRY JANUARY After the excesses of December it's a good idea for a reset and that is the idea behind Dry January. Your Dry January doesn't have to boring club soda with lime though, and the Yogi has some great suggestions here to make it fun. Here are some cool things around Denver to make Dry January fun.

IT'S A FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY And this is when you get to talk about whatever you want to talk about with me. So bring your A game.

POLIS DEMANDS YOU BUY ELECTRIC IN 2032 At least that's how I'm taking a rule he covered in his biannual report on Colorado's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap. The rule is pretty clear and it says:

Rule demanding that 82% of all new light duty vehicles sold in Colorado be electric by model year 2032

In case you were wondering, light duty vehicles covers passenger vehicles. There is a bunch of other stuff that you can read about here, but I wonder how he's going to force us to want an electric car if we don't want one? And what does this mean for auto dealers who are already having trouble moving electric vehicles?

MIXING WEED AND WORKOUTS This is an interesting article about the effects of marijuana on workouts. A small study of runners using either THC or CBD before a run showed one thing clearly, and that is that cannabis is NOT a performance enhancing drug. The runners all ran more slowly after using it. However, they did report higher levels of "runner's high" and feeling good while exercising, which could be good for someone lacking motivation. I'm not saying go out and get some pot if you're a couch potato, but CBD actually did a better job of making exercise fun without the downsides of THC so maybe try that first. This story also mentions a different study that showed daily pot smokers were about a third more likely to develop Coronary Artery Disease than non-smokers, which isn't that surprising to me. Read it all here.

CAR THEFTS WENT DOWN LAST YEAR And they are still high but at least we're moving in the right direction! Find out if your car is on the most stolen list here.

ALCOHOL DEATHS HAVE SOARED 60% IN COLORADO IN FOUR YEARS And hats off the Denver Post for this series they've done about it. Read this first article fors an overview but definitely click through to the supporting stories. There is great information in this that needs to be shared.

I LOVE A GOOD SNARKY SIGN And Denver has a good one right along I-25 near the Aquarium. This is a fun story on how the snarky sign came to be and the organization that creates the snark.

ECONOMIC GOOD NEWS FOR BIDEN As gas prices are back to 3 bucks a gallon and the December jobs report was stronger than expected. This is all good news going into an election year, which is a double edged sword for me. I want cheap gas and a strong economy but I don't want Biden.


NANCY PELOSI IS A TRADING GENIUS And she needs to leave Congress and start a brokerage STAT because her portfolio outperformed the S+P by DOUBLE. Of course if she left the House she wouldn't have access to the inside information she obviously trades on to make money. There is a move in Congress to ban trading by elected officials and I think that would go a long way to ending the "career politician" issue. Read it here.

THAT WHOLE "HAMAS TREATED US WELL" FABLE IS FALLING APART NICELY And CNN did a really big thing by talking to a woman who was held hostage with her two children after her mother was murdered by Hamas. Read it here and understand why Hamas must be utterly destroyed.

ADD THIS TO YOUR FRIDAY READING It's TGIF from the Free Press and Nellie Bowles does an outstanding job full of snark wrapping up the week's news. If I ever get canned I'll be doing a newsletter like this that I'm going to want you to pay for so I can stay alive. Just a warning.

WHEN YOU'RE BUYING AIRLINE TICKETS, PAY ATTENTION This is a story about a couple who bought plane tickets for a vacation, only to realize at the airport that the husband bought his wife's ticket with her nickname Kate, instead of her passport name Katherine. It was a costly mistake but a good reminder to check your details when buying tickets for anywhere.


DEAR PARENTS, EVERYTHING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ON THE INTERNET This story is crazy. Parents got a whole lot of internet crap for posting a video of their 7 year old daughter opening the "gift" of a box of Slim Tea for Christmas. Yes, the girl is plump, but this is horrible. Now the family is defending themselves by saying it was sent by a supporter of their video page but they didn't have to post this on the internet. They deserve a whole bunch more crap for this than they are getting.

NEKKID LADIES ARE GOING TO BE SKIING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN And guys, if you want to take part, you just need to say you're non-binary, as they will be allowed to participate in this otherwise female event. Find out more here.


KID SHOW SUGGESTIONS FOR YOU This guy says there are better choices then Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol and I'm just grateful I'm done with this phase of parenting. Watch below or click here.


SIX ACCOUNTS FOR ADULTING This is really good advice. Watch below or click here.

BILL CLINTON WENT TO BAT FOR HIS GOOD FRIEND JEFFREY EPSTEIN According to the documents released from the Epstein files. Read it here.

WATCH SPEAKER MIKE JOHNSON ON THE BORDER WITH JAKE TAPPER It's refreshing to see how deftly he pushes back against the narrative being sold by Jake Tapper when it comes to the border.

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE LOVE VIVEK, PART #2 He does handle this like a boss.

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