03/17/23 Blog: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I NEED YOUR HELP TO DEFEAT FACEBOOK If you follow me on Facebook (and thousands of you do) I need your help. My account has been completely throttled by Facebook and they are showing NO one my posts. First, go to may page HERE and FOLLOW me. Not Like, but FOLLOW. This insures they will put my stuff in your feed. Second, always comment if you can! This is a huge part of showing others my stuff. I appreciate you in my attempt to defeat the Evil Lord Zuckerberg.

TODAY IS THE DAY WE HONOR THE LATE GREAT SAINT PATRICK And for some reason this has become the number one drinking holiday, second only to the made up Cinco De Mayo. The real Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland for good reason. He was born in Roman Britain to relatively well off parents, though he was captured by Irish raiders at 16 and forced into slavery in Ireland for a period of six years before escaping and going back to Britain. During his captivity he turned fervently to his faith, and once back in Britain had a dream that told him to go back to Ireland to walk among the people. He did so and successfully converted many and built many monasteries during his time there. This was probably during the late 5th century based on some comments in his writing. He is widely thought to be one of the most humble servants of God, and died peacefully in Saul after an angel told him he would die there. In the 7th century his legend had grown into the one we know today, where he drove all the snakes out of Ireland and used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. He was canonized as a Saint sometime in the 17th century. It wasn't until immigrants came to the US that St. Patrick's Day became the secular drinking holiday that it is today. Now you know!

TODAY THE CHICAGO RIVER IS GREEN And this time lapse of the dyeing is super cool!

IT'S TIME TO ASK US ANYTHING! You guys have been crushing this so let's make today the day we answer any and all (of most, not the naughty ones) that you have about me, Arod or the show or really anything.

HOW IS THE JOB MARKET DOING IN COLORADO? I've got Earl Wright the Common Sense Institute's Board Chair on today to talk about their January jobs report which you can find here. Earl joins me at 1 for a deep dive.

POLIS CONTINUES TO GO AFTER OIL AND GAS Just as lawmakers convene to demand answers to why energy costs are so high (which they need a mirror for, not a committee meeting) the anti-oil and gas Polis Administration is forcing more regulations onto oil and gas in the name of ozone reduction. Jake Fogleman does a good job of explaining why this is a fools errand, as a vast majority of our ozone problems are created by someone else or Mother Nature. Check the chart he includes in this story for more.

ONE LAWMAKER WANTS TO CHANGE CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE RULES This is a very, very good thing. Currently, if law enforcement believes that you have profited from committing a crime, they can take your stuff. They don't have to charge you with a crime, they can just accuse you without charging you and take your stuff. DAs will tell you this is important to disrupt criminal enterprises, but it has been abused many, many, many times and often the people who have their stuff taken don't have the money to fight to get it back. In my mind this is legalized theft. If someone is engaged in a criminal enterprise PROVE IT and arrest them. THEN take their stuff, which is what a new bill that's been introduced wants to do. This is one of those things that you DO need to worry about even if you don't do anything wrong. Don't think it can't happen to you because you're a law abiding citizen because it most certainly can.

WHY DID THE BIDEN FAMILY GET A POT OF MONEY FROM A CHINESE ENERGY COMPANY? That seems like a good question after multiple deposits into multiple accounts owned by Hunter, James and Hallie Biden were uncovered by a Congressional committee. One account hasn't been claimed, though the Bidens say it was also Hunter's. Remember we know that "the big guy" gets 10% of everything so Joe's got to be here somewhere. It seems hard to believe that the whole family could be involved in this grift and Joe had nothing to do with it. Read more here.

CAN I ASK A QUESTION ABOUT THE SWIMSUIT EDITION? And when I say that everyone knows I'm talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, right? SI added plus sized models to the mag some time ago, and this is a feature story about one of those models. She just looks like a lot of normal women who hit the beach every day. Is this going to change the way men judge women? I know it's supposedly empowering to women seeing a woman who looks like them in a magazine (the jury is out for me on that one) but will it move the needle on what men find attractive? Before you poo-poo the concept, think about the standards of beauty do shift over time. Here is a cool video of beauty standards throughout the ages, although I think the women representing the 20th century are too large here, as I've tried on vintage clothing and it wouldn't fit these dames.

HOW MANY DOGS HAVE TO DIE? The Front Range voted to bring wolves back to the Western slope and now the wolves have arrived and started killing dogs. One of these was a working dog, which are highly valuable and well trained animals used in ranching. One was a pet. Both were killed by a wolf with a GPS collar. But these dogs are more than just workers. Read this heartbreaking account of Cisco's death:

Once the first light of dawn poured over the ranch, he spotted Cisco out the window. Lady, who worked side by side with Cisco daily, was lying beside him protecting his body. Sykes, a big man and a lifelong cowboy, said he carried Cisco’s body inside and laid him on the freezer and called CPW, blubbering, he said, all the while. When he returned to the mudroom, Lady had jumped up on the freezer to lay beside Cisco, and that is where she stayed until CPW officers arrived. She returned to his side immediately once the CPW officers left and Sykes said that is where she stayed until they removed his body to be cremated.
At the time of the attack, Sykes’ livestock guardian dogs were with the cowherd, but left the herd when they heard Cisco attacked. Sykes said they have continued to patrol around the house for wolves in the days following the attack. The cow dog string now refuses to go outside without Sykes. He said losing Cisco has been emotional and hard, not only losing a working dog, but a dog that was so valuable and loved as part of the family.
Sykes is no wolf advocate but said he had accepted that wolf presence was inevitable, especially following the passage of the reintroduction. He was prepared to live and work with wolves in the area, just as he does with other large predators.

I hope the idiots who voted for this are happy. Dog blood is on your hands.

THE GAZETTE HAS ENDORSEMENTS FOR DENVER CITY COUNCIL And I am staying out of this one because there are just too many. Read them here.

DPS GETS THEIR HAND SMACKED IN A FREE SPEECH CASE We know that DPS Vice Chair Tay Tay Anderson does not like to be challenged. He also hates charter schools so it's no surprise that the Board would go after a man who founded a charter school for minority kids who also had the audacity to criticize administrators in the district on social media. DPS banned Brandon Pryor from DPS property and fired him from his football coaching job because of the criticisms, whining about they felt threatened or some such nonsense. He sued, and a got an injunction against the district which allowed him back on campus, the district appealed and just lost again. The judge was not kind in his ruling.

In the 14-page document, Kane states, “The defendant’s (DPS) obtuse arguments show a complete failure to comprehend my Order,” and, “Defendants’ attempts to portray themselves as victims are negated by the thoughtlessness of their censorious behavior.”

I will be watching this one closely.

NOT SURE HOW TO DEFINE WOKE? This is a good column from a Substack that does a great job of truly defining "woke" and I suggest you read it because the new "own the right" gotcha is to demand a definition of this foul ideology that is seeping through our country.

TUCKER CARLSON HAS A COME TO JESUS ON A PODCAST And though I have been critical of Tucker participating in the Fox News scam about the election, perhaps this indicates he's learned something important.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MEDITATE? Read this. I'm going to try again using these tips and see if I can quiet the monkey mind down. We'll see.

CNN IS FLAILING And it's getting harder to see how Chris Licht will be able to keep his job long enough to figure this out. Maybe I should call and offer my service in the prime time slot. Read about their horrible ratings here.

DO YOU OWN ANY OF THESE VERY EXPENSIVE RECORDS? And of course I'm talking about vinyl. Some of them are from my era but many are from much earlier. Since the scrolling feature took forever I will tell you that number one is The Beatles White Album.

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