11/9/23 Blog: Haley Takes the Night, With DeSantis Close Behind

THE NIGHT BELONGED TO NIKKI HALEY LAST NIGHT And according to the Drudge Poll it's not even close. Vivek Ramaswamy annoys the crap out of me now and Chris Christie had a good night even though he has no chance. DeSantis was also really good, but I think his story is over in this election cycle. Did you watch and if so, who won in your mind? Watch these highlights for a taste. Trump has already said he won't attend the next debate either.

BRIAN KILMEADE HAS A NEW BOOK OUT And it's called Teddy and Booker T.: How Two American Icons Blazed a Path for Racial Equality and you can buy it by clicking here. I'll talk to him about the book today at 1.

THE HONOR BELL FOUNDATION NEEDS YOUR HELP WITH A TOY DRIVE And Chris Boyer joins me today at 12:30 to talk about how you can help. Find out more about the Honor Bell Foundation by clicking here. Find the list of where you can drop off toys on the Facebook page here!

HEY VETERANS, GET SOME FREE STUFF ON VETERANS DAY! Find a list of who is giving veterans free stuff here.

THE ACTOR'S STRIKE IS OVER And I'm sure you're all like "PHEW" because now maybe our shows will get back up and running. The studios have struck a deal that includes streaming money for actors and everyone is back to work today even though the union members have to ratify the dea via a vote. I can't imagine they won't, some of these people are losing their homes right now. Read about how it happened here, though all the details are not public just yet.

SO IS IT ISRAEL THAT IS REALLY OPPRESSING THE PALESTINIANS? I was searching for something and stumbled up on this website called Freedom House. This is what they do, from their website:

Freedom House works to defend human rights and promote democratic change, with a focus on political rights and civil liberties. We act as a catalyst for freedom through a combination of analysis, advocacy, and action. Our analysis, focused on 13 central issues, is underpinned by our international program work. 

I looked up The Gaza Strip to find out how free the Palestinians are under Hamas's rule. I've got it all for today's show. You won't be surprised.

"A GENERATIONAL DISRUPTION" IN THE ENTERTAINMENT FIELD And I'm not talking about the actor's strike. The CEO of Warner Brothers used that phrase in an earnings call that saw Warner Brothers miss expectations by a good bit. The stock tumbled and once again we're wondering if the legacy media is going to survive the disruption of TikTok and YouTube and other streaming services people get for free. Could they be the Sears of this generation? Disney missed expected earnings as well, Disney's CEO Bob Iger says Disney is "rebuilding" and I found this quote interesting:

“As I reflect on our achievement this past year, I’m mindful of the fact that a lot of time and effort was spent on fixing, both contending with certain decisions made in the recent past, and addressing the numerous challenges brought on by disruption and the pandemic,” Iger added on the earnings call. “And while we still have work to do to continue improving results, our progress has allowed us to move beyond this period of fixing and begin building our businesses again.”
To that end, Iger unveiled four strategic priorities for the company going forward: making streaming a profitable business, building ESPN for a digital future, expanding its live experiences business and “improving the output and economics of our film studios.”

I fully expect Disney to leave the woke nonsense behind in its movie products based on this quote alone. Those movies failed and they failed badly compared to their budgets. We'll see if Iger can right the ship.

WEIRD 2024 TRENDS TO BOOST YOUR HOME'S VALUE Got a cold plunge pool? Or pickleball court? Your house will be hot, hot, hot in today's market. Read about the odd trends for 2024 here.

WHY DOES CHINA WANT TO STIR UP ANTI-SEMITISM? This column makes the case that it is to take the world's eyes off its own bad behavior. It makes a really good point when saying:

By almost any measure, China is the most nativist nation on Earth. Even North Korea has more immigrants. Thanks to Chinese conceptions of racial purity, as of 2020, only .00118535714 percent (16,595) of China’s 1.4 billion citizens are naturalized citizens. 
But not all Chinese citizens are equal. Many non-Han Chinese are second-class citizens, required to show internal passports to leave their increasingly occupied territories. Indeed, the Chinese are practicing “settler colonialism” on a massive scale. Local customs and the teaching of minority languages are widely banned. Han Chinese are erasing ancient cultures in Mongolia, Tibet, and most acutely in Xinjiang, the home of the Uyghurs. 
Even Uyghurs not put in prison camps are banned from practicing their religion. Their mosques and cemeteries are being being razed. Under what might be called “ Jim Crow with Chinese Characteristics,” Uyghurs and Tibetans can be denied service and hotel rooms. Anti-African racism is commonplace. Judaism, which isn’t recognized as a religion, must be practiced in secret. Slave labor, mostly by Muslims,  endures in China.  

If Israel is a problem for practicing "apartheid" even though a fifth of its citizens are Muslim or non-Jew, why does China get a pass?

HAMAS IS WORKING TOWARDS "PERMANENT WAR" WITH ISRAEL And you wonder why Israel doesn't want a ceasefire? You wonder why Israel is responding with such determination to exterminate Hamas? Read this and then tell me how you don't understand.

CREDIT CARD DEBT IS UP, DELINQUENCIES ARE TOO People are starting to have trouble paying their credit card bills, even as credit card debt is going up, up, up. Read about it here.

A FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE CAN IMPROVE CARDIAC HEALTH This is an interesting study about how someone's work schedule can affect their health. The study found that when workers were given some flexibility over their work schedules it actually improved their cardiac health but a good measure. Read it here.

IT'S TIME TO OUT THE JOHNS A high-end brothel operation has been busted and the Department of Justice says the clients are professional people, some of them elected officials. I want to know who they are. I want a list published of who was paying women who may have been trafficked for sex. It will never stop until they out the johns. The publicized the names of the pimps, now do the johns.

THE EU IS INVESTIGATING TIKTOK AND YOUTUBE To find out what kind of content kids are getting access to on the platforms. They are much more aggressive when it comes to banning things so we'll see where this goes.

RACIST BLACK GIRL HAS A LIST OF INSULTS FOR WHITE PEOPLE It's so funny because white people suck, amiright? Now let's do one for derogatory names for black people! No? Why not? Oh, because we'd be called racists? Oh right.

FIRST GOAL FOR A TEAM IS CALLED BY YOUR GRANDPA That's what happened with Vinny Lettieri scored his first goal for the Minnesota Wild and his grandpa was calling the game.

BRONNY JAMES MAY BE BACK THIS YEAR After having a cardiac arrest earlier this year. The arrest was caused by a congenital heart defect that he son of LeBron James didn't know he had. He may be cleared to play soon, which would be great news for USC.

YES, WOMEN NEED A LOT MORE SLEEP Than men. Watch below or click here.

HOW CONSTRUCTION JOBS ARE SCHEDULED And I know this is a joke but it feels kinda accurate to me. Watch below or click here.

PARALLEL LINES BEEFING I don't know why this is so funny but it is. Watch below or click here.

THIS IS WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING AGAINST Stupid college students who conflated the US military with Hamas.

THAT'S ONE BIG ASS BABY And just so you know, he was delivered via C-Section because I don't see a 14 pound, 8 ounce baby coming out the old fashioned way. I hope they didn't buy any newborn size clothing because little Sonny has already outgrown it.

THERE IS A NEW GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIE COMING OUT! And it's got the same cast, minus Harold Ramis who died some time ago. Watch the teaser trailer here.

SHREK FIVE MAY HAVE A RELEASE DATE But as the last two were marginal at best I'm not gearing up for this one. Apparently a woman spilled the beans on her LinkedIn profile.

ADULTS LEARN THAT PARENTS MISLEAD THEM And we've all done it. My favorite story like this comes from Chuck when he asked his older brother what a Rhodes Scholar was. I'll share that on the air today. Read these examples of when people found out things they thought were "normal" turned out to be anything but.


IF YOU DO QUIT, DON'T DO THIS And especially don't do this if you're fired. What is "this"? Sign something the company says you have to sign.


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