9/14/23 Blog: An Indian Event This Weekend

HOLLEY KINNEY FROM THE FORT JOINS ME TO TALK ABOUT A CULTURAL EVENT THIS WEEKEND The Tesoro Cultural Center is a wonderful space to make sure that Native American culture is not forgotten. If you missed the PowWow earlier this year, this weekend Rendezvous at The Fort is a great way to soak in Native American culture. Holly is coming in at at 12:30 to talk about it. Find out more by clicking here.


AREN'T COLLEGES SUPPOSED TO PROTECT ACADEMIC FREEDOM? I honestly can't remember what prompted a listener to email me and urge me to have Rob Natelson on the show to talk about how colleges and universities, which are supposed to protect and nourish academic freedom, often do the opposite and stifle it instead. Why? To protect their political dogma and sacred cows. Rob wrote a great article on it that I published as it's own blog here and you should read it. He's on at 1 to discuss it.

NOT ANOTHER THIN DIME FOR COLORADO LEGISLATORS I am in 100% agreement with this column by George Brauchler about the possibility of paying our Legislators more. Not ONE. THIN. DIME.

CALDARA AGREES THAT THE TRUMP BALLOT LAWSUIT IS MISGUIDED And you can read his thoughts here, although they mirror my thoughts already expressed on the show.

MAYOR YEMI HAS A THORN IN HIS SIDE And it appears to be City Councilman Dave Donelson. Donelson sent an email chain where Yemi inserted himself into a request for budget information from the Chief Financial Officer. Read the chain for yourself here, but I don't think it makes Yemi seems like a horrible Mayor, just one trying to get a handle on who does what. Perhaps the CFO asked for an intervention, I don't know. This could be one of two things. Yemi is a dictator trying to prevent a City Council member from accessing publicly available information, or a city council member has eyes on the Mayor's seat and is trying to undermine the mayor.

THE DENVER GAZETTE EDITORIAL BOARD THINKS LIKE I DO About Mayor Mike Johnston's plans to house 1,000 homeless addicts and mentally ill folks this year.

FREE NATIONAL PARKS DAY IS COMING UP And if you want to enjoy the splendor of our national parks without the pesky entrance fee, you can go on September 23rd this year. Read more here.

HAS ANYONE SEEN THE VIDEO OF THE ACTUAL BOEBERT DISTURBANCE? By now you've probably seen the video of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert being escorted out of the DCPA, it's everywhere. But has anyone seen the video of the actual alleged disturbance? It seems to me that if there were video of one there should be video of the other, right? Don't we deserve to see for ourselves what happened to cause such a kerfuffle? I'm just saying. I will say flipping the usher the bird on her way out was super classy.

TRUMP TRIES TO REWRITE HISTORY ON COVID In a sit down with Megyn Kelly, ten minutes of which you can see here:

He doesn't know WHO GAVE FAUCI THE PRESIDENTIAL COMMENDATION???? Good on Megyn for pushing him hard. He's now trying to rewrite his response to the virus. Don't let him. Hotair.com reminds you of the truth about what this lying liar who is lying about covid actually did.

JOE BIDEN GETS SCORCHED IN THE NEW QUINNIAPAC POLL This tweet lays out some of the most devastating numbers.

Read the rest of the poll data here.

ABOUT THAT "NO EVIDENCE" LINE The AP and other news media outlets have the gall to say that Republicans are moving ahead with an impeachment inquiry with "no evidence" or wrongdoing by the President. Mmkay. This tweet by the Oversight Committee puts that to rest.

Here is another tweet that lays out the evidence:

CONGRATS TO AROD ON DITCHING 100 POUNDS! And he celebrated his DitchAVersary today on Twitter with this startling look back.

I LOVE THAT OUR FAVE REALITY SHOW IS SHARK TANK Because if it had been a Real Housewives of Anywhere I'd have been embarrassed. Read what the states around us love here.

OUR FAKE LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR IS COMING FOR LAWN EQUIPMENT Because of course he is. He has issued an executive order that requires the state and state contractors to phase out gas powered machines and replace them with electric. It also demands water wise landscaping and piping when things need to be replaced. We just bought an electric leaf blower and I have to say it is not nearly as good as our gas powered one. I would love to hear from commercial operators about electric commercial mowers. Do they even exist? He's also "encouraging" the changes for residents but seriously, it's only a matter of time before the Dem legislature bans them. Like probably next session?

A HOMELESS POP UP BAR IS FOR REAL And imagine if these people spent as much time working on themselves as they did creating a pop up bar with some top shelf liquor at a homeless encampment. And if you want to know what they think of the law, just look at how brazen this thing was. According to an Instagram account I follow this may have already been busted up.

KIDS NEED PHONICS TO LEARN HOW TO READ And the failure of what's been called the "balanced literacy" approach has been spectacular. Now New York City is ditching the feel good nonsense and requiring schools to go back to one of three reading programs that use phonics instead of picture clues and other idiocy. Why? Because their kids can't read. We need to make sure that phonics is in ALL of our districts and we need to make sure now. Next we need to murder New Math.

THE FACTS ON BIDENOMICS WHICH SHOULD BE CALLED BIDENFLATION This is a GREAT article that lays out why you feel your budget being crunched right now and it's not good news. Inflation has shot up 16.7% since Biden took office. Real incomes have DECLINED. Hate Donald Trump all you want, the economy was cooking when he was in office. Even I admit that.

IS THIS REALLY OUR BEST SANDWICH? I love sandwiches. Like LOVE them. So when I saw this list of the best sandwiches in every state you know I peeped at it. Our sandwich is at a place called Roaming Buffalo Barbeque and here is the description:

The sandwich is piled a mile high with beef brisket burnt ends’ (barbecue’s currently ‘it’ protein), generous chunks of sausage made from bison (an animal native to this region), green chile (happily adopted from our New Mexico neighbors) and cheddar cheese, a layer of smoked gouda cheese and slices of honey-pickled jalapeños,

Don't get me wrong, that sounds DELICIOUS, but is there a better sandwich in town?

AI FANS TO THE RESCUE This is similar to the promotion for the horror movie Smile last year, but a bit more creepy.

A GENIUS SOLUTION TO THE DROP FREEZER DILEMMA Which is always "what's in there anyway". Watch below or click here.

A COUPLE OF THIEVING TSA AGENTS GET BUSTED Because they were stealing cash from passengers. Always check your wallet when you get through security.

LAS VEGAS IS STILL UNDER A CYBER ATTACK And if you haven't already heard about this it's crazy. Watch below or click here.

JADEN BROKE IS RIGHT Watch below or click here.

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT EVERYDAY STUFF I did not know these! Watch below or click here.

LOOKING FOR THE SAFEST HOTEL ROOM TO BOOK? This FBI agent has some tips. When I was a flight attendant I had a door stop that I flew with as well and they are a cheap way to feel safer when you are staying by yourself. Read which floors to book here.

SELMA HAYEK SAYS MEDITATION KEEPS HER FIT And all I can say is "lucky beatch" if this is true. I say great genetics are likely the culprit. Read it here.

LOW EFFORT HIGH PAYING JOBS Some of these are somewhat high stress, like being an airline pilot. Read the rest here.

DR. CHATBOT BEATS REAL DOCS IN DIAGNOSING ER PATIENTS It's time we recognize that doctors should be using AI when it comes to diagnosing patients. Chatbots won't REPLACE doctors but they can move things along dramatically when it comes to figuring out an actual diagnosis a new study shows. The study showed that when the doctor's note were uploaded ChatGPT came up with similar diagnoses as the doctors, which could dramatically reduce diagnosis time. Imagine taking a short quiz about your symptoms before you even get into the doctor so they can simply move forward with what you likely have before you even see the first doctor.

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