9/13/23 Blog: Tiny Show Because of Baseball But A Blog Because I Care

BASEBALL AT 12:30 But I tried to find enough stuff to keep you occupied for a while today.

A SCORCHING COLUMN ON THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP Ari Armstrong lays bare the failure of Colorado schools to properly educate black and Hispanic children in our state. There are lots of reasons why, and the success of Asian students is a big clue (their parents and culture values educational attainment as a cornerstone of their lives) but that's no excuse to keep allowing these kids to fall behind. The achievement gap is not unique to Colorado, it persists in every place I've ever lived. In this, Armstrong advocates for a system where the money follows the student instead of he student being forced into whatever the district wants them to be in. This won't happen until the stranglehold the teachers union has on schools is loosened, and that won't happen until we demand answers to why they haven't been able to fix this persistent problem so far. And "we don't have enough money" won't cut it anymore. There are very successful private schools that spend less per student than our public schools. That ship has sailed.

THERE ARE TWO TAX INCREASES ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT And I know they are both tax increases because the Legislature doesn't have to ask our permission to lower taxes, right? The Taxpayers Bill of Rights only says they have to ask to RAISE taxes, which is why Proposition HH is on the ballot in the first place. Read about the other tax increase here.

DENVER VOTERS HAVE A CHANCE TO CHANGE THE SCHOOL BOARD And this article about the candidates running is a good start (it is paywalled but seriously, subscribe to the Denver Gazette already). We need to yank this board away from it's union owned stooges. Read more here and I'm going to get as many of these people on the show as humanly possible before the election.

THIS IS THE DENVER SCHOOL BOARD IS SHUTTING DOWN PUBLIC VOICES I get that school board meetings can go on for too long. But when a governmental body decides to shut down the PUBLIC COMMENT portion of the meeting it gets my hackles up. Without a vote the Denver Public School Board decided to limit public comment to two hours. Why don't they limit THEIR discussions instead? Give themselves a time limit to make room for public comment? This board is full of boobs and nincompoops.

THIS FEELS LIKE A OVERREACTION DIRECTED AT BOEBERT I am not a huge Lauren Boebert fan (when she stays on policy she's great, it's the unnecessary drama that leaves me cold) but this feels like she got targeted by audience members who don't like her. She was escorted out of the Buell Theater during a performance of Beetlejuice after three complaints from members of the audience who alleged "that the two patrons had been "vaping, singing, causing a disturbance." Boebert does admit she took a photo during the show which is strictly forbidden but says she wasn't aware of that policy. I do find it hard to believe she didn't know that as they announce it just before the show begins but whatever. Maybe she was acting the fool but I'm giving this one a raised eyebrow. 9News got the video of her being escorted out, but what about the video of the alleged disturbance? Seems we should see that too, don't you think? She responded on Xster with this:


If you were in the audience and know the whole story I'd love to hear it.

$52 MILLION FOR HOMELESSNESS As Mayor Mike Johnston is trying to get 1,000 people off the streets and into micro communities by the end of the year we know now what the price tag will be. That works out to $52,000 per person if you haven't already done the math. And from what I can tell none of that money is going toward addiction treatment directly but I could be wrong. Again, I hope he's right and I'm wrong, but I doubt I am.

EXPECT THE FED TO MOVE UP INTEREST RATES AGAIN Because inflation ticked back up in August. Prices climbed 3.7% over the previous year which was up from the month before. High gas prices and housing prices are a big part of it, and instead of unleashing the power of the American energy sector our idiot President is begging Saudi Arabia to open up the taps, which they will not do. This clown must go before he destroys this country completely. It's government spending, stupid, cut it and watch the economy thrive. Look at government spending as a percent of GDP. THAT Is the problem.

DR. CHAT GPT TO THE RESCUE I've been dabbling in Chat GPT and am impressed with some of the stuff I've seen, but this may be the future of medicine. A woman whose son was suffering with a mystery illness saw multiple doctors who couldn't figure out what he had so she put all his symptoms into Chat GPT and it correctly diagnosed him with something called tethered cord syndrome. If I were a doctor stumped by someone's symptoms I'd be doing this for sure. It gives you a reasonable place to start anyway.

DEMOCRATS NOW GET TO LIVE BY NANCY PELOSI'S PRECEDENT At least if Kevin McCarthy blows by House rules to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden without a floor vote AS NANCY DID. I am a rule follower by nature, but unless and until the same tactics are used against Democrats THEY WILL NEVER STOP bending, changing and breaking the rules when they have the chance. This is like the time I bit Q back when she bit me (to be clear, I did not bite her hard). It worked, she got the message that biting is bad and it never happened again. If Democrats balk, we can just show them this ad to let them know how we learned it.

COLORADO HAS SOME MICHELIN STARRED RESTAURANTS NOW This is a BIG DEAL in the culinary world and congratulations to all the restaurants to receive stars or recommendations by the Michelin organization. You can see them all here.

COULD COLIN KAEPERNICK MADE AN NFL RETURN? I guess it depends on how desperate the Jets are. His agent has reached out. I wouldn't hire this guy because of the baggage he brings but the NFL cares more about winning than anything else.

THE FAKE SUDAFED IS GARBAGE And I mean the stuff you buy over the counter at pharmacies now. When they put pseudoephedrine behind the counter because meth heads were using it to cook meth, they tried to tell us that this other ingredient, phenylephrine, was just as good but if you've ever taken it you know it does nothing. Now the FDA is saying that too. It's no better than a sugar pill for congestion.

THIS APPLE FEATURE IS CRAZY But I foresee a lot of accidental hang ups at some point. Watch below or click here.

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