05/18/23 Blog: How Did Oil and Gas Fare During The Session?

WHAT DID THE LEGISLATURE DO TO OIL AND GAS THIS TIME? I've got Dan Haley the CEO of Colorado Oil and Gas Association on at 12:35 to discuss what the Legislature did this session and how the industry is doing overall in Colorado.

HOW TO FIX CNN This is the column I was talking about today on the show about CNN. I wish they would listen.

MORE ON PROPERTY TAXES This time with my realtor Mike Potarf from the Chad Madlom team. Is there a chance you can fight your valuation? If yours is like mine there is no point. We're going to discuss what this means for the market and you as a homeowner with Mike at 1. Find Mike and the rest of the Chad Madlom Team by calling 303-900-8570.

DARRELL WATSON IS TRYING TO UNSEAT CANDE CDEBACA And she is literally THE WORST person on Denver's City Council so I'm interested to talk to Darrel about what he brings to the table. Find more about Darrell here.

CAN WE JUST LET LAUREN BOEBERT GET DIVORCED WITHOUT DRAMA? It's sad when a marriage ends and Lauren Boebert just announced hers is ending. Already the news media is running with a salacious story about her husband reacting poorly when he was served with papers, but both he and the Congresswoman have denied any such thing. You can read about it here, but I won't be talking about it. I leave family drama out of my show, even for politicians. I make an exception occasionally for the Royal family.

A MOMENT ON SLAVERY This popped up today and I think it's a timely article on the history of slavery. It does not defend the odious and inhumane practice, but merely gives context to just how long and how widespread it was for CENTURIES around the world. The United States did not invent slavery and I'm tired of the perception being allowed to exist that it does. Read it here.

FINALLY A SWIMSUIT THAT HIDES MY BULGE That was complete sarcasm as we have another entry into the "See How Woke We Are" advertising campaign by Adidas. They want to sell me a swimsuit with this ad:

It's comical at this point. Who are they selling this to, really? Are men dying to wear one piece swimsuits that show their bulge? I doubt it. Are women supposed to look at a completely flat chested man with a visible penis bulge in a swimsuit and think, "that would look great on me!" This is just dumb. I'm ready to move on.

EIGHT INTERESTING TIDBITS FROM THE DURHAM REPORT I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but the response by the legacy media to the Durham report feels like the final nail in the coffin of the United States to me. If a Democratic President had been investigated by a DoJ based on trumped up charges that had little to no merit, and then it was shown to be that way, this would be the biggest story EVER. It would make Watergate look like kindergarten. But the New York Times is running cover for the Democrats by downplaying the story as nothing new here. Luckily other news media outlets are taking it seriously and this article has eight of the biggest items from the 300 page report.

WHY THE SUPERMARKET PROVES CAPITALISMS GENIUS I heard Ross read this yesterday and asked him to share it with me and I'm going to read it today. It's an outstanding defense of capitalism using your friendly neighborhood supermarket.

THE BIDEN ADMIN GOES FASCIST ON WHISTLEBLOWERS This is straight out of the Kremlin's playbook. Two whistleblowers with long successful track records of public service have been retaliated against by the Biden Administration. One works for the IRS and was unceremoniously removed from the years long investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes after reporting that there was undo political influence stifling the investigation. The other was an FBI agent who blew the whistle by reporting that FBI head Christopher Wray had lied about his January 6th testimony. He has had his security clearance and paychecks revoked for that. None of this is legal by the way but it certainly does show you exactly how the Biden Admin works.

WHY THE PUSH FOR ELECTRIFICATION IS A BAD IDEA This article warning of summer blackouts is why.

NEW RULES FOR ROUNDABOUTS I love roundabouts. They make traffic so much easier when everyone knows how to do it. Now Colorado has some new rules you should know about. First off, the Colorado Supreme Court decided that we don't have to use turn signals in them. Second, we must now yield to big trucks when we both hit the roundabout at the same time. Not gonna lie, seems like common sense to me.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S REALLY IN THE BOOKS PEOPLE ARE UPSET ABOUT? NBC News just did a story about an Illinois middle school teacher who provided her kids with a book that is utterly pornographic and a teacher called the cops on her. If you read the story here, you will note that though they list the book, they don't share anything about what might have been objectionable about the book in question. This column does. Get ready, because I learned that eating poop is a sexual fetish (yeah, that was my reaction too) and that teaching middle school kids how to use hook up apps is a-okay with this dame. I am done allowing the media to portray parents as Nazi book burners because they don't want their kids to read about eating poop as a sexual act.

CHARLES BARKLEY IS 100% RIGHT ABOUT JA MORANT When he attacks those who defended the NBA star who apparently is incapable of appearing on social media without waving a gun. Barkley says it best here:

"Those guys are just freaking idiots," Barkley said. "... When you're making a $100 million a year to play sports, your life changes. There are certain rules and regulations you have to live by. Plain and simple. You can't do stupid stuff. That's the tradeoff."

Exactly. And Charles Barkley should know because he's done some really stupid stuff too.

THIS IS WHY I NEVER WANTED TO WORK IN TV This story out of Tennessee where a woman was fired by a TV station for not agreeing to change her look to meet the station's standards. First off, this is normal in the tv world. Especially for young people fresh out of college who haven't honed themselves yet. She refused, they fired her and she took the media to tell her story and I'm guessing it's going to be really hard for her to get hired anywhere else because of it.


THEY ARE ON THE SAME PAGE FOR SURE A woman went to propose to her boyfriend (I have thoughts about that) and lo and behold, it went well. Watch below or click here.

MONTANA BANS TIK TOK And we'll see what happens in the way of lawsuits and whatnot.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A TREE GETS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING? Sometimes it burns from the inside out.

DOLLY PARTON GOES POLITICAL! But not partisan, as her new song blasts politicians of every stripe. Dolly has always steered clear of politics, but I think we can all get behind this song.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LEFT SPEECHLESS BY A MOVIE? This is a thread about which movies stunned people into silence. I had forgotten about some of these. I think this is what the best movie making should do. It should hit you long after the movie ended.

SETH MACFARLANE DODGED DEATH ON 9/11 As he was booked on one of the flights that got hijacked that day but drank too much the night before. Watch below or click here.

THIS DAD GETS ROCKS FOR FATHER'S DAY Because instead of helping his son who was being attacked by a hawk he just filmed it. Watch below or click here.

HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THE FBI WHISTLEBLOWER TESTIMONY I grabbed the shorter version of the audio.

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