11/16/23 Blog: A Mayor, and It's Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

THIS IS THE NECKLACE I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY And I asked my friend Nune where she got it. Buy it here, and 10% goes to support Israel with emergency essentials for those in need.

MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN JUST WON RE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE So we're going to check in with the Mayor at 1pm to see what he's got in store for his second term. He joins me at 1.

IT'S BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU DAY! So what the heck is that? It's the official release day for the 2023 crop of Beaujolais Nouveau wines and the Wine Yogi explains it all in this blog post.

MIDDLE SCHOOLERS ARE THE WORST And I say that as one who just got the last kid through middle school so I know. I read a great book called Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood that gave me good insight into WHY middle schoolers suck so bad. Their brains develop in certain ways, and they develop the awareness that cruelty can bring power before they develop the part with greater empathy. I'm guessing this story out of Cherry Creek has some of that in it, as a middle school boy recorded a racist rant about hating black people that was widely shared at West Middle School in the Cherry Creek School District. When another kid reported it, he started being bullied. His mom is super unhappy with the way the school handled the whole thing and now the NAACP is demanding a further investigation because they are concerned about the possibility of a school shooting. It's a mess, and again, middle schoolers are the worst.

THE AURORA VA HAS CANCELLED VETERANS ORDERS TO DO AWAY WITH A BACKLOG This is what happens when a friend is hired to do a job they are ill equipped to do. The Aurora VA has been under the "leadership" of a man named Michael Kilmer since it opened and our new beautiful facility is rotten to the core inside because of him. He's since been reassigned, but if you read this lengthy article from the Denver Post, you will be furious by the end. Veterans are treated like a nuisance, workers who try to force change and improvement are retaliated against or fired, and in the meantime veterans waiting for things that could help them simply die waiting. And was Kilmer fired? Nope, just reassigned. This is why systems like the VA will never be fixed, because no one gets fired for doing a lousy job. This makes me so angry.

1.7 NEW MUSLIM REFUGEES SHOULD BE A STORY, RIGHT? and they would be if we were talking about Palestinians refugees, but we're not. Check this out.

I wonder why it's not headline news? Oh, we all know why.

CONGRESS PASSED THE CONTINUING RESOLUTION BILL Put forth by Speaker Mike Johnson that prevents a government shutdown until after the first of the year and divides spending into to deadlines to pass appropriations bills. The Senate passed it last night. The President, who called the completely reasonable plan "extreme" now has to sign it. So far so good, we'll see if he can get Congress to properly do a budget in the new year.

PROP HH IS POLIS'S ALBATROSS That's what Jon Caldara makes the case for in this column. He's right when he says Polis showed his political impotence by saying that he can't get 20 Democrats to go along with permanently lowering property taxes.

TINA PETERS IS SUING EVERYONE Because she says she's being unfairly targeted by being charged with felonies for clearly breaking the law she was elected to uphold. You can read about it here but I suspect it's going nowhere so why bother.

DENVER'S FIRST TINY HOME COMMUNITY DOWNTOWN IS UNDERWAY And the Mayor is very excited to show people how successful these can be and I'm here for it. If they are anything like the Denver Rescue Mission it will only take a matter of weeks before illegal encampments pop up around it. It's going to be on Elati Street in the current Golden Triangle. We'll see if it stays golden.

ISRAEL IS DEPORTING HAMAS SUPPORTERS And to say they are not happy about it is an understatement. This Palestinian woman celebrated the Hamas attacks from her home safe in Israel. She is being told she can go back to Gaza now. Israel is not messing around anymore.

THIS ISRAELI NEEDS TO BE HEARD WIDE AND FAR And especially by anyone who is trying to draw moral equivalencies between Hamas and Israel.

I JUST CANCELLED MY TWITTER PREMIUM ACCOUNT As Elon Musk affirmed a tweet that blames Jewish people for their current situation because they are liberals. I just can't anymore with that. Here is my cancellation:

My premium account will remain blue checked until the current year's membership expires in January. It's the only option they gave me as you pay a year in advance for the membership. I hope he goes back to his home planet soon.

BUT JEWISH PEOPLE ARE STILL DEMOCRATS Even though 54% of their fellow Democrats side with the Palestinian people, they are still staunch Democrats. Read this survey story for more.

THE DNC IS TARGETED BY THE MONSTERS THEY'VE CREATED When you encourage your people to get in the faces of their enemies it's really only a matter of time before they turn that ire on you. It happened last night at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC was the site of a protest demanding a ceasefire in Israel. Police responded and protesters fought and then ran to the cameras to claim victimhood, a tactic they must have learned from Hamas. Read about it here. See below for the victim narrative by a screaming Democrat.

OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS RIGHT IS NOW HAPPENING ON TIK TOK And honestly how can you use this app and not feel dumber every day because of it. Watch this.

A GAZAN MAN TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT HAMAS And the Arab news reporter immediately ends the interview. Watch below.

A LAWYER FOR A TRUMP DEFENDANT LEADED THE VIDEOS And admitted it to a judge. He says it helped his client, a fired county election employee charged with taking part in Trump’s election meddling efforts in Georgia, and that it added context to the conversation around Trump's actions. I did not see this coming but okay. Read it here.

SOMEONE SHOULD CHECK ON WIL WHEATON As he took to Facebook to defend his choice to continue wearing a mask forever. Leave Wil alone. He can signal to the world all he wants and if it makes him feel better he's not hurting anyone.

WHY YOU MUST DEEP CLEAN YOUR HOT TUB We do ours every four months as well but it's never this gross after four months. That being said, hot tubs can be super nasty. Watch below or click here.

CORPORATE LISA IS HERE TO HELP We've all had these meetings. WE'VE ALL HAD THEM. I laughed really hard because this chic nails it. Watch below or click here.

WHAT THE FIVE UNHEALTHIEST FAST FOOD PLACES? I'm not gonna lie, I was shocked at #1. Which one surprised you the least?

JFK'S ER DOCS ARE TALKING And according to their interviews one reporter says there was obviously a massive cover up. Well duh.

THE MOST COMMON PASSWORDS ARE PATHETIC Please don't tell me that anyone in my audience is a 1234567 password person. Please. But apparently a lot of people are. Read the worst passwords here, and most of them can be cracked in under a second.

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED YESTERDAY! And if you missed my turkey bowling, here you go.

AIRLINE EMPLOYEES MAKE A WHOPPER TO COVER A NIGHT OF DRINKING This seems like something drunk people would do. Three airline crew members lied about being the victims of a robbery to cover up a night of debauchery that ended up with a flight being postponed. Dumbasses.

RICH PARENTS ARE DITCHING ELITE PREP SCHOOLS But not for any financial or philosophical reason. Attendance at one of those schools could actually HURT your kid's chance of getting into an Ivy League school. So it's off to public school full of hoi polloi for them.

DISNEY + IS GOING AWAY But don't expect Disney to leave the streaming business completely. They seem to be making a move to buy Hulu outright and combine the two, which means that parents will no longer be able to be certain of the family friendly content they currently get on Disney+. Read more here.

KANG IS OUT AT MARVEL After the issues for actor Jonathan Majors, who had been tapped to play the overarching villain in the next series of Marvel movies, have become too much of a risk. The writer in charge of launching the Kang the Conqueror storyline has been axed and been told they are moving away from that storyline.

AND NOW, FIFTY PICTURES TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER About whatever is going on in your life. See them here, and you really should.

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