11/7/23 Blog: Kids Can Shoot Some Turkeys, And It's Election Day!

MY VOTER GUIDE IS HERE TO HELP! And you can find it here before you vote NO ON PROP HH and your very important school board races. Find it here.

IT'S TIME FOR THE COFA TURKEY SHOOT! We do this interview every year because this is a super fun event where kids can come out and shoot bb guns at paper targets. No turkeys are hurt during this event. Find out more and sign your kid up by clicking here. Mike Brooks and Leslie Allen will join me at 2 to talk about it.

STEVE MOORE POPS ON TO TALK DEFICIT SPENDING Because it is clear that no one in DC gives a rat's ass about history and what brings down empires. He's on at 1.

OZEMPIC IS A GAME CHANGER BUT THERE ARE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW I know people who are having life changing weight loss on Ozempic and I say good for them! However, more and more information about negative side effects is coming out and if you're thinking of taking Ozempic watch this video first. This is a series of doctors talking about the upside and downside of Ozempic in a balanced way, including how to lose weight safely while taking it.

I'm not saying that it is bad, but I am saying it is a drug that has downsides that you need to know about before you go on it in the first place. Without significant diet and lifestyle changes you will gain the weight back and lose muscle mass. Make sure you talk to your doctor about ALL of the side effects and what to watch out for first. Maybe try the SOTA Weight Loss instead.

ANOTHER AURORA POLICE OFFICER ACQUITTED In the death of Elijah McClain. This was the officer who initially contacted Elijah McClain and put him in a carotid hold in the first place. Though the officer says he would now do things differently than he did that night, the jury found him not guilty of charges of criminally negligent homicide, a lesser included charge to the manslaughter count. This has to feel terrible for McClain's family but I still think this was a series of bad choices that do not meet the standard of criminality. We'll see what happens in the trial of the paramedics who actually administered the ketamine that killed him.

MORE RENTAL ASSISTANCE MONEY IS COMING FROM THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL This as eviction hearings in court are at really high levels. The City Council and the Mayor's office came to a compromise to inject a bunch of cash into a program that ran out of cash earlier this year. I'm often curious about how these programs work in that are they a temporary measure or a monthly stipend? That doesn't seem sustainable to me if it's a monthly stipend.

NO, A CHILDCARE APOCALYPSE IS NOT COMING A left wing think tank put out a report that said because Covid money had run out there was running out a bunch of childcare centers were going to be forced to close. That is not at all accurate. Read it here.

PARKER BUSINESSES NEED 5A AND 5B TO PASS This is a great article on why 5a and 5b is needed to keep a vibrant business environment in Douglas County. I already voted YES on both.

DENVER DOING WHAT THEY GOT MAD AT TEXAS FOR DOING Which is move illegal migrants somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it, but they've spent thousands of dollars on bus and plane tickets to do so. For a Sanctuary City that doesn't seem so welcoming, does it? Do they ever offer to send these folks home? I'd love to know.

ROBIN NICETA IS BUILDING A LIFETIME MOVIE IN FRONT OF OUR EYES The story of the woman who falsely accused Aurora City Council member Danielle Jurinsky of horrible child abuse is getting weirder and weirder. On the first day of the trial, Niceta's attorney declared that it was former Aurora Police Chief and ex-girlfriend of Niceta Vanessa Wilson who made the call. This rings about as true as Niceta's made up claim of a brain tumor that she tried to use to get out of facing trial. This woman is obviously nuts and needs to be held accountable for wreaking havoc in Jurinsky's life, but DAMN this is going to make a great Lifetime movie.

A JEWISH MAN IS DEAD FROM A PRO HAMAS RALLY I'm sure it was mostly peaceful but not for Paul Kessler, who was hit over the head before collapsing and later dying at a hospital in California. He was at a Pro-Israel rally when a Pro-Hamas rally showed up and chaos ensued. I'm sure the perpetrator is stoked he got to kill a Jew. Read more here, but note it is a rabbi who is calling for people to not jump to conclusion.

HAMAS'S LEADERSHIP DOESN'T HAVE TO SUFFER FOR WHAT IT'S DONE As they live OUTSIDE the Gaza Strip in places like Iran, Qatar, and Turkey. I was talking about this yesterday, but I didn't realize that tons of them DON'T have to live with the consequences of their actions. I hope Israel hunts them all down and makes them pay.

THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T PUT MINORS ON CONNECTING FLIGHTS The Q has flown as an unaccompanied minor multiple times, but always on a direct flight. This has been an inconvenience occasionally when someone has to drive to an airport to pick her up rather than the closest airport but this story is why. A mom is suing American Airlines because her children's connection was cancelled and American Airlines locked them in a room for the night. The airline also gave her wrong info about their new flight and the entire experience was a nightmare.

A PALESTINIAN WOMAN TELLS HOW ISRAEL LET CIVILIANS GO Just watch this and understand Israel is doing what it can to limit civilian deaths while Hamas does everything it can to ensure them.

THIS VIDEO OF TWO PATHETICS BEING CONFRONTED ABOUT THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS PAINFUL TO WATCH And at one point, you may ALMOST feel sorry for this pair of idiots who tore down posters about a vigil for the hostages in Israel. ALMOST. The man asking them to explain themselves does not relent and by the end I felt like they got what they deserved. People like this do things like this because they feel utterly powerless in their own lives and need to feel important somehow. I have no sympathy. We should all be so bold as to force people to admit their anti-Semitism in situations like this.

A STRIP CLUB PRANK CALL And this is pretty good. Watch below or click here.

AI MADE RUGRATS REAL AND IT'S CREEPY This is why I'm not worried about AI taking my job, yet. They made "real" versions of the Rugrats and it's weird. Watch below or click here.

HERE A JEWISH STORE OWNER IS ATTACKED FOR DISPLAYING HOSTAGES Because the Pro-Hamas gangs are now the oppressors.

FLAT EARTHERS DO WHY DINOSAURS WENT EXTINCT And this is funny. Watch below or click here.

OBAMA WEIGHS IN ON ISRAEL AND GAZA And he conveniently leaves off the part where he allowed Iran to get billions of dollars that has allowed them to fund and arm Hamas. He left off the part where Hamas will not recognize Israel's right to exist. But he's not wrong about all of this.

BUT BEING TRANS ISN'T A SOCIAL CONTAGION I'm just going to put this here and let you see for yourself.

GOOD PARENTING NOW CAUSE FOR SCANDAL But only when a Republican does it. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson admitted in an interview years ago that his family uses software that scans devices and reports to an "accountability partner" if any porn or other nefarious activity took place on the device. His son, who was 17, was his accountability partner. This seems to me to be a perfect way to help a teenage son stay away from porn, which is ruining sex for so many young men. But of course, Rolling Stone is trying to make this into something horrible. Of course.

THIS DUDE IS DEAD MEAT As someone filming repeats "I TOLD YOU" several times. Watch below or click here.

ONE WAY TO DEAL WITH OUT OF CONTROL TIPPING This guy gets it. Watch below or click here.

DOES YOUR WORK DO A POTLUCK FOR THANKSGIVING? I love a potluck and had no idea this doesn't happen everywhere but when we had our friends from Costa Rica up to visit they were shocked at the entire concept and loved it. Now I want to know if your office is going to have a potluck this year? If anything would bring me back to the office it would be that. And what is your specialty?

THIS CHICK SAYS JUST WAIT UNTIL TRAVEL TUESDAY And I looked it up and it's a real thing though I'd never heard of it until she told me about it in this video. Watch below or click here.

HOMER WON'T STRANGLE BART ANYMORE because the times they are a'changing.

MR BEAST CONTINUES TO DO GOOD AROUND THE WORLD And honestly, he's making a LOT of other rich folks look really, really bad by continuing to spend his own money to make other people's lives better. This one is really significant and life changing in a way we can't really understand. I love Mr. Beast.

WHERE DOES CAMPUS ANTI SEMITISM COME FROM? This is a great piece by Beri Weiss at The Free Press about money flowing into universities from the Middle East. A recent study showed that:

  • From 2015–2020, institutions that accepted money from Middle Eastern donors had, on average, 300 percent more antisemitic incidents than those institutions that did not. 

That's pretty significant if you ask me. Read about how much of that money has gone undisclosed, even funds from totalitarian states (China, I'm looking at you and the Confucius Institute) Is that why anti-Semitism is so rife on college campuses? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure doesn't seem to help.

CAN WE LEAVE CALEB WILLIAMS ALONE NOW? USC's star quarterback did not take the loss to Washington lightly and unfortunately it made it on the tv.

You know who I want on my team? Someone who hates losing this much.

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